Contributor Judi Hooke
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Other Names Judy Hooke
Gender Female
Functions Actor


Actor and Singer

Cid Ellwood - Actor, Choreographer, Producer, Musical Director

Anne Fraser - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Dres Hardingham - Set Designer, Designer

Eileen Hattam - Actor, Actor and Singer, Ballet Master/Mistress, Assistant Choreographer

Ernest Parham - Choreographer

Lorraine Quinn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peter Adams - Actor and Singer

Jean Alexander - Choreographer

Barbara Angell - Orchestrator

Beatrice Aston - Actor and Singer

Reg Barthram - Actor and Singer

Don Battye - Musical Director, Writer

Michael Boddy - Actor

Eric Clapham - Musical Director, Conductor

David Crann - Actor and Singer

Colin Croft - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peter Dease - Actor and Singer

Dorothy Donnelly - Writer, Book and Lyrics

Frederick Dore - Actor and Singer

Ormonde Douglas - Actor and Singer

Evan Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Jillian FitzGerald - Actor and Singer

Vincent Foster - Actor and Singer

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Arthur Gorman - Actor and Singer

Bob Grant - Book and Lyrics

Kevin Hanily - Director, Production Manager

Alton Harvey - Actor

Robert Healey - Actor and Singer

Carl Heiner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Tony Holland - Actor

Laurie Holloway - Composer

William Howard - Actor and Singer

Disley Jones - Set Designer

Doug Kingsman - Actor and Singer

John Larsen - Actor and Singer, Actor

Johnny Lockwood - Comedian

June Lownds - Actor

Ralph Mace - Musical Director

Noel Mitchell - Actor and Singer

Doreen Morrow - Actor and Singer

Joy Nichols - Actor and Singer

Kym Parry - Actor and Singer

Peter Pinne - Lyricist, Composer, Director

Nance Rasmussen - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dellas Rennie - Choreographer

John Sanger - Actor and Singer

Bram Schrever - Actor and Singer

Buster Skeggs - Actor and Singer

Dalvern Thom - Actor and Singer

Stanley Willis-Croft - Producer

Angus Winneke - Associate Producer

Caroline Archer - Actor

Mic Ashman - Actor

Mike Ashman - Actor

Ted Ashton - Actor

Ann Atkinson - Actor

Elspeth Ballantyne - Actor

Alan Barker - Musician, Musical Director

Peter Batey - Director

Jim Bell - Stage Manager, Actor

Rick Besoyan - Playwright

Ric Birch - Stage Manager

Ewen Boord - Assistant Stage Manager

Fay Brennan - Actor

Harold Brown - Actor

Richard Cartwright - Actor

Faye Casley - Actor

Joy Chandler - Actor

Robert Clarke - Actor and Singer

Sally Clarke - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Ray Cook - Dancer

Burt Cooper - Actor

Rita Cunningham - Actor

Farley Curtis - Actor

Jamie Davidson - Actor

Faye de Piazzo - Actor

Maureen Dignam - Actor

William Donald - Stage Manager

Kevin Dougherty - Actor

Betty Druitt - Costume Designer

Ted Dunn - Costume Designer

Wallas Eaton - Actor

Paul Eddey - Lyricist, Composer

Marion Edward - Actor

Robert Essex - Actor

Dan Ferguson - Actor

Jon Finlayson - Actor

Gordon French - Set Designer

Pauline Garrick - Actor and Singer

Joan Gilmour - Dancer

Eric Gormley - Actor and Singer

Douglas Hall - Actor

Penny Hall - Assistant Stage Manager

Brian Hannan - Actor

Brian Harris - Actor

Joy Heath - Actor

Hilary Henshaw - Actor

Edward Hepple - Actor

Charles Hickman - Director

Jeffrey Hodgson - Actor

Eric Hoek - Assistant Stage Manager

John-Michael Howson - Book and Lyrics

Janice Kennedy - Actor

Ivan King - Actor and Singer

Patsy King - Actor

William King - Actor

Kathie Kolle - Actor

Paula Langlands - Actor

Di Lawrence - Actor

Bruce Lawson - Actor

John Leslie - Composer

Lily Lewis - Actor

Douglas Lindsay - Actor

Meridith Little - Actor

Reg Livermore - Writer, Actor

James P. Lynch - Actor

Fenella Maguire - Actor

Jack Manuel - Choreographer

Keith Marks - Actor

William Meade - Actor and Singer

Joan Milford - Actor

Kevin Mills - Actor and Singer

Joy Mitchell - Actor

- Moonyeen - Set Designer

Geraldene Morrow - Performer

Peter Mullinns - Actor

Kay Nattrass - Actor

Sue Nattrass - Lighting Designer

Myron Natwick - Performer

Judith Newman - Actor

Mary Ellen Nicholas - Stage Manager

Dy Nicholls - Actor

Dennis O'Keefe - Actor

Charles O'Neill - Actor

Raymond O'Reilly - Actor

Madeleine Orr - Actor

Godfrey Philipp - Director

Charles Philpot - Actor and Singer

Wendy Pomroy - Musical Director

Barry Purcell - Actor and Singer

Paul Purtell - Actor

June Rankin - Actor

Malcolm Robertson - Actor

Sigmund Romberg - Composer

Herman Schildberger - Conductor

John Scott - Actor and Singer

Jim Smillie - Actor

Alwyn Smith - Actor and Singer

Ian Smith - Actor and Singer

Robert Smith - Actor

Ron Stodden - Electrician

Rex Taplin - Actor

Delphine Taylor - Actor

Margot Taylor - Actor, Choreographer

Brian Thomson - Set Designer

Ron Veal - Conductor

Frank Wadds - Actor

Ken Warne - Actor

Barbara Warren-Smith - Actor

Norma Webster - Actor

Stewart Weller - Actor

Joan Western - Actor

Ronald White - Actor and Singer

Gordon Wilcock - Actor

Tommy Worland - Actor

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The National Theatre Movement of Australia

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Godfrey Productions Pty Ltd

Melbourne University Dramatic Society

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