Organisation The Gay Dogs
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Address [Unknown] Australia
Last Date 1956

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Bowery Honky Tonk Four

Celebrity Circuit Pty Ltd

Dancing Debs

The Cupidette Sextette

The Two Randows

Can-Can Girls

Christine and Moll

Clark Bros

The Clark Brothers

The Dancing Debutantes

The Dancing Knights

The Dandy Bros.

The Duo Perrards

The Flat Tops

The Glamour Birds

The Glamourettes

The Melodymen

The Nudie Cuties

The Rivieras

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Sheila Cruze - Choreographer

Jenny Howard - Singer, Comedian

Queenie Paul - Singer, Actor

Harry Wren - Producer

Morry Barling - Comedian

Edna Busse - Dancer, Performer

Maurice Colleano - Acrobat, Circus Style Performer

Bill French - Singer

Jim Gerald - Comedian

Millie Hansen - Singer

Dres Hardingham - Designer

Peggy Mortimer - Composer

George Nichols - Impersonator, Performer

Enso Toppano - Musical Director

George Stevenson Wallace - Writer, Comedian

Wilbur Wheeler - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Jimmy White - Comedian, Performer

Nanette Allen - Performer

Ruth Allen - Comedian

Clara Bow - Actor and Singer

Betty Bubbles - Comedian

Noreen Carrol - Actor

Brenda Charles - Soubrette

Denis Collinson - Musical Arranger, Conductor

Bob Cummings - Comedian

Perry Davey - Comedian

Vera Derler - Comedian

Suzanne Dixon - Comedian

Ross Egerton - Actor

Elimar - Juggler

Dawn Emms - Performer

Ian Fields - Comedian

Joan Harlow - Actor and Singer

Kevin Hill - Acrobat

Arthur Jandy - Clown

Helen Kane - Actor and Singer

Jessie Laws - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Wilma Locke - Actor and Singer

David N. Martin - Presenter

Beryl Meekin - Comedian

Cherry Minato - Comedian

Gladys Moncrieff - Singer

Rae Morgan - Comedian

Tony Moynihan - Performer

John Northcote - Designer

Jack O'Dowd - Actor

John O'Dowd - Comedian

George Park - Performer

Charles Parker - Dancer

Charlie Parker - Comedian

Helen Pavette - Performer

Keith Peterson - Comedian

Jandy The Musical Clown - Circus Style Performer

George Leonard Wallace - Comedian

Mae West - Actor and Singer

Organisation Identifier 39776