Work Le Malade Imaginaire
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Alternate Work Name The Imaginary Invalid / The Hypochondriac
Country of Origin
  • France
Creator Contributors

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Australian Nouveau Theatre

The Stratford National Theatre of Canada


Australia Council for the Arts

Mercury Mobile Players

Mercury Theatres Pty Ltd

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

Adelaide Festival Centre

Arts SA

Arts Theatre Cronulla

Blackwood Players

Brink Productions

Canberra Repertory Society

Cooma Little Theatre

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Festival of Perth

Hocking & Woods

Hunter Valley Theatre Company

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

Queensland Government

Queensland Theatre Company

The NIDA Company

The Pratt Foundation

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

The Theatre Council of W.A. (Inc.) Drama Festival 1950

The Theatre on Chester

The University of Melbourne

Theatre Council of Western Australia Inc.

TN Theatre Company

Union Theatre Repertory Company

University Dramatic Society

University of New South Wales

Victorian College of Arts School of Drama Company

Zenith Theatre

Jean-Baptiste Moliere - Playwright, Author

Edward Atienza - Actor

Mervyn Blake - Actor

Jean Francois Boucher - Actor

Pamela Brook - Actor

Gabriel Charpentier - Musical Director

Jack Creley - Actor

Richard Curnock - Actor

Edwina Follows - Actor

Julie Forsyth - Actor

Donald M Frame - Translator

Pat Galloway - Actor

Jean Gascon - Director

Lewis Gordon - Actor

Dawn Greenhalgh - Actor

Edward Henry - Actor

Edwin Hodgeman - Actor

William Hutt - Actor

Joel Kenyon - Actor

Jacek Koman - Actor

Catherine McClements - Actor

Alex Menglet - Actor

Jean-Pierre Mignon - Director

Susan Mitchell - Actor

Tanya Moiseiwitsch - Set Designer

Jillian Murray - Actor

William Needles - Actor

Nicholas Pennell - Actor

Malcolm Robertson - Actor

Pam Rogers - Actor

Robert Scales - Lighting Designer

Ian Scott - Actor

Katharine Sturak - Translator

Gordon Thomson - Actor

Ross Williams - Actor

Suzanne Chaundy - Dramaturg

Miles Malleson - Adaptor

Allan Ashbolt - Actor

Richard Bean - Adaptor

John Brunskill - Actor

Andrew Castle - Director

Roger Covell - Composer, Musical Arranger

Terence Crawford - Actor

Elsie Dayne - Actor

Greg Diamantis - Lighting Designer

David Downer - Actor

John Faassen - Actor

Peter Finch - Actor

Frants Folmer - Actor

Alice Garner - Actor

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Jennifer Hagan - Actor

Martin Harris - Actor

Silver Harris - Designer, Stage Manager

Patricia Harrison - Actor

Weaver Hawkins - Costume Designer

Arthur Husband - Actor

Creswick Jenkinson - Adaptor

Sydney John Kay - Producer, Composer

Tom Lake - Actor

Allan Lees - Designer

Charles Little - Actor

Robin Lovejoy - Director, Performer, Devisor

Helen Morse - Actor

Angela Nicholls - Actor

Kirrily Nolan - Actor

Peter Rowley - Actor

Al Thomas - Actor

Jacki Weaver - Actor

Peter Whitford - Actor

Daryl Wilkinson - Actor

June Wimble - Actor

Kerrie Adams - Actor

Marie Albrecht - Actor

Joseph Althouse - Actor

Vivienne Awosoga - Actor

Violette Ayad - Actor

Norman Ayrton - Director

Don Barker - Actor

Peter Batey - Director

Bill Bayliss - Lighting Operator

Alistair Beaton - Translator

Judith Bedard - Director

Andrew Bellchambers - Designer

Veronique Benett - Sound Designer

David Bergman - Sound Designer

Alexander Berlage - Assistant Director

Blazey Best - Actor

Rick Billinghurst - Director

Paul Blackwell - Actor

Toby Blome - Actor

Laurence Boxhall - Actor

Terry Brady - Actor

Emily Branford - Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Thea Brejzek - Assistant Director

Alec Brinsmead - Actor

Bille Brown - Actor

David Brown - Actor

James Bruce - Designer

Callum Builder - Actor

Carol Burns - Actor

Nicholas Burton - Actor

Matt Butcher - Actor

Nyx Calder - Actor

Phyllis Campbell - Actor

Chris Canute - Translator, Director, Adaptor

Jennifer Carseldine - Designer

Wal Cherry - Director

Beth Child - Actor

Eva Choc - Adaptor, Translator

Rose Chong - Costume Co-ordinator

Ann Christie - Director

Maria Cleary - Costume Designer, Designer

Joseph Clements - Actor

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer

Rona Coleman - Actor

Paul Collings - Actor

Jane Collingwood - Actor

Brittany Coombs - Stage Manager

Constantine Costi - Director

Michael Costi - Editor

Rosemarie Costi - Actor

Matt Cox - Lighting Designer

Peter Crabtree - Actor

Rex Cramphorn - Director

Joshua Crane - Actor

Maya Cranny - Costume Designer

Zelman Cressey-Gladwin - Actor

Jeanette Cronin - Actor

Neil Curnow - Actor

Daya Czepanski - Actor

Eamon D'Arcy - Set Designer

Enya Daly - Actor

Clarence Dany - Dramaturg

Judy Davis - Director

Stuart Day - Composer

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Roslyn de Winter - Actor

Georgiane Deal - Stage Manager

Nathaniel Dean - Actor

Toby Derrick - Actor

Warwick Doddrell - Assistant Director

Grant Dodwell - Actor

Kevin Donohoe - Actor

Heidi Doran - Actor

Robert Drew - Actor

Chris Drummond - Director

Russell Dykstra - Actor

Emily Edwards - Actor

Victor Emeljanow - Devisor, Director

Danen Engelenberg - Actor

Nic English - Actor

Michelle Fallon - Designer

Georges Feydeau - Playwright

Morgan Flint - Actor

Terry Fogarty - Actor

Maryanne Fonceca - Actor

Barbara Fordham - Actor

Drew Forsythe - Actor

Ben Forte - Actor

Arthur Frame - Actor

Andrew Fraser - Actor

Anne Fraser - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Nicholas Fry - Properties Master / Mistress

Paul Galloway - Writer

Damon Gameau - Actor

Alan Gannaway - Stage Manager

Frank Garfield - Actor

Ethan Gibson - Actor

Eugene Gilfedder - Actor, Musical Arranger

John Golder - Translator

Terri Gonzalez - Stage Manager

Hilda Goodwin - Producer

Genevieve Graham - Costume Designer, Set Designer, Properties Master / Mistress

Ron Grainger - Actor

Ernest Gray - Actor

David Griggs - Actor

Yerin Ha - Actor

Julie Hamilton - Actor

Peter Hanlon - Actor

Joan Harris - Actor

Esther Marie Hayes - Costume Designer

Douglas Hedge - Actor

Genevieve Hegney - Actor

Max Height - Actor

Merilyn Hey - Assistant Stage Manager

Libby Higgin - Stage Manager

Lachlan Hogan - Lighting Designer

Patrick Howe - Costume Designer

Emme Hoy - Writer

Doreen Hucklesby - Actor

Madeleine Humphreys - Director

Zebastian Hunter - Circus Style Performer

Christopher Hurrell - Director

Warren Hussey - Actor

Jim Hutchins - Stage Manager

Chika Ikogwe - Actor

Priscilla Jackman - Director

Lauren Jackson - Actor

Stephen Jackson - Actor

Brian James - Actor

Lloyd James - Wig Stylist, Costume Designer, Make-up Artist

Kay Jamieson - Producer

Carmel Johnson - Actor

Caroline Jones - Costume Designer

Dennis Kelly - Playwright

Emma Kew - Actor

David King - Composer

Patsy King - Actor

Michael Koszanyi - Actor

Pamela Kott - Actor

Ruth Kott - Stage Manager

Stan Kouros - Actor

Tyrone Landau - Composer

Lynda Leavers - Actor

Caz Lederman - Actor

Deborah Lee - Actor

Joanne Lewis - Designer

Susie Lindeman - Actor

Lucas Linehan - Actor

Anne Looby - Actor

Jan Lord - Actor

Harrison Lowrencev - Sound Designer

Anne Manchester - Actor

Mandela Mathia - Actor

Yvonne Matthew - Actor

Ray McDermott - Actor

Allan McFadden - Actor

Anna McGrath - Assistant Director

Graham McInerney - Actor

Sean McInnes - Actor

Bridie McKim - Actor

Frank McNamara - Director

Joss McWilliam - Actor

Jaime Mears - Actor

David Megarrity - Actor

Jonathan Messer - Assistant Director

David Mitchell - Actor

Wendy Mocke - Actor

Jane Montgomery Griffiths - Writer

Myfanwy Morgan - Actor

Christopher Morsley - Actor

Charlotte Mungomery - Costume Designer

Aron Murray - Video Designer

Tuuli Narkle - Actor

Ansuya Nathan - Actor

Aarne Neeme - Director

Sharon Nelson - Assistant Stage Manager

Sian Newey - Actor

Linda Nicholls-Gidley - Voice Coach

Christa Nicola - Actor

Gerda Nicolson - Actor

Patrick Nolan - Director

Karen Norris - Lighting Designer

Gabrielle O'Connor - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Delia O'Hara - Stage Manager

Nathan O'Keefe - Actor

Errol O'Neill - Actor

Mark Owen-Taylor - Actor

Mark Paguio - Actor

Liz Pain - Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Egill Pálsson - Director

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Jim Payne - Actor

Nagham Pelou - Set Designer

Bill Pepper - Voice Coach

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Mark Priestley - Actor

Kurt Ramjan - Actor

Christopher Ratcliffe - Actor

Kevin Reilly - Actor

Kirsty Reilly - Choreographer

John Reynolds - Actor

Tim Richards - Actor

Jack Richardson - Actor

Laila Rind - Actor

Mathilda Robba - Costume Designer

Jaime Robertson - Actor

Les Ross - Actor

Bill Rowe - Actor, Stage Manager

Leigh Rowney - Actor

Geoffrey Rush - Actor

Jackie Ryan - Costume Designer

Emeline Sandt - Lighting Designer

Dianne Saunders - Actor

Ned Schloeffel - Actor

Toby Schmitz - Actor

Berynn Schwerdt - Actor

Yvonne Schwerdt - Actor

Ariadne Sgouros - Actor

Gordon Shain - Actor

Barbara Shanahan - Set Designer

Robert Sharpe - Actor

James Shuter - Deputy Stage Manager

Alex Sideratos - Actor

Millicent Simes - Stage Manager

Jasmin Simmons - Actor

Katherin Smith - Designer

Jennifer Soukup - Actor

Bebe Southby - Sound Designer

Dana Spence - Sound Designer

Julian Starr - Stage Manager

Michele Stayner - Actor

Alexander Stylianou - Actor

Trent Suidgeest - Lighting Designer

Helia Sulak - Actor

Vaishnavi Suryaprakash - Actor

Len Sweeney - Actor

Michael Taper - Actor

Lew Taylor-Cannon - Actor

Neville Teede - Producer, Actor

Frank Thring - Actor

Melissa Thurgood - Publicist

Wendy Todd - Designer

Michael Toisuta - Sound Designer

Dennis Towner - Actor

Gregory Tuckwell - Designer

Jonathon Turner - Actor

Amanda Tye - Production Manager

Brendan Tynan-Darcy - Actor

Nigel Ubrihien - Musical Director

Alison Venning - Actor

Brian Vicary - Actor

Nikita Waldron - Actor

Rory Walker - Actor

Timothy Walker - Actor

Dennis Walsh - Actor

Sylvia Walsh - Actor

David Waters - Actor

John Watson - Production Manager

George Whaley - Actor

Chelsea Wharton - Actor

Annie Whelan - Actor

Alexander White - Actor

Sally Whiteley - Actor

Ed Wilkinson - Lighting Designer

Dalara Williams - Actor

Jessica Williams - Actor

Suzette Williams - Actor

Rory Williamson - Actor

Brian Willis - Actor

Kathryn Wilson - Actor

Ralph Wilson - Director

Arna-Marie Winchester - Actor

David Wood - Actor

Helen Woodger - Costume Designer

John Woodland - Production Manager

Jeremiah Wray - Actor

Suzanne Wylie - Actor

Tony Youlden - Lighting Designer

Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW

NIDA Theatre, Kensington, NSW

The Space, Adelaide, SA

Arts Theatre Cronulla, Cronulla, NSW

SGIO Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Armoury Lawns, Adelaide, SA

Anthill Theatre, South Melbourne, VIC

New Fortune Theatre, Crawley, WA

Blackwood Memorial Hall, Blackwood, SA

Riverside Theatre, Barton, ACT

Monaro Hostel, Cooma North, NSW

Ensemble Theatre (1960-), Kirribilli, NSW

Universal Theatre, North Fitzroy, VIC

Playhouse, Newcastle, NSW

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney, NSW

O'Brien's Glass Factory, Waterloo, NSW

New Theatre, Sydney (1973-), Newtown, NSW

NIDA Theatres, Kensington, NSW

Parade Theatre Studio, Kensington, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Perth, Perth, WA

The Theatre on Chester, Epping, NSW

Assembly Hall, Perth, WA

Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba, QLD

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Grant Street Theatre, Southbank, VIC

Zenith Theatre, Chatswood, NSW

Work Identifier 944