Organisation Levon and Leoni
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Address [Unknown] Australia
First Date 20 November 1944

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

The Kermond Brothers

Bargo and Dare

Four La Salles

The Older Belles

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Burton and Janet

Clifford & Marion

Cusco and His Animal Circus

Gilbert and Lee

Musical Macs

Six Ashtons

The Appletons

The Flying de Pauls

The Models

The Tivoli Models

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Lorna Beldon - Actor and Singer, Actor

Chung Doo - Comedian, Singer

Ralton R. James - Producer

David N. Martin - Presenter

Gracie Boyd - Performer, Actor

Nelson Clifford - Comedian, Pianist

Donald Davies - Actor

Helen de Paul - Actor, Performer

Tuppy Downs - Choreographer

Ivy Emms - Choreographer, Dancer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian

Muriel Gardner - Performer, Actor and Singer

Keith Glover - Performer, Actor and Singer

Lynne Golding - Dancer

Happy Hammond - Comedian

Vassili Ilster - Accompanist, Musician

Marvin Kane - Compere

Bobby Le Brun - Comedian

Barbara Mackey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Marie Marion - Comedian

Betty Meddings - Choreographer

Victor Moore - Performer, Actor

Olive Newell - Dancer

Buster Noble - Performer, Actor

Jan Rubini - Violinist

Bruce Skurray - Musician

C. Ray Smith - Puppeteer

Slim Walker - Performer, Actor and Singer

Bunny Westney - Actor, Dancer

Angus Winneke - Designer

Bubby Allen - Comedian

Percy Athos - Producer

Ernie Baron - Compere

Vic Brooks - Comedian

Fred Brown - Performer

Jean Cameron - Dancer

Dudley Cantrell - Musical Arranger

Micky Carolan - Actor

Mickey Carolyn - Actor

Micky Carolyn - Performer

Paul Dalton - Magician

Danny Dare - Actor and Singer

Marie Doran - Singer

Duval - Magician

Nita Emms - Performer

Lulla Fanning - Actor and Singer

Nicki Gallucci - Singer

Jim Gerald - Comedian

Joyce Gration - Performer

Clifford Guest - Singer

Jack Gunn - Musician

Madi Hedd - Actor

Jenny Howard - Performer

Barbara James - Singer

Val Jellay - Dancer

Percy King - Adaptor, Producer

Betty Lyons - Singer

Babs MacKinnon - Actor and Singer

Eddie Marcel - Performer

Herbie Marks - Actor and Singer

Johnny Marvin - Actor and Singer

Babs MCkinnon - Performer

Harold Moschetti - Musical Arranger

Ernest Oram - Conductor

Jean Rai - Dancer

Les Ritchie - Actor

Les Ross - Actor

Laurie Smith - Performer

Roy Sparkes - Musician

Moreen Trickey - Performer

Hal Vincer - Conductor

Ted Waldman - Comic Singer

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian

Organisation Identifier 41351