Venue Lion Theatre
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Address Lion Arts Centre, cnr North Terraceand Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Latitude | Longitude -34.9221460 | 138.5929150

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Vitalstatistix Theatre Company

Magpie Theatre Company

Mary Tobin Presents

Come Out Youth Arts Festival

Feast Festival

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Handspan Theatre

Lano and Woodley

Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre

AIDS Council of SA

Amazon Productions

Bay Street Productions

Big Ensemble Theatre Company

Brahma Kumaris

Centre for the Performing Arts

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Doppio Teatro Company

Entr'acte Theatre Limited

Equal Opportunities Unit of T.A.F.E.

Flinders University Greek Association

Freewheels Theatre Company

Fringe Youth and Education Program

Improd Theatre

Lightning Productions

Living Voice Theatre


Office of the Commissioner of Equal Opportunity

Priority & Equity Programme (P.E.P) Adelaide Region

Shaken and Suspicious Productions

Shrieking Violet

Slave To The Image

South Australian Department for the Arts

Stretch Mk1

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Bastinado Theatre Company

The Great Big Opera Company

Theatre Tutti Productions

Theatro Oneiron

Watermark Theatre Company

Youth Bureau

Youth Performing Arts Council

Zip Antics

Margaret Fischer - Performer, Devisor, Playwright, Writer, Actor

Michael Fuller - Choreographer

Kathryn Sproul - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Ollie Black - Actor, Playwright, Devisor, Writer

Cath Cantlon - Designer

Catherine Fitzgerald - Designer, Director, Actor

Neill Gladwin - Director, Adaptor, Writer

Shaun Gurton - Designer

Keith Tucker - Lighting Designer

Katy Bowman - Performer, Devisor, Designer

Fille Dusseljee - Actor, Dramaturg

Ken Evans - Designer, Director, Devisor

Gilly Farrelly - Dramaturg

Steven Gration - Director, Playwright

Darrelyn Gunzburg - Director, Playwright

Kim Hanna - Director

Brett Heath - Actor, Playwright

Henrik Ibsen - Playwright

Daniel Kahans - Musician, Writer, Director, Playwright

Iakovos Kambanellis - Playwright

Carroll Karpany - Musician, Performer, Composer

Colin Lane - Comedian, Devisor, Writer

Andrea Lemon - Writer, Director, Assistant to the Director

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Max Mastrosavas - Director

Nikki Price - Actor, Costume Maker

Fiona Seccombe - Actor, Front of House

Michele Spooner - Performer, Devisor, Designer

Frank Wood - Writer, Comedian, Devisor

Jayne Amble - Graphic Designer

Jenny Andersen - Actor

Sam Angelico - Performer, Magician

Winston Appleyard - Performer

Richard Back - Set and/or Property Maker

Philippa Bailey - Playwright, Actor

Debra Iris Batton - Actor

Pascal Baxter - Production Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

Alistair Bell - Performer

Roxxy Bent - Devisor, Writer, Actor

Edwina Bishop - Actor

Raymond Blanco - Artistic Director

Anne Brookman - Director

Steve Brown - Lighting Designer

Dani Burbrook - Lighting Operator

Sarah Butler - Playwright, Actor

Elena Carapetis - Assistant Director, Actor

Gina Carreti - Graphic Designer

Sasha Carruozzo - Actor

Therese Cashew - Actor

George Catsi - Actor

Russell Cheek - Playwright, Director, Designer, Performer

Caryl Churchill - Playwright

Sally Clapson - Stage Manager

Rosalba Clemente - Actor, Director, Dramaturg

Rose Clemente - Director

Henry Collins - Actor

Josie Composto-Eberhand - Actor

Cliff Coulthard - Performer

Jo Coventry - Actor

Teresa Crea - Director, Playwright

Robert Crompton - Actor

Colleen Cross - Actor

John Crouch - Actor

Brianne Cuthbert - Actor

Luke Cutler - Designer

Avraham Cykiert - Playwright

Eamon D'Arcy - Original Concept

Julie d'Lima - Actor

Annemaree Dalziel - Costume Designer

Michael Darren - Composer

Belinda Davey - Actor

Sarah de Jong - Composer

David Delves - Actor

Phil Docherty - Technician

Alex Drummond - Properties Master

Eve Drummond - Actor

Graham Duckett - Actor

Mikhael East - Actor

Lois Ellis - Actor

Nick Enright - Playwright

Brant Eustice - Actor

Bill Field - Set and/or Property Maker

Deb Filler - Actor

Brendan Fitzgerald - Musical Director

Greg Fleet - Actor, Devisor

Dario Fo - Writer

John Fotinos - Actor, Designer

Patrick Frost - Actor

Hiro Fukushima - Actor

Siobhan Garahy - Actor

Sue Giles - Writer, Actor

Nick Gill - Writer

Irene Govas - Costume Designer

Kathy Govas - Costume Designer

David Green - Lighting Designer

Francis Greenslade - Actor

Andrew Grenwell - Sound Designer

Susan Grey-Gardner - Lighting Designer

Venetia Guillot - Director

Michael Gurr - Playwright

Ruth Hardman - Set and/or Property Maker

Sara Hardy - Actor, Writer

Anne Harris - Writer

Rick Henshaw - Actor

Peter Heydrich - Sound Designer

Carolyn Higgs - Sound Designer

Sherry Hilario - Lighting Designer

Sally Hildyard - Actor

Edwin Hodgeman - Actor

Alan Hopgood - Actor

Gregory Hordacre - Performer

Lisa Hughes - Actor

Nic Hurcombe - Actor

Jon Jackson - Performer, Devisor

Paul Jenden - Performer, Director, Choreographer

Marijana Jevremov - Assistant Stage Manager

David Paul Jobling - Actor

Carmel Johnson - Actor

Claire Jones - Actor

Jim Kalaitsis - Musician

Fotis Kapetopoulos - Actor

George Karapapas - Actor

Leonie Kaywood - Performer

Graham Kelleher - Actor

Bruce Keller - Performer, Dramaturg

John Kelly - Stage Manager

John Knowles - Actor

Connie Kosti - Publicist

John Kourbellis - Musician

Wayne Leiser - Performer

Audine Leith - Actor

Janna Lewis - Animal Wrangler

Max Lorenzin - Actor

Eliza Lovell - Actor

Shelley Lush - Stage Manager

Vicki Lykogiannis - Actor

Sharman MacDonald - Playwright

Karin Mainwaring - Playwright

Tom Maksimovic - Actor

Domenic Marafioti - Sound Designer

Rodney Marks - Writer, Actor

Stephen Martin - Technician

Luciano Martucci - Actor

Lucia Mastrantone - Actor

Nick Mavragelos - Actor

Ian McDonald - Composer

Glen McGillivray - Director

Carmel McGlone - Actor

Lola McHarg - Actor

Cath McKinnon - Director

Avril McQueen - Associate Director

Lisa Meagher - Designer

Johnny Mihaljevic - Performer

Chia Moan - Graphic Designer

Katia Molino - Performer

Peter Monaghan - Actor

Antonietta Morgillo - Actor

Jennifer Munday - Actor, Singer

Dennis Murphy - Devisor, Performer

Mark Newsam - Actor, Director

Jamie Nicolai - Actor

Lois Norman - Actor

Andrea O'Shea - Production Manager

Arvo Paert - Lighting Designer, Composer

Nina Paleologos - Actor

George Parhas - Actor

Trina Parker - Assistant to the Director

Mark Pennington - Set and/or Property Maker

Marianne Permezel - Sound Designer

Lisa Philip-Harbutt - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Simon Phillips - Director

Ian Pidd - Actor, Writer

Leanne Plunkett - Performer

Linsey Pollak - Musical Director

Reis Porter - Actor

Monty Punchon - Actor

Franca Rame - Writer

Jenny Ramos - Costume Maker

Robin Ramsay - Actor, Director

Kerry Reid - Designer, Costume Maker

Geoff Revell - Actor

Greg Riddell - Musician

Andrea Rieniets - Composer

Pat Rix - Musical Director

Matt Robinson - Dramaturg

Adele Saleem - Writer

Mandy Sandilands - Actor

Lilian Sansbury - Playwright, Actor

Ben Seidel - Performer

Richard Seidel - Performer

Christine Shaw - Actor

Stephen Sheehan - Designer, Actor

Mark Shelton - Lighting Designer

Carole Skinner - Actor

Tim Smith - Actor, Devisor

Louis Solino - Performer

Paul Spedding - Lighting Operator

Joe Sperenini - Sound Operator/Engineer

Phil Spruce - Actor

Michelle Stanley - Actor

Angelo Stathopoulos - Actor

Esben Storm - Playwright

Maria Stravinakis - Administrator

Con Stravolemos - Actor

Maria Stravrinakis - Actor

Alison Summers - Director

Leigh Swinbourne - Playwright

Andrea Taman - Publicist

Ariette Taylor - Assistant Director

Michalis Theologitis - Actor

Pierre Thibaudeau - Performer, Director, Designer, Choreographer

Katherine Thomson - Playwright

Kerryn Tredrea - Sound Operator/Engineer

Rose Troche - Playwright

Gina Tsikouras - Actor

Guinevere Turner - Playwright

Finch Van Sluys - Designer

Velalien - Costume Designer

Evangelos Vrodos - Actor

Allan Walker - Musician

Bridget Walters - Actor

John Webber - Photographer

Barbara West - Actor

Alex Whitham - Director

David Wilson - Photographer

James Winter - Actor

Annie Wylie - Devisor, Performer

Venue Identifier 2956