Contributor Fred Brown
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Other Names Wilfred
Gender Male
Functions Actor, Music Adaptor, Musical Director, Musician
Notes Pianist


Circus Style Performer

Music Adaptor

Musical Director



  • North, Brown's Mart Theatre, Darwin, NT, 18 November 1972

Jenny Howard - Singer, Performer, Comic Singer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian, Actor

George Nichols - Performer, Impersonator, Actor

Terry Scanlon - Actor, Comic Singer

Mavis Ritchie - Choreographer, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Iris Cattach - Actor, Soubrette, Comedian

David N. Martin - Presenter, Producer

Joe Brennan - Actor

Eric Cameron - Singer, Comedian

Lily Coburn - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian

Alan Eddy - Singer, Actor

Jean Hunter - Actor

Ralton R. James - Producer, Production Manager

Billy Kershaw - Actor and Singer, Performer

Harold Moschetti - Conductor, Actor, Comedian

Joy Nichols - Actor, Performer

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Fred Parsons - Stage Manager, Writer

Les Ritchie - Comic Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Gloria Williams - Actor, Dancer, Performer

Edmund Allison - Actor

Sylvia Arnold - Actor

Victor Arnold - Actor, Producer

Joan Fitzpatrick - Actor

Jim Gerald - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Ailsa Green - Singer, Actor and Singer

Clifford Guest - Ventriloquist, Impersonator

Ted James - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alec Kellaway - Actor and Singer, Producer

Ida Newton - Actor

Arundel Nixon - Actor

Desmond Rowan - Actor

Iris Shand - Actor

Joe Thomal - Actor

Hal Vincer - Conductor

Jerold Wells - Actor, Producer

Bubby Allen - Actor

Morry Barling - Actor

George Blackshaw - Comedian

Kenn Brodziak - Assistant Producer

Hugh Carllsen - Actor

Celestine Connors - Choreographer

Sheila Cruze - Choreographer

Donald Davies - Actor

Marie Doran - Singer

Joseph Evans - Actor

Jack Fegan - Actor

Frank Forde - Actor

Jack Gale - Actor

T Gibson - Lighting Designer

Joyce Gration - Singer

Peter Harding - Actor

Ethel Holmes - Composer, Actor

William Horton - Actor, Set Designer

Flo James - Actor

Russell Jordan - Actor

Daphne Lowe - Singer

Kenyon McCarron - Actor

Jack McGann - Actor

Linda McLaughlin - Costume Designer, Actor

Jack McLean - Actor

Clifton Mossop - Actor

Charles Norman - Actor

John O'Dowd - Actor and Singer

Marty O'Neill - Actor

Clifford Odets - Playwright

Queenie Paul - Ballet Master/Mistress

Stan Porter - Conductor

Dick Randolph - Actor

Dalla Rivas - Actor

Robert Roberts - Actor

Victor Roberts - Writer

Stan Ross - Actor

Barry Sandford - Actor

Pearl Schweig - Actor, Performer

Ronnie Shand - Actor

Manning Sherwin - Composer

Jamie Stevens - Actor

Reg Stocker - Actor

Esmae Sugerman - Actor

Jandy The Musical Clown - Clown

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian

Angus Winneke - Set Designer

Bernard Yardley - Actor

Jane Ahlquist - Actor

Frank Andrews - Actor

John Armstrong - Actor

Marie Armstrong - Actor

Gai Arthur - Actor

Goldie Ashton - Dancer

Jim Ashton - Actor

Joan Ashton - Actor and Singer

Neville Ashton - Actor

Peter Barclay - Actor

Daphne Barnes - Actor and Singer

Deryck Barnes - Actor

Frank Barnes - Director

Jack Barnes - Actor and Singer

Frank Beck - Set Designer

Lorna Beldon - Performer

Michael Bookluck - Actor

Simon Bracegirdle - Actor

Mona Brand - Playwright

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Paul Briggs - Actor

Pamela Bromley-Smith - Actor and Singer

Frank Callanan - Actor

John Carlson - Actor

William P. Carr - Producer

Cynthia Carroll - Actor

David Cisek - Director

Margaret Cobb - Stage Manager

George Constandine - Actor

Eric Conway - Actor

Kathryn Crawford - Singer

William Currey - Actor

John D'Arcy - Actor

June Darwent - Actor and Singer

Gloria Dawn - Dancer

Philip De Carle - Actor

Paul Dessau - Composer

Dorothea Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Peter Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Grace Emerson - Actor and Singer

Dawn Emms - Actor and Singer

Ivy Emms - Choreographer

Patricia Fitzgerald - Actor

Gordon Flint - Actor

Jack Foster - Actor

Tom Foster - Actor

John Fraser - Actor

Peter French - Actor and Singer

Melinda Frith - Actor

Aloma Gardiner - Actor

Marjorie Garraway - Actor

John Gilbert - Actor

Eddie Gordon - Actor, Comedian

Campbell Gray - Actor

Thelma Grigg - Actor

Val Guest - Composer

Jimmy Haines - Actor and Singer

George Hall - Actor

Lorne Hall - Actor

Paul Hardage - Actor

William A Hassan - Actor and Singer

Bryan Healy - Performer

Rosalind Hepher - Actor

David Hull - Set Designer

Oliver Hume - Actor

Bobbie Hunt - Actor

Val Jellay - Dancer

Simon Jenkins - Lighting Designer

Stephen Kelly - Actor

Wiki Kelly - Organist

June Kuester - Actor

Mandy Lamkin - Actor

Ron Lamont - Actor

Myra Leard - Actor

Barbara Mackey - Costume Maker

Margaret Maddock - Actor

Laurie Main - Actor

Debra May - Actor

Pat McDonald - Actor

Tim McGill - Actor

Robin McLaughlin - Designer

Desiree Meredith - Actor

Claire Miller - Choreographer

Melissa Mitchell - Actor

Elizabeth Montgomery - Actor

Nick Morton - Actor

Brett Nevill - Actor

Tess Nicholas - Actor

Merle Nicklin - Actor

Jack O'Lean - Actor

Barry Oakley - Singer

Fay Osborne - Actor and Singer

Paul Phillips - Actor

Elaine Pickering - Actor and Singer

Paul Quinn - Actor

Terry Quinn - Actor

Alan Rankin - Actor

Dot Rankin - Actor and Singer

Eric Reiman - Actor

Greg Rosenblum - Actor

Jennifer Ross - Actor

Royston - Actor

Michael Schell - Lighting Designer

Norma Scott - Actor and Singer

Ernest Shand - Actor and Singer

Danny Sharkey - Actor

Lorraine Sharp - Actor and Singer

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Madame Sheringham - Costume Maker

Chris Sim - Actor

Nick Spartalis - Actor

Rob Steele - Actor

Sam Stern - Actor

Tom Sutterby - Actor and Singer

Basil Thomas - Actor

Peggy Tomlins - Stage Manager

Lorraine Towers - Actor

Pat Tucker - Actor

Elaine Tyrer - Actor and Singer

John Upton - Playwright

Wayne Van Heekeren - Actor

Terry Vandyke - Presenter

Slim Walker - Actor and Singer

Joy Waltho - Actor and Singer

Mary Ward - Actor and Singer

Hugh Watson - Actor

Ken Wayne - Actor

Frank Webber - Actor and Singer

Antonia Weyland - Music Adaptor

Alban Whitehead - Actor and Singer

Inky Williams - Actor

Thelma Williams - Actor and Singer

Patsy Williamson - Actor and Singer

Joanna Wills - Actor

Peter Withall - Actor

Edgar Yardley - Actor

Sonia Zomina - Performer

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Musical Macs

The Warren Bros

Gardner and Kane

June & Jeanette

Margaret Maurice and Mareya

Margaret, Maurice and Maryea

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

New Theatre League (Sydney, N.S.W.)

Page and Nona

The Cleveres

The Marcella Trio

The Ridgeways

The Vandyke Girls

Three Ciscos

Tivoli Swing Sisters

Wicki & Dana

Australia Council for the Arts

Cavanagh Theatre

  • North, Brown's Mart Theatre, Darwin, NT, 18 November 1972

New South Wales Ministry of Cultural Activities

Rio and Santos

The Flying D'Amours

The Kermond Brothers

The Temptations

Winskil and Barker

Workers' Art Club Players

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