Contributor Janet Symonds
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Gender Female
Functions Actor

Production Manager


Assistant Stage Manager

Stage Manager

Tour Manager

Richard Chataway - Lighting Designer

Virginia Baxter - Actor

Peter Dunn - Actor

Keith Gallasch - Director, Songwriter, Actor

Michael Geissler - Designer

Gwenda Helsham - Lighting Operator, Actor

Ron Hoenig - Actor

David Kirk - Actor, Sound Designer

Geoff Revell - Projectionist, Actor

David Allen - Playwright, Director

Marilyn Allen - Actor

Christina Anderson - Actor

Bunny Aust - Lighting Designer

Axel Bartz - Designer

Ian Bradley - Drummer

Richard Bradshaw - Puppet Designer

Jane Campbell - Actor

Brian Carrigg - Pianist

Paula Carter - Set and/or Property Maker

Roger Chapman - Director

Copi - Playwright

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Rod Densley - Actor

Mac Dick - Scenic Artist

Gerry Elder - Actor

Peter Farago - Actor

Jon Firman - Lighting Designer

John Francis - Actor

Michael Fuller - Movement Director

Clem Gorman - Stage Manager

Daphne Grey - Actor

John Harris - Actor

Anne Harvey - Playwright

Ross Hill - Puppet Designer

Lisa Hopman - Assistant Stage Manager

Des James - Actor

Wayne Jelly - Stage Manager

Patricia Kelly - Actor

Ali Khan - Stage Manager

Moira Lazarou - Stage Manager

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Valentina Levkowicz - Actor

Wendy Madigan - Actor

Ross Mayne - Musician

Barbara McFadyen - Administrator

John McFadyen - Actor

Peter McFarlane - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Babs McMillan - Actor

Denis Moore - Actor

Phil Motherwell - Playwright

June Muggeridge - Dresser, Costume Co-ordinator

Frank Mulders - Bassist

Lyn Nesbitt - Actor

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Robert Pike - Actor

Betty Quin - Director

Barbara Ramsay - Playwright, Director

Penny Ramsay - Photographer

David Reed - Sound Operator/Engineer

John Romeril - Playwright

Henry Salter - Actor

Gordon Santo - Actor

David Scheel - Actor

Loriel Smart - Stage Manager

Harry Stapleton - Actor

Tony Strachan - Actor, Movement Director

Richard Symonds - Set and/or Property Maker

Mary Taylor - Actor

Chris Thyer - Assistant Stage Manager

David Tyler - Actor

Peter White - Musician

Bryon Williams - Playwright, Director

David Wilson - Photographer

Troupe Theatre Company

Goethe Institut

Magpie Theatre Company

Marionette Theatre of Australia

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Arts Council of Australia (South Australian Division)

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

Identifier 458990