Contributor Matthew Stolp
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Other Names Matt Stolp
Gender Male
Functions Actor


Costume Designer

Set Designer

Danni Ashton - Assistant Director, Stage Manager

David Bannister - Actor

Daniel Booker - Set and/or Property Maker

John Borojevic - Set and/or Property Maker

Andrew Bovell - Playwright

Christine Bowling - Front of House

Heath Brown - Sound Composer, Composer

Scott Burns - Set and/or Property Maker

Kath Chapman - Graphic Designer

Aleksandra Crossan - Actor, Movement Director

Claire Dawson - Movement Director

Arin Dean - Actor

Moya Deigan - Editor, Set and/or Property Maker, Production Manager

Sean Deigan - Set and/or Property Maker

Max Ford - Lighting Designer

Anna Freeland - Actor

Treen French - Set and/or Property Maker

Declan Greene - Playwright

Jane Hamilton-Foster - Actor

Chris Hamley - Actor

Jason James - Lighting Designer

Steven Jones - Actor

Mel King - Director

Melissa King - Director

Bob Linacre - Photographer

Carrie McLean - Actor

Ross Mueller - Playwright

Jill Munro - Designer

Alex O'Brien - Graphic Designer

Sara Pensalfini - Actor

Sarah Phillips - Actor

Vashti Pontaks - Actor

Adam (Gus) Powers - Stage Manager

Eliza Reynolds - Cellist

Janet Smith - Assistant Stage Manager

Ruth Snape - Costume Assistant

Louise Stubs - Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer

Julie Waddington - Director

Wayne Wagg - Photographer

Kate Webb - Costume Assistant

Caroline Whamond - Graphic Designer

Nick Wilson - Sound Designer

Tasmanian Theatre Company

Fluidity of Assemblage

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

Identifier 450783