Work Arsenic and Old Lace
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Country of Origin
  • United States of America
Creator Contributors

Peter and Ellen Williams

Australia Council for the Arts

Canberra Repertory Society

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Launceston Repertory Society

National Theatre Inc.

The University of Melbourne

Adelaide University Dramatic Society

Bastable Street Drama Society

Bay Theatre Players Inc.

Bendigo Theatre Company

Blackwood Memorial Players

Blackwood Players

Broken Hill Repertory Society

Canberra Labor Club

CHATS Productions

Cooma Little Theatre

Croydon Parish Players

Daw Park Players

Genesian Theatre Company Inc

Hornsby Musical Society

Hunters Hill Theatre Inc

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne Theatre Company

New South Wales Government

Phoenix Players

Playlovers Inc.

South Australian Light Opera Society

Sydney Opera House Trust

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Genesian Players

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

The Mayfair Light Opera Society Inc.

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The Stirling Players Incorporated (SA)

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

The Western Australian Arts Council

Theatre Association of South Australia

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Wagga Wagga School of Arts Players

Western Australian Education Department

Whitehall Productions

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

Joseph Kesselring - Playwright

June Bronhill - Actor

Deirdre Burges - Designer

Gwen Plumb - Actor

Peter Rowley - Actor

Peter Williams - Director, Producer

Garry Scale - Actor

Lee Young - Actor

John Paramor - Actor

Jon Sidney - Actor

Simone Buchanan - Actor

John Clavi - Actor

Christopher Dibb - Actor

Malcolm Engledew - Actor

Bartholomew John - Actor

Andrew Clarke - Actor

Zoe Bertram - Actor

Margaret Ford - Actor

Ethel Gabriel - Actor, Producer

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Nita Pannell - Director, Actor

Ellen Williams - Producer

Harvey Adams - Actor

Dennis Allen - Actor

John Anderson - Actor

Margaret Anderson - Actor

Paul Anderson - Actor

Keith Armstrong - Actor

Graham Ashton - Actor

Madge Aubrey - Actor

Roy Baldwin - Actor

Michael Balmer - Actor

Peter E. Barnes - Actor

Gordon Barnett - Actor

Roger Barratt - Lighting Designer

Colin Barry - Actor

Axel Bartz - Designer

Paula Bate - Director

Georgina Batterham - Stage Manager

Detlef Bauer - Assistant Stage Manager

Slim Bauer - Actor

Graham Bauerie - Actor

James Beattie - Actor

Roland Beech - Actor

Neville Bendall - Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Bender - Actor

Peter Binning - Actor

Mollie Birch - Actor

Lola Blachowicz - Actor

Frederick Blackman - Assistant Director

June Bousen - Assistant Stage Manager

Jason Bouwhuis - Actor

Karen Bouwhuis - Actor

Euan Bowen - Actor

Marion Bowers - Producer

Des Bowler - Actor

Helen Breeding - Stage Director

Don Bridges - Actor

Harald Brokenshire - Actor

Diana Brown - Actor

Robert Brown - Actor

Tony Brown - Actor

E O Brunskill - Actor

Grace Burke - Actor

Algis Butavicius - Lighting Designer

Scott Campbell - Actor

Phillipa Carney - Actor

Simon Chilvers - Director

Ian Claridge - Director

Timothy Clark - Production Manager

Morson Clift - Costume Designer

Michael Clothier - Actor

Andrew Clucas - Actor

Margaret Coan - Lighting Designer

Syd Conabere - Actor

Mary Connors - Sound Operator/Engineer

Patricia Conolly - Actor

William Constable - Set Designer

Alfred Cook - Actor

Alec Coppel - Producer

Peter Corbett - Actor

Marie Corrigan - Actor

Drusie Cox - Actor

Royston Cox - Actor

Ruth Cracknell - Actor

Letty Craydon - Actor

Coral Cuming - Actor

Lloyd Cunnington - Actor

Lynette Curran - Actor

Jocelyn Dally - Set Designer

Graham Daly - Sound Designer

Megan Dansie - Director

Keven Davis - Actor

Patsie Davis - Actor

Andrea De Vaack - Director

Daryl Denic - Actor

Noel Dicker - Director

Bob Donoghue - Special Effects, Actor

Bill Dowd - Designer

David Downer - Actor

Sam Drummond - Actor

Bryan Duhig - Actor

Michael Dunbar - Actor

Marie Edwards - Actor

Kay Eklund - Actor

Grant Elliott - Actor

Sam Ellyard - Actor

Merle Eyles - Actor

Robert Faggetter - Actor

Glenda Ferrall - Stage Manager

Ron Field - Set Designer, Director

Edward Finn - Actor

Kevin Flanagan - Actor

Claude Flemming - Actor

John Flood - Actor

Anne Fraser - Costume Designer

John Gaden - Actor

Geoff Gibbs - Actor

Betty Gibson - Producer

Anne Godfrey-Smith - Director

Kerry Goode - Actor

Joyce Gore - Stage Manager

Stan Gottschalk - Actor, Director, Set Designer

Gregory Graham - Actor

Ronald Graham - Actor

Desmond Grant - Actor

Ian Gray - Actor

Charles Hall - Actor

Geraldine Hall - Actor

Aileen Hallam - Actor

Penni Hamilton-Smith - Actor

Brian Harvey - Actor

Geoff Hastwell - Actor

Anthony Hawkins - Actor

Georgia Heath - Actor

David Hendren - Actor

Marion Henry - Actor

Myra Henry - Actor, Prompt

Rhodri Henry-Edwards - Actor

Edward Hepple - Actor

David Herbert - Actor

Frances Herbert - Actor

George Hewlitt - Actor

Barry Hill - Director

David Hill - Actor

Gerald Hobson - Actor, Producer

Phyllis Hobson - Assistant Stage Manager

Denis Hodgkinson - Publicist

Rhys Holden - Production Manager

Pauline Hood - Actor

Damien Hooper - Actor

Bruce Hope - Actor

Alan Hopgood - Actor

Ross Hosking - Director

Ryan Hovingh - Actor

Janette Humphrey - Costume Designer

Irene Inescort - Actor

Gil Inglis - Set and/or Property Maker

Neville Irons - Actor

Eric Irvin - Set Designer

Robert Issell - Actor

David Ives - Actor

Gemma Jameson - Actor

Iain Jamieson - Actor

Jo Janes - Actor

Joan Johns - Properties Master

Marion Johns - Actor

Bob Johnson - Actor

Poole Johnson - Actor

Kath Joyce - Stage Manager

Malcolm Keith - Actor

Joe Kelly - Actor

Maree Kennedy - Director

Patricia Kennedy - Actor

Bruce King - Actor

Ivan King - Actor

Les King - Actor

Barbara Kirk - Make-up Artist

Barbara Knights - Actor

Bill Kolentsis - Actor

Paul Krieg - Administrator

James H. Lang - Producer

Carl Law - Actor

Judith Lennon - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Dawn Lightfoot - Actor

Philip Lineton - Actor

Martin Lloyd - Actor

Samantha Lloyd - Costume Designer

Alex Lojkine - Actor

Marcel Lorber - Musician

Brian Luke - Actor

Ken MacLachlan - Electrician

Matt MacLean - Actor

Gerard Maguire - Actor

Peggy Mantle - Properties Master

Beth Martin - Actor

Joanne Mason - Actor

Charles McCallum - Actor

Hugh McDermott - Actor

Ron McDonald - Actor

Tom McGrath - Actor

Angus McKinnon - Actor

Diana McLeod - Actor

Doreen McTye - Director

Dave McVicar - Actor

Maree Menzel - Designer

Kevin Millen - Actor

Dennis Miller - Actor

Roger Miller - Lighting Designer

Diane Minihan - Producer

Don Mitchelmore - Set Designer

Michael Morley - Actor

Elizabeth Morris - Actor

Michael Morris - Actor

C E L Mortimer - Actor

Ian Mortlock - Actor

Deborah Mulhall - Producer

John Munce - Actor

Cliff Neate - Actor

Aarne Neeme - Director

Alex Niven - Actor

Arundel Nixon - Actor

Janine O'Dwyer - Actor

Tess O'Flaherty - Actor

Elaine Oates - Set Designer

Sam Ogborn - Stage Manager

George Ogilvie - Actor

Barry Olding - Actor

Grace Oliver - Actor

Fred Olsson - Actor

Victor Park - Actor

Harry Patrech - Actor

Roland Paver - Actor

Chris Pendlebury - Actor

Ray Perry - Stage Manager, Set Designer

Neville Phillis - Actor

Ron Pinnell - Actor

Andrew Pond - Actor

John Potter - Actor

Lindy Powell - Actor

Jarrett Prosser - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Max Purnell - Actor

May Pusey - Actor

Robert Quentin - Director

Joseph Quigley - Actor

Robin Ramsay - Actor

Alison Read - Assistant Producer

Len Rich - Actor

James Ridewood - Designer

Jean Rigby - Actor

John Rigg - Actor

Wynn Roberts - Actor

Margaret Robins - Actor

Kathleen Robinson - Producer

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Frances Rose - Lighting Designer

Pamela Rosenberg - Director

Tony Rosevear - Actor

Peter Salmon - Assistant Stage Manager

Gerry Satrapa - Set Designer

John Saul - Actor

Reinhart Schroeter - Stage Manager

Doug Scott - Actor

Kathleen Scott - Actor

Juliet Scrine - Director

Penny Scullin - Costume Designer

Barbara Sekuless - Director

Neil Shaddock - Actor

Harry Short - Stage Manager

John Simmons OAM - Lighting Operator

Graeme Smale - Actor

Roger Adam Smith - Actor

Ken Snodgrass - Actor

Bob Soper - Actor

Ian Spence - Actor

Bill Spencer - Actor

John Stanton - Actor

Audrey Steer - Costume Designer

Peter Steer - Actor

Sam Stern - Actor

John Stevens - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Hugh Stevenson - Actor

Nina Stevenson - Actor

Ian Suddards - Actor

Paul Sulzberger - Actor

Ken Symes - Actor

Elizabeth Taylor - Properties Master

Murray Taylor - Lighting Operator

Ian Telford - Set Designer

Ted Thomas - Actor

Douglas Thompson - Actor

Arwed Turon - Actor

Geoffrey Usher - Actor

Maggie Vale - Sound Designer

Mario Vecchi - Actor

Richard Venus - Actor

Pat Vice - Actor

Leslie Victor - Actor

Tony Vincent - Set Designer

Peter Waddell - Actor

Doris Walsh - Actor

Malcolm Walton - Actor

Marjorie Waugh - Actor

Sidney Wheeler - Actor

Kerrin White - Director

Peter Wilkins - Director

John Williams - Actor

Rod Williams - Actor

Helen Woodger - Actor

Leslie Wright - Actor

David Young - Actor

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Laycock Street Theatre, North Gosford, NSW

Playhouse (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Laycock Street Theatre, North Gosford, NSW

Playhouse (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Figtree Theatre, Kensington, NSW

Bay Theatre Players Theatre, Batemans Bay, NSW

Bendigo Bank Theatre, Bendigo, VIC

Blackwood Memorial Hall, Blackwood, SA

Tower Arts Centre, Daw Park, SA

Police Boys' Club Theatrette, Broken Hill, NSW

Theatre 3, Acton, ACT

Riverside Theatre, Barton, ACT

Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Monaro Theatre, Cooma, NSW

Croydon Uniting Church Hall, Croydon, VIC

SPF Hall Repat Hospital (enter gate 8 ), Daw Park, SA

Genesian Theatre, Sydney, NSW

St. Peter's Church Hall, Hornsby, NSW

Hunters Hill Theatre, Hunters Hill, NSW

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Earl Arts Centre, Launceston, TAS

National Theatre, Launceston, TAS

Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Belconnen Community Theatre, Belconnen, ACT

Hackett Hall, Floreat, WA

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Sydney Radio Theatre, Sydney, NSW

The Playhouse Theatre, Hobart, TAS

Mayfair Academy Theatre, Goodwood, SA

Stirling Community Theatre, Stirling, SA

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Parade Theatre (1969-1999), Kensington, NSW

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Wonderland Theatre, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Minerva Theatre, Kings Cross, NSW

Bruce Gordon Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

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