Venue New Tivoli Sydney
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Other Names Tivoli Theatre Castlereagh Street Sydney
Address 329 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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Latitude | Longitude -33.879975 | 151.20839

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Connors and Paul Theatres Pty. Ltd.

Donald Albery

Gardner and Kane

Margaret Maurice and Mareya

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The Cleveres

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Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Angus Winneke - Associate Producer, Set Designer

Peter Adams - Actor and Singer

Beatrice Aston - Actor and Singer

Phyllis Baker - Costume Designer

Reg Barthram - Actor and Singer

Michael Boddy - Actor

Frieda Bonning - Comic Singer

Allan Boyd - Dancer

Lily Coburn - Comic Singer

Lou Cottam - Comic

David Crann - Actor and Singer

Tom Dale - Comic Singer

Peter Dease - Actor and Singer

Donald the Dancing Donkey - Animal and Bird Imitator

Thelma Duff - Choreographer, Dancer

Evan Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Bob Dyer - Comedian

Wallas Eaton - Actor

Jillian FitzGerald - Actor and Singer

Sadie Gale - Performer

Jim Gerald - Comic Singer

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jock Gordon - Comedian

Bob Grant - Book and Lyrics

Howard Hall - Stage Manager

Alton Harvey - Actor

Reg Hawthorne - Comic Singer

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Robert Healey - Actor and Singer

Tony Holland - Actor

Laurie Holloway - Composer

Judi Hooke - Actor and Singer

Disley Jones - Set Designer

Vilma Kaye - Comic Singer

Alec Kellaway - Actor

Doug Kingsman - Actor and Singer

Johnny Lockwood - Comedian

Marjorie Lou - Singer

Ralph Mace - Musical Director

Dolly Mack - Actor and Singer

George Marlow - General Manager

Beryl Martin - Dancer

Beryl Meekin - Performer

Noel Mitchell - Actor and Singer

Magda Neeld - Singer

Joy Nichols - Actor and Singer

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Kym Parry - Actor and Singer

Fred Parsons - Writer

William Perryman - Comic Singer

Roy Rene - Comedian

Dellas Rennie - Choreographer

Charles Ryder - Musical Director

John Sanger - Actor and Singer

Madame Sheringham - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Buster Skeggs - Actor and Singer

Dalvern Thom - Actor and Singer

Hal Vincer - Conductor

Alban Whitehead - Baritone

Stanley Willis-Croft - Producer

  • Article:  Ross Thorne, Tivoli Theatre Sydney 1911-66, Companion To Theatre In Australia, 1995, 605
Venue Identifier 17329