Contributor Jimmy Haines
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Functions Performer


Actor and Singer



Goldie Ashton - Comedian, Dancer

Alan Barry - Baritone

Bruce Carroll - Presenter, Producer

Iris Cattach - Soubrette, Comedian

Lily Coburn - Soubrette, Comedian

Kathryn Crawford - Singer, Actor and Singer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian

Clifford Guest - Ventriloquist

Jenny Howard - Comic Singer

Alec Kellaway - Production Manager, Producer

Hal Lennon - Comedian

David N. Martin - Presenter

Jack Mortimer - Comic Instrumentalist

George Nichols - Performer, Actor and Singer

Joy Nichols - Actor and Singer, Performer

Terry Scanlon - Comic Singer, Actor

Pearl Schweig - Performer

Slim Walker - Actor and Singer, Actor

Doris Whimp - Actor and Singer, Soubrette

Don Williams - Performer

Inky Williams - Actor

Desiree - Fan Dancer

Jim Ashton - Actor

Neville Ashton - Actor

Lorna Beldon - Performer

Lorys Blencowe - Actor

Beryl Boardman - Comedian

Pamela Bromley-Smith - Actor and Singer

Fred Brown - Circus Style Performer

Fred Brown - Circus Style Performer

Maggie Buckley - Actor and Singer

Eric Cameron - Comedian

William P. Carr - Producer

Thomas Carroll - Singer

Chris Christensen - Actor

Pierre Courret - Performer

Ike Delavale - Comedian

Florence Devine - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ivan Dietrich - Actor

Dorothea Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Peter Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Molly Duval - Performer

Dawn Emms - Actor and Singer

Ivy Emms - Choreographer

Hazel Evans - Pianist

Dawn Fields - Musician

Frank Forde - Actor

John Fraser - Actor

Peter French - Actor and Singer

Louise Gay - Animal Wrangler

George Hall - Actor

William A Hassan - Actor and Singer

Dick Jackson - Musician

June Kuester - Actor

Johnny Marvin - Singer

Jean McCrae - Actor

Claire Miller - Choreographer

Phil Moran - Singer

Harold Moschetti - Conductor

Arundel Nixon - Actor

Joe Norton - Musical Director

John O'Dowd - Actor and Singer

Barry Oakley - Singer

Fay Osborne - Actor and Singer

A B Partridge - Performer

Judith Phillips - Singer

June Phillips - Soprano

Elaine Pickering - Actor and Singer

Dot Rankin - Actor and Singer

Walter Richards - Actor

Madeline Riddell - Singer

Madge Riddell - Actor

Mavis Ritchie - Choreographer

Dalla Rivas - Actor

Victor Roberts - Writer

Geoff Robertson - Conductor

Amy Rochelle - Singer

Chic Scott - Comic Singer

Lorraine Sharp - Actor and Singer

Tom Sutterby - Actor and Singer

Matthew Tapp - Compere

Joe Thomal - Actor

Elaine Tyrer - Actor and Singer

Hal Vincer - Conductor

Shirley Walwork - Singer

Mary Ward - Actor and Singer

Gloria Williams - Dancer

Thelma Williams - Actor and Singer

Patsy Williamson - Actor and Singer

Frank Wilson - Actor

Madge Wilson - Choreographer

Cess Young - Actor

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Ballet

The Flying D'Amours

The Kermond Brothers

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Charles and Lovely Rae

Hattander Brothers

June & Jeanette

Musical Macs

The Leotards

Tivoli Lovelies

Tivoli Showgirls

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