Venue Red Shed Theatre
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Other Names Bakehouse Theatre
Address 255 Angas Street
Adelaide SA 5000
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Latitude | Longitude -34.929868 | 138.610367

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Tim Maddock - Director, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Designer, Publicist, Actor

Keith Gallasch - Director, Musical Supervisor, Actor, Cartoonist, Writer, Musician, Sound Designer, Playwright, Songwriter

David Allen - Director, Playwright, Writer, Adaptor

Sally Hildyard - Actor, Front of House

Ron Hoenig - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Paula Carter - Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Co-ordinator, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Costume Designer

David Kirk - Sound Designer, Actor

Geoff Revell - Actor, Projectionist, Set and/or Property Maker

Virginia Baxter - Actor, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer, Playwright

Ulli Birve - Actor, Stage Manager, Music and Lyrics

Richard Chataway - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Jon Firman - Lighting Designer, Actor, Lighting Operator, Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Cath McKinnon - Director, Stage Manager, Designer, Playwright

David Carlin - Actor, Director, Designer, Playwright, Lighting Operator

Andrew Donovan - Actor, Writer, Lighting Operator, Music and Lyrics, Lighting Designer, Musical Director

Joey Kennedy - Production Manager, Publicist, Actor, Front of House

John McFadyen - Actor, Director, Associate Director, Musician, Writer

Syd Brisbane - Actor

Eileen Darley - Actor

Michael Griffin - Playwright, Director, Writer, Actor

Gwenda Helsham - Actor, Sound Designer, Lighting Operator

Tiina Kald - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer, Actor, Designer

David Tyler - Actor, Stage Manager, Cartoonist, Assistant Director

Gina Zoia - Actor, Writer

Peter Dunn - Actor, Director, Set Designer

Alex Hulse - Publicist, Actor, Music and Lyrics

Nic Hurcombe - Actor, Publicist, Graphic Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Wendy Madigan - Stage Director, Actor, Stage Manager

Christina Andersson - Properties Master / Mistress, Actor, Stage Manager

Richard Kelly - Lighting Operator, Actor

Rosalind Mudge - Costume Designer, Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Set and/or Property Maker

Karen Norris - Lighting Designer

Lisa Philip-Harbutt - Designer, Properties Master / Mistress

Doreen Clarke - Playwright, Costume Co-ordinator

Susan Formby - Sound Operator/Engineer, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Michael Fuller - Teacher, Production Supervisor , Choreographer

Daniel Keene - Playwright

Peter Kelly - Stage Manager, Production Manager, Production Coordinator

Barbara Learmonth - Actor, Stage Manager, Production Coordinator, Administrator

Katy Morris - Stage Manager, Actor

Mary-Anne Pitman - Actor

Benedict Andrews - Director

Helene Burden - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Michael Geissler - Designer

Julie Holledge - Dramaturg, Teacher

Graham Kelleher - Actor, Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Lighting Operator

Patricia Kelly - Actor

Jasmine Lance - Lighting Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Director, Designer, Assistant Director

Allen Lyne - Actor, Sound Designer, Playwright

John Molloy - Actor

Paul Moore - Actor, Lighting Operator

Christopher Murphy - Technical Director, Lighting Designer

Mark Pennington - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Production Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

Melissa Reeves - Music and Lyrics, Playwright

Henry Salter - Actor, Director

Rosie Tonkin - Stage Manager, Set Designer, Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer

David Wilson - Photographer

Jardine - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Technician, Lighting Operator

Andrea Barge - Actor

Edward Bond - Playwright

Colleen Cross - Actor, Stage Manager

Alma De Groen - Playwright

Lizzy Falkland - Actor

Peter Finlay - Actor

Kelvin Harman - Production Manager

Ingrid Hearne - Actor

Richard Hellier - Stage Manager, Stage Director

Marijana Jevremov - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Ali Jonas - Actor, Musical Director

Ilvi Kald - Actor

Grant Klein - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Soula Konistis - Actor, Publicist

Catherine Madill - Actor, Stage Manager

Steven Mayhew - Designer, Publicist, Director, Continuity, Administrator, Sound Designer

Barbara McFadyen - Administrator, Sound Designer

David Mealor - Actor

Stephen Measday - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Mary Moore - Production Supervisor , Designer, Teacher

Mark Muggeridge - Actor, Musician

Justin Pennington - Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Alex Reid - Sound Designer, Actor, Dramaturg

Shauna Roche - Properties Master / Mistress, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Mary-Jane Saunders - Actor

Fiona Seccombe - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Stage Manager

Nick Skibinski - Actor

John Sullivan - Lighting Designer

Janet Symonds - Production Manager, Stage Manager

Imogen Thomas - Designer

Nick von der Borch - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Production Manager

David Young - Director, Actor

Steve Adams - Sound Operator/Engineer, Actor

Helen Bansemer - Sound Designer

Howard Barker - Playwright

Alan Barrie - Actor

Richard Bennett - Actor

Helen Bock - Publicist, Stage Manager

Cath Cantlon - Designer, Costume Designer, Dramaturg

Michaela Cantwell - Actor

Damien Carey - Lighting Operator, Costume Designer

Natalie Carr - Actor, Stage Manager

Ellen Carty - Actor

Don Chapman - Actor

Richard Collins - Director, Actor

Stuart Crane - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Julie d'Lima - Actor

Merilyn Dagg - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Noel de Rohan - Assistant Stage Manager

Amanda Finnis - Actor

Dario Fo - Playwright

Ellen Freeman - Director, Designer, Continuity

Michael Gow - Playwright

Emma Harper - Assistant Director, Lighting Operator, Actor

Joh Hartog - Designer, Director

Rick Henshaw - Actor

Victoria Hill - Actor

Des James - Actor

Paul Jardine - Sound Operator/Engineer, Production Manager

Peter Jukes - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator

Bradley Just - Publicist, Actor

Barrie Keeffe - Playwright

Michael Kitschke - Actor

Michael Lester - Actor

Gus Macdonald - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Glen McGillivray - Lighting Operator, Director

Alice McHenry - Actor

Stephen Mitchell - Graphic Designer, Lighting Designer

Antonietta Morgillo - Actor, Designer

Roger Newcombe - Actor

Kylie O'Connell - Publicist, Assistant Stage Manager, Assistant to the Director

Andrea O'Shea - Stage Manager, Music and Lyrics

Rebecca Palmer - Lighting Designer

Diane Peters - Actor

Justin Posa - Composer, Musician

Noel Purdon - Director, Actor

Franca Rame - Playwright

Sue Ridgway - Actor, Teacher

Scott Rowe - Musician, Composer

Jeremy Schwerdt - Actor

Stephen Smooker - Lighting Operator

Gavin Strawhan - Playwright

Christopher Strickland - Actor

Helen Tiller - Teacher, Production Supervisor

Kym Tonkin - Actor, Lighting Operator

Julia Tymukas - Administrator

Robyn Waite - Actor

Martin Welsh - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Grant Withnell - Actor, Lighting Operator

Sophia Wrobel - Actor, Publicist

Lynj - Devisor, Actor

Ben Abbott - Actor

David Adams - Actor

David Adamson - Actor

Edward Albee - Playwright

Katherine Allen - Lighting Designer

Christina Anderson - Actor

Jenny Anderson - Front of House

Alfred Andrews - Actor

Silvana Angelakis - Costume Designer

Michael Atkinson - Musical Director

Gabriella Bail - Lighting Designer

Rhiannon Barnes - Actor

Ross Barrett - Playwright

Jill Bartlett - Stage Manager

Barry Becker - Actor

Michael Beilby - Composer

Elizabeth Bell - Devisor, Actor

Roxxy Bent - Actor, Playwright

Valerie Berry - Actor

Marisa Bertocchi - Designer

Robert Binelli - Sound Designer

Catherine Bishop - Actor

Jenny Boult - Playwright

Katy Bowman - Performer

Matthew Boyce - Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Paul Brown - Playwright

Linda Burville-Holmes - Actor

Jez Butterworth - Playwright

Robyn Callan - Actor

Angela Carter - Playwright

Jenny Castles - Actor

Sarah Cathcart - Actor, Writer

Peter Cheslin - Actor

Deane Clark - Actor

Nic Clark - Actor

Phil Clarke - Actor

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer

Barry Collins - Playwright

Lachlan Colquhoun - Actor

Stephanie Cooper - Actor

Andrew Copeland - Composer

Copi - Playwright

Robert Cousins - Graphic Designer

Alison Croggon - Playwright

Margaret Crompton - Stage Manager

Rob Crouch - Lighting Designer

Thorin Cupit - Actor

Emily Dallwitz - Photographer

Timothy Daly - Playwright

Troy Dangerfield - Sound Operator/Engineer

Alison Davies - Actor

Georgie Davill - Actor

Amanda Davis - Stage Manager

Stuart Day - Music and Lyrics

  • Low, 3 September 1992

Barry Dickins - Playwright

Ian Dixon - Actor

Matt Dolman - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Graham Downes - Sound Designer

Alison Dunn - Publicist

Gavan Dunn - Composer

Hanns Eisler - Composer

Gerry Elder - Actor

Julia Elsbeth - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Craig English - Set and/or Property Maker

Nick Enright - Playwright

Wendy Falconer - Assistant Director

Ian Farr - Musical Director, Musician

Jane Farrelly - Actor

Jackie Ferdinands - Choir, Actor

David Field - Actor

Margaret Fischer - Producer

Catherine Fitzgerald - Writer, Actor, Publicist

Richard Flynn - Director

Plaxy Folland - Scenic Artist

John Ford - Playwright

Alain Francois - Production Manager

Susie Fraser - Actor

Kate Fryer - Actor

Jenny Gall - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Damon Gameau - Actor

Rosa Garcia - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Garsden - Lighting Operator

Nicholas Garsden - Actor

Kevin Geisler - Set and/or Property Maker

Kitty Gilchrist - Actor

Sue Giles - Performer, Writer, Composer, Designer

Nick Gill - Actor

Venetia Gillot - Dramaturg

Coppelia Glutenschnabel - Musician

Christian Goldsworthy - Actor, Publicist

Steve Gooch - Translator

Gordon Goulding - Director

Ed Graczyk - Playwright

Francis Greenslade - Actor

Darrelyn Gunzburg - Director

Peter Handke - Playwright

Andrew Hansen - Performer

Georgina Harper - Actor

Alan Hayward - Actor

Tom Healey - Actor

Alice Healy - Actor

Matt Heitmann - Actor

John Herbert - Playwright

Carolyn Higgs - Sound Designer

Dean Hills - Designer

Terry Hoare - Set and/or Property Maker

Emma Hodge - Actor

Annalisa Hope - Actor

Nicholas Hope - Actor

Debbie Horsfield - Playwright

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Lisa Hughes - Actor

Raj Huilgol - Performer

April-Kaye Ikinci - Devisor, Actor

Eugene Ionesco - Playwright

Frank Italiano - Assistant Director

Amelia Ivey - Actor

Joanna Jackermis - Director

Phyllis Jane Rose - Production Supervisor

Kate Jenkins - Actor

Tony Jennings - Publicist

David Paul Jobling - Actor

Chris Johnson - Actor

Timothy Jolley - Actor

Paul Judd - Stage Manager

Franz Kafka - Writer

Gail Kelly - Playwright

John Kelly - Set and/or Property Maker

Stephen Kennett - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Jon Kenny - Set and/or Property Maker

Nicholas Keukenmeester - Actor

Ali Khan - Stage Manager

Eddy Knight - Set and/or Property Maker

Derek Kreckler - Sound Designer

Dushyant Kumar - Technician

Michael Kumnick - Actor

Vinetta Lagzdins - Sound Composer

Victoria Lamb - Set and/or Property Maker

Moira Lazarou - Stage Manager

Nicole Le Leu - Designer

Audine Leith - Actor

Andrea Lemon - Director, Writer

Douglas Leonard - Director

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Designer

Regina Levkovich - Actor

Kim Liotta - Actor

William Littleton - Musician

Eliza Lovell - Actor

Claire MacDonald - Playwright

Robert Majors - Sound Designer

Christopher Marlowe - Playwright

John Martin - Actor

Bruce Mason - Playwright

Ross Mayne - Musician

Jeanne Mazure - Playwright

Susan McClements - Director, Dramaturg

Ian McDonald - Music and Lyrics

Sue McDonald - Actor

Dimity McEwin - Actor

Peter McFarlane - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Frank McGuinness - Playwright

Shane McNeil - Actor

Avril McQueen - Performer

Caroline Mealor - Stage Manager

Leonard Melfi - Playwright

Gaelle Mellis - Production Coordinator

Caroline Mignone - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Gillian Minervini - Administrator

Kylie Mitton - Actor

Heather Monk - Performer

Grazyna Monvid - Playwright

Robert Morgen - Actor

Michael Morley - Pianist

Phil Motherwell - Playwright

Lyn Moyle - Actor

Claire Mudge - Actor

June Muggeridge - Dresser, Costume Co-ordinator

Joanna Murray-Smith - Playwright

Amelia Nolan - Actor

Louis Nowra - Playwright

Emma O'Neill - Stage Manager

Henry Oleszczyk - Lighting Designer

Ian Overy - Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Stage Manager

Liz Pain - Lighting Designer

Bruna Papandrea - Publicist

Trina Parker - Designer

Ben Passehl - Actor

Carolyn Patamisi - Sound Designer

Simone Paterson - Actor, Devisor

Paul Pearce - Set and/or Property Maker

Nick Pelomis - Properties Master / Mistress

Glenn Perry - Director

Lee Pickard - Music and Lyrics

Katrina Pickering - Costume Designer

Ian Pidd - Performer, Writer, Composer

Robert Pike - Actor

Sophie Plummer - Actor

Veronica Porcaro - Actor

Dan Potra - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Lance Poulson - Sound Designer

Arabella Powell - Technician, Stage Manager

Barbara Preston - Devisor

Keith Preston - Devisor

Cheryl Priest - Actor

David Pullan - Actor

Justin Ractliffe - Actor

Penny Ramsay - Photographer

Thea Ratcliffe - Photographer

John Ratter - Actor

Elizabeth Raupach - Costume Maker

David Reed - Sound Operator/Engineer

Colin Reine - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Trent Reiners - Lighting Designer

Verity Rice - Technician

Tracey Richardson - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Andrea Rieniets - Sound Composer

Deborah Riley - Make-up Artist

Sean Riley - Actor, Director

Simon Robb - Actor

Frank Roberts - Technician

Cate Rogers - Actor

Michael Roloff - Translator

John Romeril - Playwright

David Ross - Actor, Publicist

Ben Rounsefell - Actor

Garth Rowe - Actor

Jeremy Rowney - Composer

Jane Ruggerio - Actor

Teresa Ryan - Set and/or Property Maker

Emma Salter - Actor

Mary Saunders - Actor

Donna Schliwa - Actor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Sam Shepard - Playwright

Paul Simpson - Actor

Morag Skinner - Costume Assistant

David Skudds - Technician

Michele Spooner - Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Devisor, Performer, Designer

Phillipa Sprott - Publicist

Suzanne Spunner - Playwright

Michelle Stanley - Actor

Jeremy Stewardson - Actor

Phil Stewart - Set and/or Property Maker

Fiona Stig - Actor

Jonathon Stig - Actor

Tony Strachan - Playwright

Sue Swanson - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Richard Symonds - Set and/or Property Maker

John Millington Synge - Playwright

Vince Talbot - Set and/or Property Maker

Joanna Talikis - Actor

Ellen Taylor - Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer, Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Steve Thurnwald - Stage Manager

Lisa Tomasetti - Photographer

  • Low, 3 September 1992

Peter Tonkin - Actor

Consuelo Torrealba - Actor

Brian Torrey - Sound Designer

Christina Totos - Actor

Sue Townsend - Playwright

Nigel Triffitt - Playwright

Gina Tsikouras - Director

Nicholas Tsoutas - Director, Designer

Keith Tucker - Lighting Designer

Roman Turkiewicz - Actor

Stephanie Turner - Actor

Nancy Van Der Toorren - Actor

Tarnya Van Driel - Actor, Stage Manager

Velalien - Choreographer

Boris Vian - Playwright

Gary Waddell - Actor

Estelle Walker - Researcher

Peggy Wallach - Actor

Bridget Walters - Actor

Lani Weedon - Playwright

Curtis Weiss - Director, Adaptor

Peter White - Musician

Scott Whitters - Actor

Briony Williams - Actor

Heathcote Williams - Playwright

Jane Williams - Publicist

  • Low, 3 September 1992

Peter J Wilson - Devisor, Performer, Designer, Director

Naftali Yavin - Playwright

David Young - Director

Xiao-Xiong Zhang - Actor

Venue Identifier 134