Organisation The Three Bendinos
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Address VIC Australia
Notes Contortionists, performed at Melbourne Tivoli in 1946.

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Orchestra

The Tivoli Models

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Vernon and Draper

June and Collett

Latasha and Laurence

Mello Sisters

Patillo and Pesco

Patillo and Santos

The Bridges Trio

The Florays

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Tivoli Showgirls

Warren Latona and Sparks

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

David N. Martin - Producer, Presenter

Angus Winneke - Set Designer, Designer

Lawrence Brooks - Singer

Bruce Carroll - Musician

Keith Connolly - Performer

Frankie Conville - Comedian

Sunny Dale - Comedian

Clem Dawe - Comedian

Bob Geraghty - Actor

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Evie Hayes - Singer

Elsie Hosking - Soubrette

Johnny Kiado - Musician

Mickey King - Acrobat

Will Mahoney - Comedian

Frank Neil - Presenter

Fred Parsons - Writer

Dorrie Ricketts - Performer

Charles Taylor - Musical Director

Dorienne - Performer

Bubby Allen - Performer

Joan Ashton - Actor and Singer

Alphonse Berge - Dresser

Dez Cavallarro - Musician

George Chanti - Performer

Chaz Chase - Comedian

Nelson Clifford - Pianist

Rubye Colleano - Dancer

Kathryn Crawford - Compere

Helen de Paul - Performer

Ivan Dietrich - Performer

Tuppy Downs - Choreographer

Eric Edgley - Comedian

Keith Glover - Performer

Lynne Golding - Dancer

Clifford Guest - Ventriloquist

June Holm - Performer

Val Jellay - Dancer

Annette Klooger - Singer

Edna Luscombe - Comedian

Barbara Mackay - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Madame Nixon - Costume Designer

Marie Marion - Singer

Johnny Marvin - Singer

Lela Moore - Dancer

Harold Moschetti - Conductor

Harry Mossfield - Baritone

Buster Noble - Performer

Vic Perry - Actor

Marlene Starr - Dancer

Pauline Stewart - Dance Director

The Great Rube - Comedian

Joan Townsend - Singer

Hal Vincer - Conductor

Jimmy Wallace - Circus Style Performer

Organisation Identifier 35390