Contributor Jack Baker
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Gender Male
Functions Performer


Actor and Singer



David N. Martin - Presenter, Entrepreneur, Producer

Frank Ward - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Ralton R. James - Director, Producer, Assistant Producer

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Angus Winneke - Set Designer

John Bluthal - Actor, Actor and Singer

Michael Bentine - Comedian, Performer

Ronny Hay - Choreographer

Harold Moschetti - Conductor, Musical Arranger

Irene Bevans - Actor and Singer

Albert Fisher - Musical Director

Bert Howell - Singer, Actor and Singer, Musician

Gordon Humphris - Compere, Performer

Harry Jacobs - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Keith Johns - Actor

Norma Miller - Dancer

Dorothy Neal - Performer

Paul Newton - Performer, Model

Frank Radcliffe - Actor and Singer, Musician, Performer

Michael Silva - Performer, Drummer

Esme - Milliner

Gordon Chater - Actor

Joe Church - Clown, Performer

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Jenny Howard - Comedian, Performer

David Hughes - Singer

Madame Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Gloria May - Performer

Shirley Regan - Dancer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Billy Russell - Comedian, Actor

June Salter - Singer, Actor

Eddie Vitch - Performer

Marion - Performer

Maureen - Performer

Barbara Angell - Comedian

Winifred Atwell - Pianist

Freddie Bamberger - Performer

Roy Barbour - Actor

Daphne Barker - Performer

Jack Barker - Performer

Judyth Barron - Actor and Singer

Margaret Boyle - Choreographer

Valda Boyne - Ballet Master/Mistress

Ivor Bromley - Actor

Margaret Brown - Actor

Guus Brox - Performer

Betty Cohen - Actor and Singer

Nina Cooke - Actor

Chris Cross - Performer

Norma Dennis - Actor

Alain Diagora - Performer

Charles Dorning - Assistant Producer

David Eadie - Actor

Ian Field - Actor and Singer

Colin Fitzgerald - Actor and Singer

Tony Fontane - Actor

Arthur Gorman - Actor and Singer

Maureen Grant - Actor

Esme Guest - Milliner

Ray Hartley - Actor

Ronald Hay - Choreographer

Maureen Helman - Actor and Singer

Lewis Jacob - Actor and Singer

Len James - Conductor

Ken Jeacle - Dancer

Joseph Karell - Actor and Singer

Percy King - Producer

Johnny Laycock - Performer

Wendy Layton - Dancer

Emile Littler - Director

Ken Littlewood - Performer

Nola Malloy - Performer

Frank Marlowe - Comedian

Eric Maschwitz - Book and Lyrics

Josephine McCormack - Performer

Leo McKernan - Actor and Singer

Red Moore - Performer

John Northcote - Set Designer

Johnny O'Connor - Singer

Robert O'Donnell - Actor

Lorna Osborne - Performer

Virginia Paris - Singer

Gogia Pasha - Performer

Al Pelligrini - Musical Director

Pat Penrose - Actor

George Posford - Composer

John Redmond - Assistant Producer

Joan Roberts - Ballet Master/Mistress

Eddie Rose - Performer

Jean Ross - Dancer

Barry Rugless - Performer

Irene Ryan - Singer

Terry Scanlon - Actor

Leonie Scarlett - Actor

Debroy Somers - Orchestrator

Julian Somers - Actor

Daryl Stewart - Performer

Mel Tormé - Singer

Kerry Vaughn - Actor

Olive Wallace - Choreographer

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Alfreros

Norma Miller Dancers

Tivoli Lovelies

Ursula and Gus

Low, Hite and Stanley

Marion and Eddie Rose

Romaine and Claire

Salici Puppets

The Tivolovlies

Tivoli Orchestra

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Johnny Laycock and Maureen

Los Caballeros

The Sadler Twins

The Three Hellos

The Tivoli Models

Tivoli Ballet

Trio Gypsy

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