Contributor Caroline Sibson
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Gender Female
Functions Costume Designer

Costume Maker


Costume Designer

Costume Co-ordinator

Production Manager

Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Allen Harvey - Actor, Director

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor, Actor and Singer, Costume Assistant

Robyn Colman - Actor

Bruce Cornelius - Costume Designer

Adge Ashcroft - Set and/or Property Maker

Frank Bansel - Actor, Sound Designer

Anthony Boden - Actor

Rogan Brown - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator

Kerry De Fluck - Actor

Fiona Evershed - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator

John Hale - Actor

Stuart Heathorn - Publicist

Penelope McDonald - Actor

Martin Pearce - Actor

Bradley Smith - Actor

Ian Stephenson - Actor

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

Veronica Thompson - Costume Assistant

Lisa Warrington - Director, Sound Designer

Keith Bates - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Actor

Virginia Eastman - Assistant Director, Actor and Singer

John Lavery - Actor

David O'Halloran - Actor

Brian Sibson - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Costume Co-ordinator, Scenic Artist

Anthony Ackroyd - Actor

Marie Aubert - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nigel Curtain-Smith - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Iain Lang - Actor

John Mannering - Assistant Lighting Designer, Mechanist

Peter Reynolds - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Jeremy Scrivener - Actor

Brian Sykes - Set Designer, Actor

Edward Talbot - Director, Designer

Lynne Vosloo - Director

Susan Williams - Consultant, Actor

Jean Adams - Costume Co-ordinator

Penny Anderson - Actor and Singer

Patricia Ashcroft - Actor and Singer

Margaret Barrett - Actor and Singer

Paul Bennett - Actor

Peter Bent - Actor

Eric Bentley - Translator

Lyall Beven - Actor and Singer

Fleur Bitcon - Actor and Singer

Anna Boam - Actor and Singer

Paul Boam - Scenic Artist

Bertolt Brecht - Librettist

David Brewer - Actor

Gail Brewer - Properties Master / Mistress

Mavis Brinckman - Actor and Singer

Lindsay Broughton - Actor

Elizabeth Burrows - Actor

Alison Burton - Actor and Singer

Dominic Bury - Scenic Artist

Algis Butavicius - Director

Charles Calvert - Graphic Designer

Gillian Cannell - Actor and Singer

Miranda Cartledge - Actor and Singer

Phillip Chugg - Actor

Victoria Coghlan - Actor

Ann Connor - Properties Master / Mistress

Lynette Cooper - Actor and Singer

Ruth Cooper - Stage Manager

Jane Cowley - Actor and Singer

Netta Crofts - Actor

Robert Crook - Conductor

Michael Cruickshank - Assistant Stage Manager

Sally Cruise - Stage Manager

Holly Davies - Actor and Singer

Fiona Denniss - Costume Assistant

Heather Docherty - Actor and Singer

Rae Dunian - Actor

Christopher Eden - Actor

Elizabeth Eden - Musical Director

Jane Edwards - Actor and Singer

Joy Ellis - Costume Co-ordinator

Georges Feydeau - Playwright

William Field - Actor

Belinda Flowers - Costume Assistant, Actor

Tony Flowers - Photographer

Barbara Fox - Repetiteur

Robert Frankcombe - Actor

Bill Friend - Actor

Christopher Fry - Playwright

Kent Furmage - Flyman

Margaret Gibbs - Repetiteur

Nan Giblin - Choreographer

Scott Gourlay - Flyman

Joan Green - Actor

Rowena Grice - Actor and Singer

Darrel Harrington - Actor

Craig Harris - Set and/or Property Maker

Debra Harris - Actor

Kathy Harris - Actor and Singer

Chris Harvey - Lighting Designer

Julian Harvey - Assistant Stage Manager

Elisabeth Hauptmann - Collaborator

Kerry Hewitt - Actor, Graphic Designer

Genevieve Higgins - Actor

Peter Hiller - Scenic Artist

Helena Hodges - Actor and Singer

Max Howard - Actor

Rosemary Hunter - Front of House

George Hutchinson - Playwright

Gwynneth Ife - Actor

Andrea Jackson - Actor

Barbara Jackson - Properties Master / Mistress

Sarah Johnson - Actor

Maree Rose Jones - Actor and Singer

Stefan Karpiniec - Actor, Assistant Lighting Designer

Pat Koops - Stage Manager

Louise Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Stefan Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Andrew Leong - Hair Stylist

Lynn Luttrell - Various

Anna Mackey - Actor and Singer

Stuart Mayne - Assistant Stage Manager

Jill McElwee - Set Designer

Wanda McIntyre - Actor

Susan McIntyre-Smith - Actor

Mervyn McKay - Graphic Designer

Doreen McTye - Lighting Operator

Vern McTye - Set and/or Property Maker

Peter Middleton - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Gwen Norton - Costume Co-ordinator

Benjamin Oxley - Actor

Lynne Park - Graphic Designer

Jeanette Parkes - Assistant to the Director

William Peterson - Assistant Lighting Designer

Elizabeth Pickett - Actor

David Pidd - Actor

Rosemary Potter - Stage Manager

Stephanie Potter - Actor and Singer

Robert Prero - Actor

Glyn Rait - Actor

Ann Rickards - Properties Master / Mistress

Ian Robertson - Set and/or Property Maker

Gary Rowley - Actor

Mary Rule - Actor

Christine Schluter - Actor

Elizabeth Sheppard - Repetiteur

Ken Short - Actor

Ben Sibson - Actor and Singer

Bernadette Smith - Actor and Singer

Virginia Smith - Assistant Stage Manager

John Soundy - Actor

John Stafford - Sound Operator/Engineer

Georgine Stilwell - Actor and Singer

Matthew Stilwell - Actor and Singer

Christopher Thomas - Actor

Kevin Thornton - Publicist

Lois Thornton - Costume Co-ordinator

Chris Todd - Actor

Gordon Varley - Actor

Desmond Vesey - Translator

Gillian Von Bertouch - Actor

Kathleen Ward - Actor

Carol Warner - Choreographer

Kurt Weill - Composer

Lindy Wescombe - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Denise Wheeler - Actor and Singer

Meg White - Actor

Jenny Wilkinson - Actor

Sue Williams - Actor

Peter Willshire - Actor

Deborah Woodward - Actor

Polygon Theatre Company

TCAE Drama Studio

Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music

Tasmanian Theatre Company

The Drama Quintet

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Tasmania

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

Identifier 486150