Contributor Vikki Hammond
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Gender Female
Nationality English
Functions Actor, Singer



Peter Colville - Comedian, Performer, Actor

Vic Gordon - Comedian, Actor, Performer

Harold Moschetti - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

George Carden - Producer, Choreographer

Maurie Fields - Singer, Actor

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Val Jellay - Actor, Ballet Master/Mistress

Hal Lennon - Actor, Producer, Comedian

Don Saunders - Clown, Performer

Liv Wilse - Performer, Singer

Angus Winneke - Set Designer

June - Circus Style Performer

Robyn - Contortionist

Philip A'vard - Actor

Nanette Allen - Actor

Len Ashby - Director

Doug Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Mervyn Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Phyllis Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Jack Barker - Pianist

Leo Bassi - Circus Style Performer

Kaye Bowden - Actor

Pamela Bradley - Stage Manager

Jude Brennan - Actor

Joanna Carris - Actor

Lorraine Clark - Actor

Stan Craig - Actor

Arthur Duncan - Dancer

Doug Fuller - Actor

Garry Grant - Actor

Dres Hardingham - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Terry Hoare - Set Designer

Edward V. Hoile - Playwright

Gerald Hyde - Performer

Gerry Kuusk - Lighting Designer

Bobby Le Brun - Producer, Gender Cross-dresser

Neil O'Brien - Comedian

Ray Owen - Assistant Stage Manager

Guy Paxton - Playwright

Sian Pryce - Actor

Ric Ramsay - Actor

Ethel Revnell - Performer

Doug Robertson - Actor

Royston - Ventriloquist

Captain Schulz - Circus Style Performer

Grace Sorlie - Producer

Leo St.Leon - Circus Style Performer

Harry Starling - Stage Director

Arthur Thomas - Actor

The Amazing Monahans

The Joe Slack Trio

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Abbu, Jumbo & Johore

Ashton's Circus

Bogyo and Sigrita

Leo Bassi and June

Margaret and Maurice

Sorlie's Revue

The Canine Wonder

The Carden Dancers

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

The Starr Sisters

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

The Two Randows

Tivoli Ballet

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