Contributor Patrick O'Halloran
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Gender Male
Functions Actor and Singer
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Actor and Singer


Christine Bailey - Production Manager, Producer

Jon Bowling - Set Designer

Chelle Burtt - Actor and Singer

Don Hopkins - Sound Designer

Robert Jarman - Actor, Director

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor and Singer, Actor

Celeste Quinn - Conductor, Musical Director

Anita Simeoni - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maker

Matt Skinner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Stephen Sondheim - Lyricist, Music and Lyrics

John Xintavelonis - Producer, Actor and Singer

Fran Armstrong - Repetiteur

Styne Ashton - Fight Director

Barbara Baddiley - Costume Maker

Frank Bansel - Actor

Jacob Barry - Actor

Gina Bashford - Actor

Leonard Bernstein - Composer

Christine Bowling - Graphic Designer

Glenn Braithwaite - Actor and Singer

Matthew Broadhurst - Actor and Singer

Thomas Campbell - Actor

Mandy Cashion - Choreographer

Sam Cawthorn - Actor

Kristy Cleary - Actor

Dean Cocker - Actor and Singer

Anne Colbourn - Actor and Singer

Diana Cooper - Orchestra

Bridget Cousens - Actor and Singer

Colin Dean - Actor and Singer

Debra Dean - Costume Maker

Jenny Deayton - Costume Maker

Kellie Deayton - Actor

Nara Dennis - Orchestra

Veronica Dick - Costume Maker

Petr Divis - Repetiteur

Alistair Dobson - Orchestra

Helen Edwards - Costume Co-ordinator

Mike Edwards - Actor and Singer

Mark Fitzpatrick - Actor and Singer

Damian Fuller - Lighting Designer

John Goldsmith - Orchestra

Lynda Gray - Dresser

Derek Grice - Orchestra

Eddie Halton - Stage Manager

Chris Hamley - Actor and Singer

Seraya Hamley - Actor and Singer

Amanda Harper - Musical Director

David Harvey - Orchestra

Elizabeth Haward - Actor and Singer

Vince Hodgman - Actor and Singer

Rachael Holmes - Actor and Singer

Kerri-Louise Hooper - Actor

Michelle Howell - Actor

Matt Hunt - Actor

Jassy Husk - Actor

Rebekah Jacobson - Orchestra

Russell Jeffrey - Actor

Les Johnston - Orchestra

Sarah Jones - Actor and Singer

Adam Jose - Actor, Choreographer

Ainslie Keele - Actor and Singer

Jeff Keogh - Actor and Singer

Gareth Kinghorn - Assistant Stage Manager

Bree Langridge - Actor

James Lapine - Writer

Rachel Larkins - Stage Manager

Jabra Latham - Orchestra

Arthur Laurents - Writer

Cassie Le Fevre - Actor

Sarah Leech - Assistant Stage Manager

Alan Jay Lerner - Book and Lyrics

Paul Levett - Actor and Singer

Sara Mae Libero - Actor and Singer

Frederick Loewe - Composer

Kellijayne Lynch - Stage Manager

Ian Mace - Various

Faye Manson - Costume Maker

Alison McGowen - Actor and Singer

Tony McKendrick - Photographer

Nicholas Morgan - Acrobat

Tim Munro - Lighting Designer

Michael Nikerrud - Orchestra

Adam Nunn - Actor

Jessica Oakley - Actor

Paul Parnell - Orchestra

Suzen Parnell - Designer

Ric Paterson - Narrator

Aaron Powell - Actor

Sharon Prero - Actor and Singer

Julie Raphael - Coordinator

Peter Reardon - Actor, Editor

Di Richards - Actor and Singer

Christopher Richardson - Actor and Singer

Gina Richman - Actor and Singer

Ray Sangston - Actor

Darren Sangwell - Actor and Singer

Anita Schleebs - Orchestra

Shirley Schlesinger - Actor

Amelia Schroter - Actor

Glenn Schultz - Orchestra

Robert Schultz - Orchestra

Bernice Shepperd - Hair Stylist

Andrew Short - Actor and Singer

Ken Short - Repetiteur, Actor

Nicole Simms - Actor and Singer

Ben Smart - Orchestra

Adam Smee - Actor

Karen Smithies - Assistant Musical Director, Repetiteur, Orchestra

Fleur Thiemeyer - Costume Designer

Ben Van Tienen - Repetiteur

Deborah Vaughan - Editor

Susan Vince - Actor and Singer

Roz Watkins - Costume Designer

Chris Watts - Properties Master / Mistress

Helen Watts - Costume Maker

Craig Wellington - Director

Justin Wigg - Actor

Ian Williams - Director, Actor and Singer

Susan Williams - Actor

Greg Woodward - Orchestra

Exit Left Productions

RACT Insurance

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Tasmania

Theatre Royal (Hobart) Management Board

Identifier 486255