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Arts NSW


Australia Council for the Arts

Australia Post

Bell Shakespeare Company


Playing Australia

Katona Jozef Company

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

The Australian Council for the Arts


Canberra Repertory Society

Canberra Theatre Centre

Carlton Farce Company

Come Out Youth Arts Festival

Guild Theatre Company

Malthouse Theatre

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne Theatre Company

New South Wales Government

Q Theatre Company

South Australian College of Advanced Education

Stanford Repertory Theater

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Sydney Theatre Company

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Hoist Theatre Group

The Marlowe Society

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

Twelfth Night Theatre Company

University of Western Australia English and Cultural Studies

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

Workers' Art Club

Workers' Art Club Players

Nikolai Gogol - Playwright

John Bell - Director, Actor

Stephen Curtis - Designer

Darren Gilshenan - Actor

Roger Pulvers - Translator, Adaptor

William Zappa - Actor

Alan John - Composer

Paul Blackwell - Actor, Clown

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Katona Jozsef - Adaptor

Keith Robinson - Actor

Gabor Zsambeki - Director

Kilmeny Adie - Actor

Patrick Alexander - Actor

John Allen - Actor

Josie Aloi - Lighting Operator

Neil Armfield - Director

John Armstrong - Actor

Angela Auricht - Flautist

Helmut Bakaitis - Director

Tim Baker - Actor

Janos Ban - Actor

Emily Barclay - Devisor

Don Barker - Actor

Dennis Batterham - Actor

Fayssal Bazzi - Actor

Luke Berman - Actor

Mandy Bianco - Lighting Designer

Alison Bird - Actor

Ron Blanchard - Actor

Peter Blasko - Adaptor

Peter Bloem - Lighting Operator

Michelle Bloomfield - Actor

Graeme Blundell - Actor

Laurence Booth - Actor

Enid Boyce - Actor

Tim Bridge - Musician

Syd Brisbane - Actor

Graeme Brosnan - Playwright

John Brumley - Actor

Eric A Bryce - Musical Advisor

Alan Burke - Director

Matthew Burton - Actor

Mitchell Butel - Actor

Michael F. Cahill - Actor

Maria Capurso - Actor

Peggy Carter - Make-up Artist

Joe Cava - Actor

Greg Ceff - Actor, Adaptor, Director

Suzanne Chaundy - Stage Manager

Russell Cheek - Actor

Marco Chiappi - Actor

Simon Chilvers - Actor

Steve Chinna - Director

Paul Chubb - Actor

Harold Ciddor - Actor

Jennifer Claire - Actor

Jocelyn Clarke - Actor

Stephen Clements - Actor-manager

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer

Nicky Coghill - Actor

Betty Cole - Actor

Lyn Collingwood - Actor

Michael Connor - Actor

Adam Cook - Director

Linda Corrin - Actor

Jo Coventry - Actor

Tony Cricenti - Actor

Barbara Crompton - Make-up Artist

Liz Crothers - Actor

Max Cullen - Actor

Lloyd Cunnington - Actor

Rodney Curry - Actor

Frank Curtain - Actor

Keith Curzon - Actor

Peter d'Abbs - Actor

Clare Danaher - Actor

Mark Daniel - Lighting Designer

Gareth Davies - Actor

Nick Davison - Actor

William de Goode - Actor

Evelyn Docker - Actor

Philip Dodd - Actor

Simon Dodson - Violinist

John Donnon - Actor

Amanda Douge - Actor

Elizabeth Drake - Music and Lyrics

Heather Duke - Cellist

Marion Edward - Actor

Gail Efron - Actor

Pia Ellis - Actor

Liz Elvins - Actor

Anthony Everingham - Actor

Mila Faranov - Costume Designer

Dulcie Faulkner - Actor

Neil Fitzpatrick - Actor

Frank Ford - Director

Victor Forstmann - Technical Director, Set and/or Property Maker

Kristian Fredrikson - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Matthew Frei - Adaptor, Actor

Ian Gale - Musical Director

Carrillo Gantner - Actor

Marie Gardner - Designer

Donal Gibson - Actor

Martin Glancy - Actor

Cathie Goldsmith - Violinist

Joyce Goodes - Costume Designer

Kate Goodfellow - Actor

Simon Gorman - Sound Designer

Lee Graham - Director

Kristoffer Greaves - Actor

Diana Greentree - Actor

Stefan Gregory - Composer, Sound Designer

Bob Griffith - Actor

Lucy Guerin - Choreographer

Michael Habib - Actor

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Gabi Harding - Stage Manager

Carolyn Heading - Flautist

Jane Healey - Cellist

Philip Hedley - Director

Mike Herron - Actor

Margie Hillman - Violinist

Dean Hills - Designer

David Hoey - Actor

Jayne Hoffmann - Actor

Simon Hopkinson - Production Manager

Phillip Humphrey - Actor

Paul Jackson - Lighting Designer

Peter Jagger - Production Manager

Brian James - Actor

Murray Johnstone - Lighting Operator

Oscar Jones - Actor

Astrid Judge - Actor

Guna Kazips - Actor

Shirley Keane - Director

David Kendall - Actor

Warwick Kerr - Actor

Gerard Kitchener - Actor

Michael Kott - Actor

Marian Lazarus - Set Designer, Stage Manager

John Leah - Actor

Lorelle Lee - Costume Designer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

George Lisowsky - Actor

Paul Livingston - Actor, Clown

Fiona Macleod - Actor

Jill Mancini - Actor

Greg Marshall - Actor

Annie Maynard - Actor

Selina Mc Grath - Actor

Ian McColm - Actor

Leverne McDonnell - Actor

Brian McGinn - Actor

Siobhan McGrory - Actor

Nicola McIntosh - Designer

Rona McLeod - Actor

Robert Menzies - Actor

George Michell - Music and Lyrics

Mignon Michell - Actor

Jonathan Mill - Actor

Syd Miller - Actor

Catherine Milne - Actor

Adrian Mitchell - Translator

Andrew Mitchell - Actor

Colin Mitchell - Designer

Helen Morrison - Violinist

Eva Moulas - Actor

Adrian Mulraney - Actor

Ralph Myers - Set Designer

Richard Naughton - Assistant Director

Peter Neufeld - Lighting Designer

Roger Newcombe - Actor

Russell Newman - Actor

Zahra Newman - Actor

Adrian Norman - Director

Eryn Jean Norvill - Actor

George Ogilvie - Director

John Orcsik - Actor

Ravi Padmanabahn - Actor

Melissa Page - Costume Designer

Niklas Pajanti - Lighting Designer

Frederick Parslow - Actor

LeRoy Parsons - Actor

Tina Petros - Actor

Chris Pettett - Actor

Martin Phelan - Actor

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Malcolm Phillips - Actor

Susan Pilbeam - Actor

Andrew Plant - Set Designer, Actor

Liz Porter - Lighting Operator

Tom Posa - Actor

Robin Ramsay - Actor

Peter Raymond-Powell - Actor

Geoff Revell - Actor

Sandra Robinson - Actor

Vanessa Rowell - Dramaturg

Deidre Rubenstein - Actor

Hugh Rule - Stage Manager

Geoffrey Rush - Actor

Daniel Schlusser - Director

Tess Schofield - Costume Designer

Juliet Scrine - Director

Peter Scrine - Actor

Linda Sharp - Actor

Mark Shelton - Lighting Designer

Deana Simile - Assistant Director

Jacque Skinner - Actor

Christina Smith - Designer

Camilla Sobb - Actor

Andrea Soptei - Actor

David Spurling - Actor

Martin Stanbridge - Actor

Marytn Stanbridge - Stage Manager

James C Steele - Actor

John Stelling - Actor

Mark Stewart - Lighting Designer

Sandy Stewart - Various

Greg Stone - Actor

Simon Stone - Devisor

Danielle Stratford - Actor

Peter Sutherland - Stage Manager

Les Tanner - Actor

Ross Thomas - Actor

Louise Thorne - Actor

Bob Traill - Actor

Tamas Vegvari - Actor

Ben Verdon - Actor

Kerry Walker - Actor

Liesl Warner - Harpist

Kenneth Warren - Actor

Gary Wastell - Actor

Robyn Watson - Stage Manager

Dale Watts - Actor

Pauline Webb - Actor

Robert Webb - Actor

Antony Williams - Set Designer

Matthew Willis - Actor

Michael Winchester - Actor

Bruce Woolley - Actor

John Wregg - Actor

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Playhouse, South Bank, QLD

Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC

Playhouse (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT

Merlyn Theatre, Southbank, VIC

Riverside Theatre, Barton, ACT

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Guild Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

New Theatre, Sydney (1973-), Newtown, NSW

New Theatre, Sydney (1943-1954), Sydney, NSW

Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW

Stanford University Little Theater, Stanford, United States of America

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Arts House Meat Market , North Melbourne, VIC

Parade Theatre (1969-1999), Kensington, NSW

Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, QLD

The New Dolphin Theatre, Crawley, WA

Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Workers' Art Club (1932-1943), Sydney, NSW

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