Organisation The Romanos
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Address [Unknown] Australia
First Date 1945
Notes Dancers?

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Tivoli Lovelies

Walton and Dorraine

The Four Guardsmen

The Loretta Twins

The Models

The Myrons


Clay and Sullivan

Heller and Riley

Luahna, Lahni and Laya

Six Ashtons

The Aristos

The Flying de Pauls

The Marcella Trio

The Maxwells

The Parker sisters

The Tivoli Models

Ashton Brothers

Chord and Dischord

June and Collett

Koba and Kalee

Kuester and Shand

McConnel and Moore

Niselle and Ilster

Patillo and Santos

Rio and Santos

The Bridges Trio

The Crazy Gang

The Four Lazanders

The Glenns

The Leotards

The Massive Twins

The Mexican Maids

The Three Discords

The Three Lazanders

The Two Marvettes

Tivoli Showgirls

Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Warren, Latona and Sparkes

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

HMS King George V, Melbourne, VIC

David N. Martin - Presenter, Director, Producer

Angus Winneke - Set Designer, Designer

Ralton R. James - Producer, Production Manager, Presenter

Johnny O'Connor - Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Dudley Cantrell - Musical Arranger

Harold Moschetti - Conductor, Musical Arranger, Music and Lyrics, Musical Director

Lorna Beldon - Dancer, Actor and Singer, Performer, Singer

Mike Connors - Performer, Compere, Comedian

Les Ritchie - Actor, Comedian, Actor and Singer

Colin Croft - Performer, Acrobat

Gloria Dawn - Performer, Singer, Actor

Queenie Paul - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Len Rich - Performer, Actor and Singer

Hal Vincer - Conductor

Joan Ashton - Actor and Singer

Raymond Baird - Performer, Saxophonist

Celestine Connors - Performer, Choreographer

Elimar - Circus Style Performer

Margaret Fitzgibbon - Performer, Singer

Tex Glanville - Performer

Ailsa Green - Performer

Val Jellay - Dancer

Barbara Mackay - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Herbie Marks - Actor and Singer, Musician

Thelma McLeod - Choreographer

Beryl Meekin - Actor and Singer, Singer

Harry Mossfield - Performer

Billie Ponds - Performer, Actor

Rebla - Performer

Kitty Tracey - Musician

Thelma Beck - Performer, Actor and Singer

Joan Bullock - Actor and Singer

Billy Burke - Writer, Performer

Pat Catton - Dancer

George Chanti - Performer

Lily Coburn - Actor and Singer

Larry Collins - Comic Instrumentalist

Kathryn Crawford - Singer, Actor and Singer

Clem Dawe - Actor, Ventriloquist

Pamela Dickens - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Eric Edgley - Actor, Comedian

Dawn Emms - Performer

Ivy Emms - Dancer

Sadie Gale - Comedian, Performer

Jim Gerald - Comedian

Lynne Golding - Dancer

Eddie Gordon - Comedian

Kay Grahame - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Connie Hobbs - Performer

June Holm - Actor and Singer, Singer

George Hurd - Actor, Circus Style Performer

Pat Kenny - Performer

June Kuester - Dancer

Eary Laurel - Performer, Comedian

Joe Laurel - Performer, Comedian

Edna Luscombe - Performer, Actor

Barbara Mackey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Madame Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Frenchy Manning - Circus Style Performer

Lennie McDermott - Singer

Isobel McIntosh - Actor and Singer

Carmen Miranda - Dancer

Jay Morris - Actor

Jack Murray - Performer

Laurel Paxford - Singer

Jean Rai - Choreographer

Roy Rene - Performer, Comedian

Shirley Riddell - Dancer

John Robertson - Trumpeter

Evelyn Russell - Actor and Singer

Iris Shand - Performer

Ella Shields - Gender Cross-dresser

Shirley Sloss - Performer

Pauline Stewart - Dancer

Vivian Thompson - Actor

Tommy Trinder - Comedian

Jimmy Wallace - Circus Style Performer

Bunny Westney - Performer, Actor and Singer

Alban Whitehead - Singer

Gloria Williams - Performer

Les Andrews - Singer

Dawn Ashton - Performer

Bob Barre - Producer

Linda Barry - Singer

Bobby Baxter - Magician

Billy Bell - Dancer

Louise Blencowe - Performer

Sybil Bowan - Comedian

June Brisbane - Dancer

Frank Brooks - Dancer

Joan Brown - Actor

Dick Burns - Performer

Chaz Chase - Comedian

Joan Clarke - Actor

Cliff Cook - Performer

Pierre Courret - Performer

Alice Darby - Singer

Molly Darrell - Comedian

Rupert Darrell - Comedian

Donald Davies - Performer

Bebe De Roland - Performer

Marie Doran - Actor

Tuppy Downs - Performer

Margot Fleming - Dancer

Frank Forde - Actor

George Formby - Comedian

John Frazer - Actor

Betty Gardner - Performer

Bonnie Glew - Dancer

June Gowe - Dancer

Joyce Gration - Singer

Ailsa Greaves - Dancer

Doreen Greenfeld - Dancer

Dot Greenhill - Dancer

Phyllis Haines - Dancer

Elma Hall - Dancer

Happy Hammond - Comedian

Diana Hartt - Dancer

Norma Helland - Dancer

Betty Hollibone - Dancer

Billy Hyde - Drummer

Keith Johns - Performer

La Franki - Aerialist

Alfred Latell - Animal and Bird Imitator

Joe Latona - Dancer

Dawn Latter - Performer

June Ling - Performer

Bambi Lynch - Performer

Gloria Lynch - Actor and Singer

Thelma MacDonald - Performer

Geoff Mack - Musician

Josephine March - Performer

Laurel Mather - Performer

Rose McAlister - Dancer

Beth McDonald - Actor

Rita McDonald - Dancer

Peggy McGuire - Performer

Isabel McIntosh - Dancer

June McKenzie - Dancer

Gus Merzi - Musician

Leah Miller - Dancer

Victor Moore - Performer

Sharen Morley - Actor and Singer

Olive Newell - Dancer

Joy Nichols - Performer

Betty Norman - Dancer

Charles Norman - Comedian

Tuppy Oliver - Performer

Ernest Oram - Actor

Margaret Pickett - Performer

Vic Puree - Performer

Dot Rankin - Actor

Hedda Rich - Actor and Singer

Dick Richards - Comedian

Amy Romano - Performer

Jack Romano - Performer

Ernest Shand - Actor

Ronnie Shand - Actor

Irene Simpson - Dancer

C. Ray Smith - Puppeteer

Maisie Sparks - Performer

Charlie Stuart - Comedian

Faye Tait - Dancer

Yvonne Taylor - Dancer

Wendy Thomas - Performer

Harold Vincer - Musical Director

Claudia Watson - Performer

John Welch - Performer

Johnny Welch - Comedian

Leslie White - Actor and Singer

Jeanette Wilson - Performer

Organisation Identifier 36281