Work A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
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Country of Origin
  • United States of America
Creator Contributors

Essgee Entertainment

Simon Gallaher Presentations

Arcadians Theatre Group

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Tempo Theatre Inc

The Coastal Players

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Anita Waxman/Tom Dokton

Ashfield Musical Society

Australia Council for the Arts

Bankstown Theatrical Society

Brisbane Arts Theatre

Canberra Philharmonic Society Inc.

Canterbury Theatre Guild

Dural Musical Society

Elizabeth Williams

Euroa Little Theatre Inc

Forum Music Theatre

Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

Hunter Valley Theatre Company

Jane Bergere

Jerry Frankel

John Frost

John X

Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council

Latitude Link

Marian Street Theatre Limited

Mayfair Theatre Company

Monash University Musical Company (MUMCO)

National Theatre Inc.

New South Wales Government

Northern Light Theatre Company

Opus Performing Arts Community



Seventy-One Theatre Club

The Dodgers

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia

The Hills Musical Company

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

The Regals Musical Society Inc

The Savoy Arts Company Inc

Twenty To One

Two Left Feet Productions

Victorian Arts Centre

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

Stephen Sondheim - Composer, Music and Lyrics, Lyricist

Larry Gelbart - Writer, Book and Lyrics, Librettist

Burt Shevelove - Writer, Book and Lyrics, Librettist

Jonathan Biggins - Actor

Jon English - Actor

Graham Maclean - Designer

Craig Schaefer - Director

Leisa Barry-Smith - Actor

Adam Bartlet - Actor

Louise Bell - Actor

John Bowles - Actor

Joan Brockenshire - Actor

Megan Bullivant - Actor

Jean Burke - Production Manager

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Basil Clarke - Actor

Mark Dickinson - Actor

Helen Donaldson - Actor

Andrew Dunne - Actor

Tommy Dysart - Actor

Drew Forsythe - Actor

Andi Gallaher - Actor

Christopher Goldsworthy - Company Manager

David Gurney - Sound Designer

Gary Jones - Actor

Nathan Kneen - Actor

Melanie Mackay - Actor

Naomi Marsh - Actor

Dianna Nixon - Assistant Musical Director

Tod Strike - Actor

Michelle Theunissen - Actor

Andris Toppe - Choreographer

Juliette Verne - Actor

Bob Hornery - Actor, Performer

Dallas Ayers - Actor

Pauline Buckby - Properties Master / Mistress

Freddie Carpenter - Director

Fay Charleston - Assistant Stage Manager

Jack Collins - Actor, Performer

Patricia Dewar - Producer

Fiona Dobson - Assistant to the Director, Stage Manager

Geoff Dobson - Actor

Nell Dobson - Actor, Director, Publicist, Set Designer

Pauline Garrick - Performer, Actor

Barry Hill - Director

Bet Hite - Costume Co-ordinator

Linda Lawson - Choreographer, Chorus

Stan Lowe - Set and/or Property Maker

Will Mahoney - Actor, Performer

Bob McKell - Costume Designer, Actor

Don McManus - Performer, Actor

Clifford Mollison - Performer, Actor

Geraldene Morrow - Performer, Actor

Jim Muir - Stage Manager

Peter O'Hern - Set and/or Property Maker

Reg O'Neill - Actor

Peter Oglesby - Set and/or Property Maker

Max Phipps - Performer, Actor

Betty Pounder - Choreographer

Royce Reid - Set and/or Property Maker

Norman Rowe - Set Designer

Judi Shaw - Actor

Verna Smith - Chorus Master/Mistress

Doreen Stephenson - Choreographer

Rex Stephenson - Costume Maker

Andrew Timko - Musical Director

Richard Walker - Actor, Performer

Tony Walton - Designer, Set Designer

Craig Wellington - Actor, Scenic Artist

Pat Westwood - Properties Master / Mistress

Peter Woodhouse - Set and/or Property Maker

Hermonn - Actor

Kate Analok - Director

Melissa Anderson - Actor

Fran Armstrong - Musical Director

Garry Armstrong - Actor, Director

Len Ashby - Actor

Brad Ashwood - Actor

Chris Asimos - Actor

Luke Aspinall - Actor

Jeni Ayers - Actor

Chris Baldock - Director

Lisa Baraldi - Musical Director

Greg Beer - Actor

Kate Bennett - Actor

Penny Biggins - Pianist, Orchestral Leader

Steve Bird - Actor

Nicholas Bishop - Actor

Dennis Bittisnich - Actor

Julie Black - Director

Georgia Blizzard - Actor

Derek Bond - Musical Director

Mappie Bootsman - Assistant Stage Manager

Geoffrey Borny - Director

Shane Bourne - Actor

Nelson Bowler - Actor

Jon Bowling - Set and/or Property Maker

Steven Brandon - Director

Elise Brennan - Actor

Matthew Brookes - Actor

Ian Brown - Actor

Jenny Brown - Actor

Rohan Browne - Actor

Eddie Bruce - Actor

Dean Bryant - Associate Director

Rick Burchall - Actor

Christine Burdon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Andy Burton - Actor

Mitchell Butel - Actor

Peta Butler - Actor

Barbara Button - Front of House

David Button - Actor

Reg Byers - Set and/or Property Maker

Matt Byrne - Actor

Charles Calvert - Graphic Designer

Michaela Cantwell - Actor

Raechel Carroll - Actor

Richard Castell - Chorus

Richard Causby - Mechanist

Michael Chapman - Actor

Bronwyn Chapple - Actor

Rosemary Charleston - Properties Master / Mistress

James Clark - Conductor

Kristy Cleary - Actor

Andrea Clifford - Musical Director

George Coleman - Actor

Matt Coleman - Assistant Stage Manager

Stephen Collins - Actor

Andrew Colrain - Actor

Gerry Connolly - Actor

Jackie Connor - Performer

Bruce Cornelius - Repetiteur

Brian Coughran - Choreographer

Kate Court - Actor

Chris Coyle - Actor

Jen Cramer - Stage Manager

Frances Crane - Actor

Terence Crawford - Actor

Helen Cronin - Properties Master / Mistress

Leanne Curtis - Actor

Peter Curtis - Actor

Keith Daly - Actor

Peter Dark - Actor

Shawn Darling - Actor

Nigel Davenport - Actor

Mandy Davey - Actor

Ian Davidson - Actor

John Davidson - Scenic Artist

Liz De Totth - Actor

Colin Dean - Actor

Mark DeLaine - Musical Director

Berin Denham - Mechanist

Joy Dobson - Actor

Samantha Dodemaide - Actor

Anne Doherty - Actor

Craig Donnell - Executive Producer

Gary Dooley - Actor

William Dowd - Set Designer

Vin Downie - Musical Director

John Doyle - Actor

Debra Drew - Actor

Alastair Duncan - Director

Paul Dunn - Trumpeter

Susie Edmonds - Actor

Fran Edwards - Actor

Rae Eldridge - Choreographer

Don Everington - Actor

Ben Ewald - Flautist, Saxophonist

Matthew Falland - Actor

Barbara Farrell - Actor

Angela Fergusen - Chorus

Noel Ferrier - Actor

John Fitzpatrick - Actor

June Francis - Graphic Designer

Tom Francis - Director

Mathew Frank - Musical Director

Maree French - Actor

John Frost - Producer

Neville Gaffney - Actor

Roberto Galanti - Actor

Alan Gannaway - Stage Manager

Jack Gardner - Actor

Andrew Gates - Actor

Briona Gill - Clarinetist, Saxophonist

Reg Gillam - Actor

Brian Godfrey - Actor

Sue Goodman - Musical Director

Bobby Goudie - Actor

Alan Gow - Guitarist

Brad Gow - Follow Spot Operator

Joan Green - Actor

Kent Green - Performer

Philip Green - Actor

John Greene - Actor

Carl Gregory - Actor

Stephanie Grigg - Actor

Fiona Hale - Actor

Christopher Hall - Scenic Artist

Andrew Hallsworth - Choreographer

Eddie Halton - Assistant Stage Manager

Joanne Hamilton - Choreographer

Terry Hansen - Actor

Vaughan Harmer - Actor

Chris Harris - Lighting Operator

Vurnn Harris - Chorus

Kerrie Hartin - Actor

Amanda Hassett - Actor

Melanie Hawkins - Actor

Bill Haycock - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Moira Heath - Actor

Pam Helbig - Chorus

Amanda Helmers - Actor

Merilyn Hey - Assistant Stage Manager

Malcolm Hickman - Actor

Brent Hill - Actor

Glen Hill - Actor

Greg Hood - Actor

Kerri-Louise Hooper - Actor

Peter Hopkins - Actor

Reuben Hopkins - Follow Spot Operator

Jill Howard - Actor

John Howson - Actor

Patricia Howson - Actor

Jo Hunt - Actor

Rosemary Hunter - Scenic Artist

Jonathan Hurley - Actor

Rodney Hutton - Actor

Ceri Hutton-Horner - Actor

Frances Ide - Actor

Geraldine James - Director

Greg Janzow - Actor

Robert Jarman - Director

Terry Jarvis - Director

Michael Jeffery - Actor

Rhys Johnson - Actor

Don Jones - Set and/or Property Maker

Juran Jones - Director

Sonny Jose - Choreographer

Karen Joyce - Actor

Thora Anne Karras - Actor

John Kelleher - Set and/or Property Maker

Craig Keller - Musical Director

Robert Kelty - Actor

Lyn Kenney - Properties Master / Mistress

Pam Kenney - Musical Director

Rick Kenney - Actor

Jenny Kimmings - Actor, Costume Designer

Foveaux Kirby - Actor

Alex Kovacs - Actor

Chris Krishna-Pillay - Stage Manager

David Kurthi - Drummer

David Lampard - Actor

John Larking - Actor

Cassie Le Fevre - Actor

Sue Leary - Actor

Evan Lever - Actor

Peter Leverenz - Chorus

Paul Levett - Actor

Michael Lewis - Director

Danielle Linegar - Choreographer

Angela Llewellyn - Chorus

Johnny Lockwood - Actor

Lynn Luttrell - Properties Master / Mistress, Production Manager

Gail Lyndon - Actor

Jenny Lynnd - Choreographer

David MacKay - Director

Ben Mahoney - Actor

Bronwen Major - Costume Designer

Robert Manion - Actor

Kirsty Martinsen - Chorus

Gillian Matthews - Chorus

Maria Mawkes - Actor

Casey McCrickard - Actor

Don McEwan - Actor

Allan McFadden - Actor, Musical Director

Jennifer McGregor - Actor

John McGregor - Actor

Benjamin J McHugh - Actor

Jo McKinley - Choreographer

Martin McLaughlin - Trumpeter

Katherine McMahon - Actor

Chris McRobert - Actor

Doreen McTye - Stage Manager

Vern McTye - Mechanist, Set and/or Property Maker

Garth Meade - Actor

Peter Mendoza - Actor

Peter Meredith - Actor

Edgar Metcalfe - Director

Chris Micallef - Actor

Jeff Michel - Actor

Peter Middleton - Set and/or Property Maker

Noel Mitchell - Actor

Heather Monk - Actor

Imogen Moore - Actor

Michael Moore - Actor

Damien Morley - Actor

Tim Munro - Lighting Designer

Adam Murphy - Actor

Meg Napper - Stage Manager

Aarne Neeme - Director

Debbie Newman - Actor

James Nicholson - Actor

Brian Nickless - Designer

Lucy O'Halloran-Giles - Set Designer

Elaine O'Neill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

P. J. Oaten - Performer

Meriilyn Orpin - Publicist

Peter Orpin - Set and/or Property Maker

Glenn Osborne - Actor

Ben Paine - Actor

Marilyn Parker - Chorus

Margaret Payne - Follow Spot Operator

Simon Payne - Actor

Kathryn Pearson - Chorus

Lyn Pearson - Chorus

Daryl Peebles - Actor

Simon Phillips - Director

Georgia Pike - Actor

Michael Piraner - Clarinetist, Saxophonist

Monique Chanel Pitsikas - Actor

Titus Maccius Plautus - Playwright

Greg Poke - Photographer

Michael Pole - Actor

Geoff Potter - Properties Master / Mistress

Rosemary Potter - Follow Spot Operator

Len Power - Actor

Jonathan Prenzler - Actor

Louisa Raft - Choreographer

Julie Raphael - Actor, Graphic Designer

David Rapkin - Actor

Benjamin Rasheed - Actor

Max Rayner - Choreographer, Actor

Peter Reardon - Actor

Chris Rektsinis - Actor

David Reynolds - Actor

Ken Rhodes - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Di Richards - Actor

Paul Richards - Lighting Designer

Brian Richardson - Costume Designer, Actor

Ian Rigney - Actor

Emma Rilstone - Actor

Judith Roberts - Performer

Kelly Roberts - Actor

Julie Rowlands - Actor

Doug Royle - Set and/or Property Maker

Kim Royle - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Geoffrey Rush - Actor

Tania Sander - Chorus

Louise Sassen - Actor

John Saunders - Actor

Garth Saville - Performer

Douglas Sayer - Actor

Rebecca Schembri - Choreographer

Nick Schlieper - Lighting Designer

Robin Schmelzkopf - Actor

Phillip Scott - Musical Director

Tony Sheldon - Actor

Hugh Sheridan - Actor

Andrew Shields - Director

Robin Short - Actor

Guy Simpson - Musical Supervisor

David Sinclair - Actor

Buster Skeggs - Performer

Darren Slann - Actor

Rose Slann - Actor

Julie Slaven - Actor

Madeleine Smeltink - Actor

Noel Smith - Musical Director

Joan Southern - Actor

Andrew Spence - Actor

David Spurling - Actor

Marion Statton - Musical Director

Catherine Stephens - Actor

James Stone - Set Designer

Troy Sussman - Actor

Genevieve Sutton - Actor

Cheryl Sward - Lighting Operator

Brooke Synnott - Actor

Magda Szubanski - Actor

Kim Talbot - Actor

Natalie Tate - Actor

Crispin Taylor - Director

Tony Taylor - Actor

Mick Thornton - Publicist

Tony Thornton - Lighting Operator

Michelle Tisdell - Actor

Nick Tranter - Actor

Robert Tripolino - Actor

Tony Turner - Actor

Gabriela Tylesova - Designer

Glenn Vallen - Musical Director, Director

Ann Van Der Zwaag - Choreographer

Peter Van der Zwaag - Director

Michelle Van Raay - Actor

Chris Vidler - Musical Director

Susan-ann Walker - Actor

Frances Wallace - Actor

Michael Waters - Sound Designer

Bob Weaver - Chorus

Aron Webb - Follow Spot Operator

Linda Westphalen - Chorus

Christie Whelan-Browne - Actor

Peter Whitford - Actor

Ian Williams - Musical Director

Michelle Williams - Choreographer

Jenny Willing - Actor

Cindy Wilson - Actor

Geoff Wilson - Trombonist

David Winston - Actor

David Wood - Actor

Jeanette Wood - Choreographer, Actor

Peter Wood - Actor

Roz Wren - Costume Designer

Jenny Wyatt Smith - Actor

John Xintavelonis - Actor

Michael Zelvis - Actor

Arts Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Theatre 3, Acton, ACT

The Playhouse Theatre, Hobart, TAS

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

The Arcadians Miners Lamp Theatre, Corrimal, NSW

Illawarra Master Builders Club, Wollongong, NSW

Ashfield Town Hall, Ashfield, NSW

Marian Street Theatre, Killara, NSW

Bankstown Town Hall Theatre Restaurant, Bankstown, NSW

Top of the Cross, Phillip, ACT

Princess Street Theatre, Canterbury, NSW

Dural Memorial Hall, Dural, NSW

Euroa Civic Centre, Euroa, VIC

University Studio Theatre, Sandy Bay, TAS

Woodbin Theatre, Geelong, VIC

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Mayfair Theatre, Goodwood, SA

Union Theatre, Clayton, VIC

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Shedley Theatre, Elizabeth, SA

Noarlunga College Theatre, Noarlunga, SA

St Peters Church of England, Hamilton, NSW

Playhouse, South Bank, QLD

Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Burnie Theatre, Burnie, TAS

Devonport Town Hall, Devonport, TAS

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Stirling Community Theatre, Stirling, SA

Rockdale Town Hall, Rockdale, NSW

Zenith Theatre, Chatswood, NSW

The State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

New Theatre, Mount Lawley, WA

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