Contributor Lilian Sansbury
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Other Names Lily
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor, Playwright, Writer





Fille Dusseljee - Writer, Actor, Dramaturg

Steven Gration - Director

Michael Harris - Actor

Kathryn Sproul - Designer

Simone Tur - Actor

Wayne Anthoney - Actor

Debra Iris Batton - Choreographer

Roger Bennett - Playwright, Actor

Francis Greenslade - Actor

Nicholas Hope - Actor

Paul Kelly - Composer, Actor, Lyricist, Musical Director

Kate Roberts - Actor

Mandy Sandilands - Actor

Kaarin Fairfax - Assistant Director

Carroll Karpany - Composer, Musician, Musical Director, Actor

Robert Compton - Actor

Robert Crompton - Actor

Rachel Healy - Tour Manager

Josie McGuinness - Choreographer

Emma O'Neill - Stage Manager

Howard Sumner - Actor

Laraine Wheeler - Lighting Designer

Phil Allen - Actor

David Field - Actor

Tim Gibuma - Actor

Brian Goldsmith - Actor

Steven Goldsmith - Actor

Therese Radic - Playwright

  • Peach Melba, Cremorne Theatre (1985- ), South Brisbane, QLD, 20 May 1991

Seamas Rhind - Musical Director

Magpie Theatre Company

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Canberra Theatre Trust

Come Out Youth Arts Festival


Port Youth Theatre

Identifier 230550