Contributor Lennie McDermott
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Gender Male
Functions Singer
Notes Singer, performed with Harry Wren's Folies Bergere, c. 1946.


Les Ritchie - Actor, Dancer, Performer, Comedian

George Hurd - Performer, Circus Style Performer, Actor, Comedian

Fred Parsons - Writer

Val Jellay - Singer, Actor and Singer, Dancer

Joe Lawman - Compere, Comedian

Joan Brown - Singer, Actor

Celestine Connors - Performer

Mike Connors - Compere, Comedian

Gloria Dawn - Actor and Singer, Singer

Clifford Guest - Ventriloquist, Impersonator

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

June Holm - Singer

David N. Martin - Presenter, Producer

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Roy Rene - Comedian

Joy Robins - Actor, Performer

Harry Wren - Presenter, Producer

Lorna Beldon - Singer, Actor and Singer

Eric Cameron - Singer

May Dennis - Circus Style Performer, Acrobat

Marie Doran - Actor, Singer

Ralton R. James - Production Manager, Stage Manager

Alec Kellaway - Producer

Herbie Marks - Actor and Singer, Musician

Jay Morris - Comedian

Harold Moschetti - Musical Director, Conductor

Rob Murray - Circus Style Performer

Charles Norman - Compere, Actor

Queenie Paul - Choreographer

Mavis Ritchie - Dancer, Singer

Terry Scanlon - Comedian

Hal Vincer - Conductor, Musical Director

Bubby Allan - Soubrette

Raymond Baird - Saxophonist

Dick Bentley - Compere

Iris Cattach - Soubrette

George Chanti - Performer

Lily Coburn - Actor and Singer

Kathryn Crawford - Actor and Singer

Ivy Emms - Dancer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian

Albert Gaze - Actor

Jim Gerald - Comedian

John Gilbert - Actor

Eddie Gordon - Comedian

Kay Grahame - Dancer

Dres Hardingham - Set Designer

Ivy Kelroy - Circus Style Performer

Billy Kershaw - Performer

June Kuester - Performer, Actor and Singer

Leonora Laye - Performer

Marjorie Lou - Dancer

Betty Lyons - Singer, Dancer

Beryl Meekin - Actor and Singer

Claire Miller - Choreographer

Joy Nichols - Comedian

Frank O'Dowd - Actor

Jack O'Dowd - Performer

Laurel Paxford - Singer

Stan Porter - Musical Director

Len Rich - Actor and Singer

John Robertson - Trumpeter

Les Rohmer - Performer

Marlene Starr - Dancer

Athol Thompson - Visual Artist

George Stevenson Wallace - Performer

Cherry Wheatley - Dancer

Gloria Williams - Performer

Angus Winneke - Set Designer

Desiree - Fan Dancer

Pat Alexander - Performer

Dave Arthur - Banjoist

Maurice Bakerini-Booth - Conductor

Morry Barling - Performer

Elaine Barr - Actor and Singer

Roger Barry - Actor

The Great Bertini - Musician

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Dorothy Boakes - Dancer

Joe Brennan - Performer

Joyce Brooks - Dancer

Joy Clyde - Dancer

William Constable - Set Designer

Donald Davies - Stage Manager

Clem Dawe - Actor

Molly Duval - Soubrette

Paulette Earle - Performer

Eric Edgley - Actor

Alf Eroni - Performer

Bert Eroni - Performer

Frank Forde - Actor

Helen Frame - Costume Designer

John Frazer - Actor

Peter French - Actor

Sadie Gale - Performer

Mercia George - Choreographer

Les Gilbert - Dancer

Joyce Gration - Singer

Ailsa Green - Performer

Evie Hayes - Singer

  • Gay Nineties, Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW, 18 September 1946

Jean Hunter - Performer

Jack Hylton - Entrepreneur

Tibby Kermond - Dancer

Edna Luscombe - Actor

Will Mahoney - Comedian

  • Gay Nineties, Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW, 18 September 1946

Eddie Marcel - Skater

Beth McDonald - Actor

Pat McDonald - Actor

Peggy Mortimer - Singer

  • Gay Nineties, Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW, 18 September 1946

Roy Muhle - Dancer

Irene Nicholson - Actor and Singer

Ernest Oram - Actor

Dick Randolph - Actor

Dot Rankin - Actor

Terence Rattigan - Author

Walter Richards - Actor

Arch Ritchie - Performer

Tibby Roberts - Comedian

Victor Roberts - Writer

Joy Robyns - Performer

Royston - Ventriloquist

Barry Sandford - Musician

Ernest Shand - Actor

Ronnie Shand - Actor

Maisie Sparkes - Performer

George Tarrant - Performer

Shirley Tee - Performer

Vivian Thompson - Singer

Leslie Victor - Actor

Joy Waltho - Dancer

Hazel Wigley - Actor and Singer

Joanna Wills - Actor

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

The Kermond Brothers

Harry Wren Theatres Ltd

Harris Sisters


Cusco and His Animal Circus

Cyril Jenkins Serenaders

Earle and Fontaine

Eroni and Lavinia

Harmony Hawaiians

June & Jeanette

June and Jeanette

Loretta Twins

Luahna, Lahni and Laya

Marcello Duo

Margaret, Maurice and Maryea

The Aristos

The Bridges Trio

The Flying Kelroys

The Marcella Trio

The Romanos

The Tivoli Models

Walton and Dorraine

Ashton Brothers

Cusko and Peter

  • Gay Nineties, Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW, 18 September 1946

Earl and Fontaine

Harry Wren "Pin Up" Girls

Maurice and his Orchestra

Minerva Theatre Company

Niselle and Ilster

Nisselle and Ilster

The Florays

The Four Guardsmen

The Loretta Twins

The Models

Whitehall Productions

Wiki and Dana

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