Venue Tivoli Theatre
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Address 249 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
First Date 1912
Last Date 2 April 1966
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Latitude | Longitude -37.813345 | 144.966576

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Ballet

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Tivoli Lovelies

The Tivoli Models

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

The Kermond Brothers

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

Gardner and Kane

Fables Studio

The Romanos


The Flying de Pauls

The Bridges Trio

The Four Lazanders

The Marcella Trio

Tivoli Showgirls

Kwam Brothers

The Loretta Twins

The Ridgeways

Tivoli Celebrity Singers

June & Jeanette

Les Nus

Margaret, Maurice and Maryea

Nisselle and Ilster

Page and Nona

The Four Guardsmen

The Leotards

The Myrons

The Tivolovlies

Celebrity Circuit Pty Ltd

David N. Martin Pty Ltd

Harris Sisters

Maurice Diamonds New Beauty Ballet

Musical Macs

Rex and Bessie

Six Ashtons

The Aristos

The Big Four

The Dalrays

The Flying Kelroys

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

The Models

Walton and Dorraine


Connors and Paul Theatres Pty. Ltd.

Cusco and His Animal Circus

Debonaire Dandies

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

June and Collett

Levon and Leoni

Long Tack Sam Company

Luahna, Lahni and Laya

Margaret Maurice and Mareya

Nancy de Paull's Young Lady Acrobats

Niselle and Ilster

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Balcombes

The Chevalier Brothers

The Cleveres

The Clydellos

The Elwardos

The Kempinskis

The Laconas

The Maxwells

The Nicoli Bros.

The Romanoffs

The Southerly Busters

Three Ciscos

Tivoli Dancing Debonaires

Tivoli Kiddies

Tivoli Show Band

Tivoli Swing Sisters

Tivoli Toppers

Whitehall Productions

Ashton Brothers

Astley and Jenny

Baggett and Sheldon

Bargo and Dare

Bert Duke Trio

Brodi and Dech

Carvet and Verena

Celebrity Singers

Charles and Lovely Rae

Chrissie and Daly

Christine and Moll

Clay and Sullivan

Conelius and Constance

Cusko's Circus

Cycling Duffys

Cyril Jenkins Serenaders

Donald Sisters

Dumarte and Denzer

Earl and Fontaine

Earle and Fontaine

Eight Twinklers

Eroni and Lavinia

Eugene's Flying Ballet

First National Symphony Orchestra

Four La Salles

Ganjou Brothers

Garden of Lovely Girls

Halama and Konarski

Heller and Riley

Henry Santrey's Orchestra

Howe and Maye

Ice Caprices

Jones and Raine

June and Jeanette

Karinska and Vadie

Katrina and Joan

Koba and Kalee

Krista and Kristel

Lalo and Musette

Les Danseuses

Les Garcons

Low, Hite and Stanley

Lowe and Ladd

Mack and la Rue

Mara and Maurice

Marion and Eddie Rose

Marquis and Family

Medlock and Marlowe

Ming and Toy

Montego and Partner

Moran & Wiser

Noni, Nita and Dody

Norma Miller Dancers

Olsen and Johnson

Patillo and Pesco

Patillo and Santos

Peel and Curtis

Phillip Productions Pty Limited

Randall Dancers

Rebounding Ridgeways

Ristori & Partner

Robert Luff

Rolling Rollos

Rudas Organisation

Salici Puppets

Sugar Baba and the Rudas Twins

Tex and Lucky

The Alfreros

The Alton Sisters

The Amazing Five Otharis

The Crazy Builders

The Crazy Gang

The Dalbrets

The Dancing Knights

The Flat Tops

The Glamour Birds

The Glenns

The Goofers

The Horrie Dargie Quintet

The Kon Tiki Quartet

The Merry Macs

The Nudie Cuties

The Older Belles

The Rivells

The Schaller Brothers

The Show Girls

The Skating Merenos

The Swiss Stars

The Three Bendinos

The Three Lazanders

The Three Leotards

The Tivoli Mannequins

The Two Earls

The Warren Bros

The Wiere Brothers

Tilton and West

Tivoli Caroliers

Tivoli Chorus

Tivoli Girls and Boys

Trio Daresco

Ursula and Gus

Val and Monty

Walton and O'Rourke

Warren Latona and Sparks

Warren, Latona and Sparkes

Weate Brothers

Wiki and Dana

Williams and Shand

Wykeham & Co

13 Artists


3 Rhythm Girls

4 Bounding Rovenis

Abbu, Jumbo & Johore

Ade Duvall and Co.

Aland and Anise

Alcetty and Partner

Aldor Trio

Alene and Evans

Alfredo and Delores

Allegro Brothers

Alma and Roy

Alphonse Berge & Co

Andre and Sharam

Andrini Bros

Angel Bros

Annette and Durno

Apdale's Zoological Circus

Armando and Lita

Armstrong and Phelps

Arnaut Joan and Arnaut

Arnley and Gloria

Arthur and Darling

Ashmolean Singers

Ashton's Circus

Australian National Theatre Ltd.

Bailey and Cowan

Ballard & Rae

Banner Forbut


Bernard Delfont Ltd

Berrigan and Lashwood

Blue Squire Trio

Bodenwieser Ballet

Borelli and Mimi

Bowery Honky Tonk Four

Bradley and Kearney

Bradley's Monkey Orchestra

Brian Rix

Brogan Bros

Buck, Chic and Company

Bud Carlell and Rosa

Burton and Janet

Bury's Stars: Canine Commedians

Cabot and Dresden

Captain Winston's Water Lions and Diving Nymphs

Carne & Kelleway

Carsony Brothers

Celebrity Club Orchestra

Chapelle and Carlton

Charlbert Bros.

Charles & Helen

Chas and Nola Parker

Chico and Chiquillo

Chong Chan Fat

Chord and Dischord

Christo and Shand

Chuck and Chuckles

Clemo and Brady

Clifford & Marion

Clifford and Grey

Clifford and Marion

Crazy Cooks

Crocker and Clark

Dagenham Girl Pipers

Dailey and Wayne

Dan Bros. and Sherry

Dancing Danburys

Dancing Dandies

Dancing Debs

Daredevil Durkins

David Fuller Trio

Dinks and Trixie

Donald Albery

Doody and Wright

Duo Cornaris

Duo Revelle

Duo Sylvanos

E'toile and Lawrence

Eagle and Man

Eastern Brothers

Eclair Bros

Edith Crocker and her Teddy Bear Performing Troupe

Edmunds and Lavelle

Edward Sisters

Eileen and Marjorie

Elia and Bob Carley

Eugene and Carlotta

Evers and Delores

Evy and Everto

Fabulous Rudas Dancers

Fink and Ayres

Fitz and Carroll

Forsythe, Seamon and Farrell

Foster and Ninon

Four Clefs

Four Hurricanes


Gaines and Chappell

Gay Garcons

Geaiks and Geaiks

George Carden's Tivoli Ballet

Geraldo and Irene

Germaine and Joel

Gerrardo and Adair

Gilbert and Howe

Gilbert and Lee

Girton College Girls

Gordon and Colville

Grace and Nicco

Grey and Kathleen

Grunden & Pearce

Hadji Ali and Co

Hank Sieman and Archie

Hap and Gloom

Harmony Hawaiians

Harry Wren Theatres Ltd

Hatton Sisters

Hawthorn City Pipe Band

Haywood and Hay

Hope Wallace and Maureen

Howard and King

Hugh D. McIntosh

Hunter and Bob

Ice Belles


Iris and Phyllis

Jack Gregory and Company

Jackson and Blackwell

Jacquie and Lynne

James and Kuester

Jan and Kelly

Jenkins Sisters

Jim Gerald's babies

Jimmy Jeff and Bambi

Joel and Annette

John Gale Productions Ltd

Johnny Laycock and Maureen

Joy Sisters

June and Cuddles

Kawashima Dancers

Kenet and Jani

Kenyon and Fewings

Kuban Cossack Dancers

Kuester and Shand

Kwam et Chang

L'Etoile and Laurence

Large and Morgner

Latasha and Laurence

Latona, Graham and Chadel

Lebrac and Bernice

Leicardo Bros.

Leo Bassi and June

Leon and Lucette

Leonard Gautier's Canine Bricklayers

Les Athenas

Les Eldons

Lester and Irmajean

Lew & Leslie Grade Ltd.

Lloyd and Montrose

Loch and Lamond

Lola and Senia

Lomas and Loffmann

Loretta Twins

Los Briellos

Los Caballeros

Los Trianas

Lucio and Rosita

Mackinnon Boys

Mantell's Mannikins

Marcello Duo

Mardo and Kaye

Margaret and Maurice

Marie Louise and Charles

Martha and Adolpho

Max and Cherie

Max and Ray

Max, Moritz and Akka

McConnel and Moore

McKay Brothers and Romayne

Medley Duprey & Coy

Mello Sisters

Metropolitan Grand Opera Quartette

Michel and Arnova

Mike, Joe and Coco

Milt Douglas and Co.

Minerva Theatre Company

Minstrel Orchestra

Molly Byron and her Band

Monroe Bros

Morecambe and Wise

Moroni and Coralee

Murray and Hobbs

Murray and Walton

Musical Shirleys

New Big Four

Niblo and Doris

Nickoffski Quartette

Noni and Horace

Nora, Jane and Karl

North China Troupe

Osaki and Taki

Oxon Dancers

Oxonian Dancers

Pan Pacific Productions

Paul and Paulette

Perrill and Bonzo

Petch and Deauville

Pinkie Lee and Coy

Quaino and Partner

Ragamuffin Romeos

Raines & Richards

Ray De Vere Trio

Raymond and Roberta

Raynor and Roy

Rees Puppets

Reg Beacham Symphony Orchestra


Rey Overbury and Suzette

Ricmand Duo

Ridgway Sisters

Rio and Santos

Romaine and Claire

Romano and Maureen

Ross and Howitt

Ross Pierre and Schuster

Russo and Bradford

S. A. Gorlinsky

Sadler's Wells Trust Ltd

Sampson and Simpleton

Saul Grauman and Co

Sheila Van Damm Promotions Ltd

Shirley, Sharon & Wanda

Shishtl's Wondrettes

St. Claire and O'Day

Starry Nights Rhumba Band

Steppin and Scea

Sun Yet Yin Company

Susanne and the Escorts

Syd Roy's Lyricals

Sylvia and Clemence


Szabardos and Anderson

Terry Wilkinson & His All Stars

The 8 Starlets

The Albins

The Allen Brothers and June

The Amazing Margoes

The Amazing Monahans

The Andrea Dancers

The Appletons

The Astleys

The Athrillos

The Balladinis

The Ballet Guild Dancers

The Botonds

The Bradley Sisters

The Braziliana Company

The Brennans

The Briants

The Broadways

The Butler Bros.

The Cansinos

The Carden Dancers

The Cavanaghs

The Celluloid Quartet

The Chaddells

The Clevere Troupe

The Contestants

The Continentals

The Coquettes

The Cupidette Sextette

The Cupids

The Curibas

The D'Angolys

The Dandinis

The Delicados

The Dewars

The Diamondos

The Diors

The Eight In Harmony

The eight Twinklers

The Elder Lovelies

The Ernestos

The Escorts

The Fancy Trio

The Florays

The Flying D'Amours

The Flying Greshams

The Four Diabolos

The four Franks

The Four Jolly Scots

The Four Knights

The Four Kovacs

The Four Rosnays

The Four Vespers

The Four Wards

The Gay Blades

The Gay Dogs

The George Mitchell Minstrels

The Ghezzis

The Gibson Girls

The Gilbert Brothers

The Gladiators

The Glamorous Belles

The goddesses

The Golden Spartans

The Great North China Group

The Hanlon Brothers

The Happy Boys

The Hartnells

The Henry Twins

The Hi-Fi's

The Hollywood Hot Shot Company

The Howard Morrison Quartet

The Iran Boys and Vera

The Joe Slack Trio

The Juvelys

The Klentos

The Kolkos

The Kwong Sing Wah Troupe

The Lane Brothers

The Laurentos

The Lecardo Brothers

The Marble Statues

The Marvellos

The Massive Twins

The Melodians

The Michael Charnley Dancers

The Mistin Juniors

The Monks of St. Bernard

The Muracs

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

The Nonchalants

The Novellos

The Omsk Siberian Company

The Pan Yen Troupe

The Panlaqui Brothers

The Parker sisters

The Philmers

The Prince Sisters

The Radium Humanettes

The Real Stirlings

The Renstons

The Rigoletto Brothers

The Royal Southern Singers

The Rudas Dancers

The Sadler Trio

The Sadler Twins

The Shipway Twins

The Singing Boys of Mexico

The St. Leons

The Stanley Brothers

The Starlight Singers

The Starr Sisters

The Sundowners

The Sunshine Steppers

The Taboris

The Taylor Dancers

The Taylor Sisters

The Terpsichorettes

The Three Brittons

The Three Discords

The Three Hellos

The Three Swifts

The Three Van Strattons

The Three Winds

The Tivoli Carnival Girls

The Tivoli Gang

The Tivoli Trio

The Trio Hoganas

The Twinklers

The two Daveys

The Two Hugos

The Two Midgets

The Two Pirates

The Two Randows

The Two Rascals

The van Strattans

The Vandyke Girls

The Whirling Romaros

The Windmill Girls

The Winskills

Theatre des Folies-Bergere

Thomas and Ross

Three Alecs and a Girl

Three Ardinis

Three Carrs

Three Dancing Chefs

Three Equals

Tipsy and Brow

Tivoli Adorables

Tivoli Beaus

Tivoli Celebrity Vaudeville Pty. Ltd.

Tivoli Follies

Tivoli Gaiety Girls

Tivoli Girls

Tivoli Hillbillies

Tivoli Quartette

Tivoli Ribbonettes

TIvoli Singers

Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Tom and Jerry

Trevor and Dawn

Trio Bor

Trio Fayes

Trio Gypsy

Trio Najas

Trio Sylverkings

Twelve Whirlwinds

Two Australs

Ulk and Maor

Val Spaghetti and His Corn Huskers

Valentine and Reed

Vaulto and Eric

Vento & Red

Venus Lovelies

Vernon and Corleita

Vernon and Draper

Victor and Betty

Violette, Rosita and Alexander

Vivian and Walters

Wallace and Gennette

Walthon & Ernest

Walthon and Ernest

Walthon and Murray

Wareham and Marcia

Wasta and Rina Dahl

We Four

Wicki & Dana

Will and Joe Mandell

Willie, West and McGinty

Winnetou and his White Squaw

Winskil and Barker

Wirths' Circus

Wright and Marion

Yvonne and Yvette

Ziegfield Theatrical Productions

Zig and Zag

Angus Winneke - Set Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Designer, Costume Designer, Director, Associate Producer, Scenic Artist, Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Producer, Production Coordinator

Harold Moschetti - Musical Director, Conductor, Orchestral Leader, Musical Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Comedian, Dancer

David N. Martin - Presenter, Producer, Entrepreneur, Director

Ralton R. James - Director, Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Producer, Stage Director, Presenter, Entrepreneur, Stage Manager

Fred Parsons - Writer, Stage Manager, Comedian

Wallace Parnell - Producer, Production Manager, Conductor

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Terry Scanlon - Compere, Comedian, Performer, Comic Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Keers - Musical Director, Conductor

Stan Porter - Conductor, Musical Director

Lorna Beldon - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor, Singer, Dancer

Jenny Howard - Performer, Singer, Comedian, Comic Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Frank Neil - General Manager, Presenter, Director, Producer

Jim Gerald - Actor, Comedian, Comic Singer, Performer, Producer, Writer

Dudley Cantrell - Musical Arranger, Orchestrator, Musical Director, Conductor, Composer

Alec Kellaway - Actor and Singer, Performer, Comedian, Producer, Actor

Keith Johns - Actor, Comedian, Performer, Stage Manager, Stage Director

Barbara Mackay - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

Charles Norman - Actor, Comedian, Actor and Singer, Compere, Performer

Charles Taylor - Conductor, Musical Director

Morry Barling - Comedian, Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Les Ritchie - Actor and Singer, Singer, Performer, Actor, Comedian, Comic Singer, Dancer

Hugh D. McIntosh - Presenter, Business Manager, Entrepreneur, General Director

Kathryn Crawford - Actor and Singer, Performer, Singer, Compere, Actor

Gloria Dawn - Performer, Singer, Actor and Singer, Actor

Marie Doran - Actor and Singer, Singer, Dancer, Actor, Performer

George Nichols - Impersonator, Actor, Actor and Singer, Illusionist, Performer, Comedian

Ernest Oram - Actor, Musical Director, Conductor

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian, Performer, Actor

Frank Ward - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer, Choreographer

Lily Coburn - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian, Soubrette, Performer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian, Actor, Performer

George Hurd - Juggler, Circus Style Performer, Actor, Performer, Comedian, Actor and Singer

Will Quintrell - Musical Director, Conductor, Composer

Roy Rene - Comedian, Actor, Performer

Mavis Ritchie - Singer, Choreographer, Comedian, Dancer, Actor and Singer, Soubrette

Lynne Golding - Dancer, Actor, Performer

Clifford Guest - Ventriloquist, Performer, Impersonator, Singer, Actor

William Little - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Scenic Artist, Designer

Victor Moore - Performer, Baritone, Actor, Actor and Singer

Joe Lawman - Compere, Comedian, Performer

Eddie Marcel - Skater, Compere, Comedian, Actor and Singer, Performer

Johnny O'Connor - Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Clem Dawe - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian, Singer

Ormonde Douglas - Actor and Singer, Performer, Baritone, Singer

Molly Duval - Vocalist, Actor, Dancer, Soubrette

Eric Edgley - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian, Singer, Producer

Val Jellay - Dancer, Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer, Performer

Magda Neeld - Actor and Singer, Singer

Paul Terry - Cartoonist

Bunny Westney - Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer, Actor

Alban Whitehead - Singer, Baritone, Actor, Actor and Singer

Raymond Baird - Comedian, Saxophonist, Performer, Musician

Albert Fisher - Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Vocal Arranger

Joyce Gration - Performer, Singer, Actor and Singer

Harry Jacobs - Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Composer

Billy Kershaw - Dancer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Barbara Mackey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Controller Designer

Will Mahoney - Performer, Comedian

Billie Ponds - Actor and Singer, Performer, Dancer, Actor

Rebla - Performer, Circus Style Performer, Comedian

Billy Rego - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer, Acrobat

Iris Cattach - Comedian, Soubrette, Actor

Ivy Emms - Dancer, Choreographer

Margaret Fitzgibbon - Performer, Soprano, Singer, Actor and Singer

June Holm - Singer, Comic Singer, Performer, Actor

Betty Lambert - Dancer, Soubrette, Actor

Edna Luscombe - Choreographer, Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Babs MacKinnon - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Harry George Musgrove - General Director, Presenter, Director

Lois Wiltshire - Dancer, Assistant Choreographer, Choreographer, Performer

Syd Beck - Actor, Comedian

Percy F Crawford - Business Manager, Publicist

Sheila Cruze - Choreographer

May Downs - Choreographer

Tuppy Downs - Choreographer, Performer

Muriel Gardner - Dancer, Performer, Actor and Singer, Choreographer

Eddie Gordon - Comedian, Circus Style Performer, Actor

Fred Gulliford - Musical Director, Conductor, Pianist

Evie Hayes - Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Percy King - Producer, Adaptor, Writer, Comedian, Actor

Gloria Lynch - Performer, Actor and Singer

Claire Miller - Actor, Actor and Singer, Choreographer

Joy Nichols - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian, Performer, Impersonator

Peggy Peat - Actor and Singer, Singer, Performer

Joey Porter - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer, Comedian

Jean Rai - Choreographer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Len Rich - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Tibby Roberts - Comedian, Actor and Singer

Hugh Steyne - Actor and Singer, Actor

Hal Vincer - Conductor, Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Stage Manager

Bubby Allan - Soubrette, Actor, Comedian

Barbara Angell - Ice Skater, Actor, Comedian, Performer, Dancer

Joan Ashton - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor

Fred Aydon - General Manager

Jack Baker - Actor and Singer, Dancer, Actor, Performer

June Barton - Performer, Singer, Actor and Singer, Actor

John Bluthal - Actor and Singer, Actor

Robert Butt - Performer, Comedian, Actor, Stage Manager

Colin Croft - Actor, Singer, Performer, Acrobat, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Bob Dyer - Comedian

Alan Eddy - Singer, Baritone, Bass Baritone, Actor

Frank Forde - Actor, Baritone

Peter French - Actor and Singer, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Noel Geddes - Actor and Singer

Ailsa Green - Singer, Soprano, Actor and Singer, Performer

Ronny Hay - Choreographer, Producer

June Kuester - Actor, Dancer, Performer, Singer

Joe Latona - Choreographer, Ice Skater, Dancer, Performer

Johnny Lockwood - Comedian, Actor, Performer

Marjorie Lou - Dancer, Performer, Singer

Daphne Lowe - Vocalist, Deputy Stage Manager, Soprano, Actor, Singer

Herbie Marks - Musician, Actor and Singer

Lloyd Martin - Performer, Actor, Singer

Lennie McDermott - Singer

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

Queenie Paul - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress, Singer

Vera Pearce - Actor, Dancer, Choreographer

Billy Rayes - Comedian, Performer, Circus Style Performer

Max Reddy - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian

Joy Robins - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Iris Shand - Actor, Dancer, Actor and Singer, Performer

David Sterle - Actor and Singer, Performer

Vivian Thompson - Performer, Singer, Actor

Olive Wallace - Choreographer, Actor

Gloria Williams - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor, Dancer

Bubby Allen - Actor and Singer, Soubrette, Performer, Actor

Irene Bevans - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Fred Bluett - Comedian, Actor and Singer, Actor

Fred Brown - Circus Style Performer, Actor

George Carden - Producer, Actor and Singer, Choreographer

Bruce Carroll - Actor and Singer, Actor, Musician, Stage Manager

Celestine Connors - Performer, Choreographer

Mike Connors - Actor, Compere, Comedian, Performer

Donald Davies - Performer, Actor, Stage Manager

John Dobbie - Comedian, Actor

Elimar - Circus Style Performer

Gracie Emmerson - Soubrette, Comedian, Actor and Singer

John Fraser - Actor and Singer, Actor, Baritone

John Gilbert - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dres Hardingham - Designer, Set Designer

Edit Juhasz - Actor, Performer, Dancer

Ralph Mace - Musical Director, Conductor, Vocal Arranger

Madame Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Betty Meddings - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Beryl Meekin - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Roberts - Actor, Acrobat

Victor Roberts - Scriptwriter, Writer

Ronnie Shand - Actor, Comedian, Actor and Singer

Frank Smith - Actor, Dancer, Performer

Elsa Stenning - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian, Singer

Douglas Stuchberry - Performer, Singer, Actor

Edwin Styles - Comedian, Performer, Compere

Jandy The Musical Clown - Clown, Performer, Circus Style Performer

Tommy Trinder - Actor, Comedian

Inky Williams - Performer, Actor, Comedian

Stanley Willis-Croft - Producer, Devisor, Director

Harry Abdy - Actor, Comedian, Impersonator

Gladys Anderson - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Freddie Bamberger - Writer, Performer

Roger Barry - Actor

June Bence - Dancer, Actor

Dick Bentley - Compere, Comedian

Michelene Bernardini - Performer

Gracie Boyd - Performer, Actor

Phillip Braham - Composer, Musical Director

Bobby Butt - Performer, Comedian

Albert Chappelle - Photographer, Performer, Singer

André Charlot - Producer

Frank Cleary - Circus Style Performer, Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Maurice Colleano - Circus Style Performer, Actor and Singer

Cliff Cook - Performer, Dancer

Maurice Diamond - Choreographer

Les Donaghey - Stage Director, Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

Chung Doo - Comedian, Singer, Tenor

Thelma Duff - Actor and Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Director

Evan Dunstan - Actor and Singer, Actor

Dawn Emms - Actor and Singer, Performer

Stan Foley - Comedian, Actor

Banner Forbutt - Actor, Circus Style Performer, Performer

Gus Fowler - Illusionist

Bill French - Ice Skater, Singer, Performer

Sadie Gale - Actor, Performer

Bob Geraghty - Actor, Comedian, Pianist

Celia Ghiloni - Actor, Actor and Singer

Knox Godfrey - Producer, Director, Choreographer

Robert Greig - Producer, Director

Happy Hammond - Comedian

Rupert Hazell - Comedian

Maureen Helman - Singer, Actor and Singer

Beatrice Holloway - Performer

Lewis Jacob - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Jean Keith - Actor and Singer, Dancer, Performer

Sylvia Kellaway - Performer, Singer

Margaret Kelly - Performer, Singer

Pat Kenny - Musician, Performer

Elizabeth Kent - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Martin Kett - Conductor

Toni Lamond - Performer, Singer, Actor, Soubrette

Bobby Le Brun - Comedian

Emile Littler - Writer, Director, Playwright

Dolly Mack - Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer

Anita Martell - Circus Style Performer, Performer, Comedian

Johnny Marvin - Singer, Actor and Singer, Vocalist

Pat McDonald - Actor

Gerald McErlean - Dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Singer

Thelma McLeod - Choreographer

Lily Moore - Comedian, Singer, Actor and Singer

Harry Moreny - Actor, Performer, Comedian

Harry Mossfield - Actor and Singer, Performer

Olive Newell - Dancer

Jack O'Dowd - Performer, Compere, Actor

John O'Dowd - Actor, Actor and Singer, Comedian

Alice Parkes - Choreographer, Dancer

Mascotte Powell - Actor and Singer, Soubrette, Impersonator

Bonnie Quinlan - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Edna Ralston - Soubrette, Actor and Singer, Singer

Carl Randall - Choreographer, Lyricist

Dick Randolph - Actor

Thelma Raye - Singer, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Martin Rubinstein - Performer, Dancer

Tibor Rudas - Producer, Dancer, Choreographer

Charles Ryder - Conductor, Musical Director

Barry Sandford - Musician, Actor

Lea Sonia - Gender Cross-dresser, Impersonator

Pauline Stewart - Dance Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Leo Stirling - Singer, Actor

Tom Toby - Singer, Actor and Singer

Leo Trenette - Comic Singer, Actor and Singer, Performer

William Valentine - Actor and Singer

Lance Vane - Stage Manager, Assistant Producer, Performer, Actor and Singer

George Leonard Wallace - Comedian

Jimmy Wallace - Circus Style Performer

George Welch - Actor and Singer, Actor, Dancer

Harry Whaite - Scenic Artist

Charles Wheeler - Stage Manager

Joanna Wills - Actor

Daisy Yates - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Sydney Yates - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Kennedy Allen - Actor and Singer

Beatrice Aston - Actor and Singer, Performer

Maurice Barling - Actor and Singer, Performer

Nellie Barnes - Performer, Actor and Singer

Stuart Barnes - Narrator

Thelma Beck - Performer, Actor and Singer

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Sydney (Sidney) Blow - Writer

Joe Brennan - Performer, Actor

Kenn Brodziak - Director, Assistant Producer

Bob Bromley - Puppeteer

Ivor Bromley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Guus Brox - Performer, Comedian, Actor

Billy Burke - Performer, Writer

Eric Cameron - Singer, Comedian, Dancer

Jean Cameron - Actor and Singer, Performer, Dancer

Muriel Cathcart - Actor

George Chanti - Performer

Brenda Charles - Soubrette, Actor and Singer, Performer

Bert Clark - Actor and Singer

William Constable - Set Designer

Lou Cotton - Actor, Actor and Singer

Tommy Dale - Comedian, Actor and Singer, Performer

Georgie De Lara - Actor and Singer

Helen de Paul - Actor, Performer

Ron Devine - Dancer, Performer, Actor

Jack Dunne - Actor and Singer

Grace Emerson - Actor, Dancer

Edna Emmett - Dancer, Actor and Singer, Performer

Cath Esler - Actor, Soubrette

Claude Flemming - Actor

Helen Frame - Costume Designer

Will Fyffe - Comedian

Keith Glover - Performer, Actor and Singer

Arthur Gorman - Actor and Singer

Barney Grant - Actor, Performer

Deidre Green - Performer, Actor and Singer, Actor

Harry Grunden - Singer, Actor and Singer

Howard Hall - Actor, Actor and Singer

Millie Hansen - Singer

Millie Hanson - Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Sylvia Harvey - Performer, Dancer

Reg Hawthorne - Performer, Comic Singer, Actor and Singer

Frankie Heath - Comedian

Herschel Henlere - Musician, Composer, Pianist

June Henry - Actor and Singer

Charles Hickman - Director

Douglas Hoare - Writer

Ellis Holland - Actor and Singer

Mabel Holmes - Director, Performer, Actor and Singer

Heather Horwood - Actor and Singer, Actor

Doreen Hurd - Performer, Juggler

Vassili Ilster - Musician, Accompanist

Flo James - Actor, Performer

Ted James - Actor, Performer

Arthur Jandy - Comic Instrumentalist, Clown

Heather Jones - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Junior - Actor

Marvin Kane - Compere, Dancer

Vilma Kaye - Comic Singer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Annette Klooger - Singer, Performance Artist, Performer

La Ventura - Performer

Ruby Lacey - Dancer, Choreographer, Performer

John Larsen - Actor and Singer, Performer, Tenor

Norman Lawrence - Performer

Shirley Lawson - Dancer, Performer, Actor

Alwyn Leckie - Performer, Actor

Joe Lee - Comedian, Performer, Actor

The Great Levante - Magician

Betty Linke - Performer, Singer, Actor and Singer

David Loffman - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Minnie Love - Performer, Actor and Singer

Esmee Mack - Actor and Singer

Arthur Martin - Actor and Singer

Laurel Martyn - Performer, Choreographer

Owen McGiveney - Actor

Irene McGregor - Performer, Dancer

Kevin Mills - Performer, Actor and Singer

Rae Morgan - Comedian, Performer

Jay Morris - Actor, Comedian, Dancer

Jack Mortimer - Performer, Comedian

Peggy Mortimer - Actor and Singer, Composer, Singer

Rob Murray - Circus Style Performer, Juggler

Madam Niobe - Performer

Buster Noble - Actor, Performer

Eileen O'Dare - Soubrette, Acrobat, Actor and Singer

Athena Pallas - Magician

Reg Park - Ice Skater, Performer

David Poole - Ventriloquist

Dot Rankin - Actor and Singer, Actor

Terence Rattigan - Author, Playwright

Mavis Reed - Dancer, Performer, Actor

Goodie Reeve - Actor and Singer

Rex Reid - Choreographer, Dancer

Arch Ritchie - Actor, Performer, Dancer

Joan Roberts - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Rolly Rolls - Comedian, Pianist

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Royston - Ventriloquist

Billy Samuels - Comedian

Pearl Schweig - Performer, Actor

Lottie Sergeant - Actor and Singer

Ron Shand - Actor, Actor and Singer

Thos Sidney - Actor and Singer

Shirley Sloss - Performer, Dancer

Albert Smith - Actor and Singer

C. Ray Smith - Puppeteer

Charles Snowman - Performer, Singer

Maisie Sparks - Performer, Dancer

Dawn Spry - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Marlene Starr - Dancer, Actor

Mione Stewart - Actor and Singer

Jack Stocks - Comedian, Performer, Comic Singer

Ann Suter - Singer

Desmond Tanner - Organist, Comedian, Musician

Kitty Tracey - Musician, Performer

Olga Varona - Tight-rope Walker, Circus Style Performer

Leslie Victor - Actor, Performer

Slim Walker - Actor and Singer, Performer

Joy Waltho - Actor and Singer

Sunday Wenman - Dancer, Actor

Cherry Wheatley - Dancer

Charles H Workman - Producer, Actor

Reginald Wykeham - Producer, Actor

Desiree - Fan Dancer

Esme - Milliner

Florie - Singer

Mario - Pianist

Jean Alexander - Choreographer, Actor and Singer

Nanette Allen - Performer

Jule Andres - Producer

Bob Andrews - Performer

Arthur Argent - Baritone

Goldie Ashton - Drummer, Dancer

Winifred Atwell - Pianist

Ronald Austron - Performer

Sugar Baba - Performer, Dancer

Berni Baia - Choreographer, Actor and Singer

Pam Bamberger - Performer

Mary Banfield - Singer, Actor and Singer

Roy Barbour - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jack Barker - Performer

Kathy Barr - Performer

Bob Barre - Producer

Billy Baxter - Performer

Jean Beinki - Performer

Oswald Bemand - Animal Wrangler

Ethel Bennetto - Singer, Actor and Singer

Jennie Benson - Actor

Michael Bentine - Comedian

Dagmar Beranek - Dancer

Anny Berryer - Performer

The Great Bertini - Violinist

George Blackshaw - Comedian, Actor and Singer

Max Blake - Performer

Barbara Blane - Actor, Dancer

Louise Blencowe - Performer, Actor and Singer

Laurie Bloom - Stage Director, Lighting Designer

Wally Boag - Comedian, Performer

Leslie Board - Designer

Lorraine Bransgrove - Performer

Kenny Brenna - Comedian

June Bronhill - Actor and Singer, Performer

Vic Brooks - Performer, Actor

Fred Brown - Performer, Actor

Joan Brown - Actor, Performer

Jean Buckley - Performer

Joan Bullock - Actor and Singer

Bob Burns - Actor and Singer

Eric Bush - Performer

Dawn Butler - Actor and Singer

Rosemary Butler - Actor and Singer, Singer

William Cade - Musical Director

Russell Callow - Actor, Singer

John Calvert - Actor and Singer, Magician

Georges Campo - Comedian

Jack Cannot - Comedian

Norman Carbuhn - Singer

James Cardwell - Performer, Actor and Singer

Terry Carr - Circus Style Performer, Actor and Singer

Stan Carrodus - Set Designer, Mechanist

Adriana Caselotti - Singer

Vida Castles - Musician, Singer

Dez Cavallarro - Performer, Musician

Gordon Chater - Actor

Grace Christie - Dancer

Joe Church - Performer

Eric Clapham - Conductor, Musical Director

John Clifford - Actor

Nelson Clifford - Pianist, Comedian

Dennis Clinton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alan Clive - Performer, Narrator

Lyn Colleano - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Peter Colville - Performer, Comedian

Keith Connolly - Performer, Actor

Frank Cook - Performer

Nina Cooke - Actor, Actor and Singer

Sonya Corbeau - Actor and Singer

Ann Cornell - Singer, Actor and Singer

Pierre Courret - Performer, Singer

Colin Crane - Actor and Singer, Baritone

David Crann - Actor and Singer

Ruth Craven - Dancer, Actor

Chris Cross - Performer

Harry Currie - Chorus Master/Mistress, Performer

David Dale - Performer, Actor

Joan Davis - Producer

Rex Dawe - Performer

Elsie Day - Comic Singer, Comedian

Wim de Jong - Performer, Ice Skater

Bebe De Roland - Dancer, Performer

Peter Dease - Actor and Singer

Bobby Dennis - Comedian, Performer

Jon Dennis - Actor

Gene Detroy - Actor and Singer, Performer

Pamela Dickens - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Gael Dixon - Actor and Singer, Choreographer

Van Dock - Cartoonist

Charles Dorning - Assistant Producer, Producer

Frank Dunn - Actor

Dorothea Dunstan - Actor, Actor and Singer

Marie Eaton - Actor and Singer

George Edwards - Actor

Adrienne Erdos - Ice Skater

Edouard Espinosa - Producer, Choreographer

Lance Fairfax - Actor and Singer

Lulla Fanning - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Florence Faun - Dancer, Actor

Doris Faye - Performer

Ian Field - Actor and Singer

Tommy Fields - Actor

Jillian FitzGerald - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Andrew Flanagan - Magician

William Flynn - Musical Director, Musical Arranger

Dorothy Foster - Actor, Comedian

Maggie Foster - Violinist, Musician

Jeanne Francis - Dancer, Performer

Ronald Frazer - Lyricist, Actor

Gene Gerrard - Comedian

Margo Glancy - Stripper

Tex Glanville - Performer

John Godfrey - Performer, Actor

Jock Gordon - Comedian

Larry Gordon - Choreographer

Vic Gordon - Performer, Comedian

Lewis Gould - Soprano, Singer

Maureen Grant - Dancer, Actor

Bruce Green - Singer, Comedian

Johnny Green - Performer

Pat Gregory - Composer, Ice Skater

Jerry Grey - Dancer, Performer

Jackie Griffiths - Chorus

Esme Guest - Milliner

Jack Gunn - Comic Instrumentalist, Musician

Dulcie Hall - Comedian

David Hamilton - Choreographer

Jimmy Hanley - Actor

Laurence Harding - Comedian

Lawrence Hardinge - Actor, Actor and Singer

Max Harrison - Comedian, Actor and Singer

Syd Harrison - Comedian, Actor and Singer

June Hart - Performer

Kevin Hartis - Singer, Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Christopher Hassall - Translator, Adaptor

Ronald Hay - Choreographer

Madi Hedd - Actor

Marghuerita Helios - Performer

Andrew Higginson - Actor, Performer

Tod Hilton - Dancer, Actor

Bill Hodge - Actor, Actor and Singer

Anthony Holland - Designer, Costume Maintenance

Ethel Hook - Contralto

Judi Hooke - Actor and Singer

Bob Hornery - Actor

Elsie Hoskings - Actor and Singer, Soubrette

Bert Howell - Singer, Actor and Singer

Jeff Hudson - Performer

David Hughes - Singer

Gordon Humphris - Compere

Jean Hunter - Actor

Peter Hurst - Costume Designer

Ed Hutchison - Production Manager

Adele Inman - Comedian

George Inns - Devisor, Director

Nat Jackley - Performer

Barbara James - Singer

Ashton Jarry - Actor

Sandra Johnstone - Actor and Singer

Heath Joyce - Producer, Director

Jackie Joyner - Choreographer

Boris Karrell - Performer, Actor and Singer

Valerie Kaye - Dancer

Annette Kellerman - Actor

Hetty King - Impersonator

Doug Kingsman - Actor and Singer, Performer

Fran Klint - Magician

Renita Kramer - Performer

Johnny Ladd - Assistant Producer, Writer, Ice Skater

Herbert Lamartine - Dancer

Stella Lamond - Singer, Actor

Desmond Lane - Ice Skater, Comic Instrumentalist

Judd Lane - Performer, Musical Director

June Lansell - Actor, Stage Manager

Eary Laurel - Comedian, Performer

Joe Laurel - Comedian, Performer

Jay Laurier - Performer, Singer

Ted Leary - Actor, Comedian

Leonard Lee - Actor and Singer

Keith Leggett - Chorus

Franz Lehar - Composer, Book and Lyrics

Monda Lenz - Soprano

Beverley Levine - Actor and Singer, Performer

June Ling - Performer, Actor and Singer

W. Little - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Ken Littlewood - Magician

Robert Lloyd - Set Designer

Rosie Lloyd - Performer, Comedian

Sumner Locke Elliott - Adaptor, Performer

Dick Luby - Comedian

Bambi Lynch - Performer, Actor and Singer

Launa Lynton - Actor

Betty Lyons - Performer, Singer

Thelma MacDonald - Actor and Singer, Performer

Al Mack - Stage Director, Stage Manager

Danny Malone - Tenor

Hastings Mann - Lyricist, Composer

Frenchy Manning - Circus Style Performer

Marie Marion - Comedian

Vic Marlowe - Actor, Performer

Eileen Marsh - Performer

Lina Marvell - Performer

Lee Mason - Pianist

Clement May - Actor

Gloria May - Performer

Roger McDougall - Actor

Peggy McGuire - Actor and Singer, Actor

Edna McInnes - Actor and Singer, Performer

Isobel McIntosh - Actor and Singer

Jock McKay - Comedian

Babs MCkinnon - Performer

Tex McLeod - Circus Style Performer

Billy McMahon - Clarinetist, Comedian

Don McManus - Actor, Stage Director

Dot Mendoza - Composer, Musical Director

Eddie Mendoza - Performer

Jack Merlin - Comedian

Maisie Merlyn - Violinist, Dancer

Billy Merrin - Musical Director

George Miller - Comedian, Performer

Norma Miller - Dancer

Rosemary Miller - Actor

June Mills - Performer, Comedian

George Mitchell - Vocal Arranger

Noel Mitchell - Actor and Singer, Performer

Montego - Circus Style Performer, Juggler

Fred Monument - Actor and Singer

Rita Moreno - Performer

Freddie Morgan - Banjoist, Performer

Bobby Morris - Comedian, Actor

Nick Morton - Actor, Performer

Dorothy Neal - Performer

Guy Nelson - Performer

Ethel Newman - Comedian

Ida Newton - Actor

Paul Newton - Model, Performer

Tommy Noonan - Impersonator

Gloria Nord - Ice Skater

Ruby Norton - Singer

Robert O'Donnell - Actor, Performer

Patrick O'Hagan - Performer

Ole Olsen - Clown, Comedian

William Orr - Adaptor, Director

Lorna Osborne - Performer, Dancer

Murray Parker - MC, Vocalist

Bob Parrish - Baritone, Performer

Kym Parry - Actor and Singer, Performer

Ron Parry - Comedian, Performer

Laurel Paxford - Singer

William Perryman - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alec Pleon - Actor, Performer

Charlie Pope - Performer, Minstrel

Pressy Preston - Actor

Mary Priestman - Pianist, Performer

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Frank Radcliffe - Actor and Singer

Bert Ralph - Actor, Performer

Rex Ramer - Performer

Shirley Regan - Ballet Master/Mistress

Eric Reiman - Director, Actor

Iris Rhodes - Actor and Singer, Singer

Hedda Rich - Actor and Singer, Performer

John Rickard - Actor and Singer, Actor

Shirley Riddell - Dancer

Dalla Rivas - Actor

Hal Roach - Performer, Magician

Clarissa Roberts - Singer, Choreographer

Joan Roberts - Ballet Master/Mistress

John Robertson - Trumpeter

A Robins - Circus Style Performer

Jack Rooklyn - Presenter

Jean Ross - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Pamela Ross - Singer

Peggy Ross - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Brenda Rowe - Actor, Performer

Jan Rubini - Violinist

Anna Rudas - Choreographer

Billy Russell - Comedian, Actor

Evelyn Russell - Actor and Singer

Scott Sanders - Performer, Comedian

Henry Santrey - Orchestra, Director

Marlene Schramm - Performer

Cecil Scott - Actor and Singer, Actor

Clarence Senna - Accompanist

Anne Seymour - Musician

Harry Seymour - Musician

Ernest Shand - Actor

Ted Shapiro - Pianist

Madame Sheringham - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer

Sherrier - Performer, Comedian

Teddy Sherry - Dancer

Michael Silva - Drummer

Bruce Skurray - Musician

Emily Smith - Performer, Dancer

Ethel Smith - Actor and Singer

Phil Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor

Debroy Somers - Orchestrator, Musician

Julian Somers - Actor and Singer, Actor

Norman Speary - Singer

Hal Stead - Performer

Sam Stern - Actor, Comedian

Darryl Stewart - Singer

Nellie Stewart - Actor and Singer, Performer

Frank Strain - Singer, Performer

James Sullivan - Director

Arthur Taylor - Choreographer

Argus the Boy Wonder - Performer

Dalvern Thom - Performer, Actor and Singer

Joe Thomal - Actor

Lisa Thompson - Performer, Actor and Singer

Lyla Thompson - Actor and Singer

Doreen Thornton - Performer, Actor and Singer

Athol Tier - Comedian, Actor and Singer

Doris Tindall - Actor and Singer

Enso Toppano - Musical Director, Actor

Joan Townsend - Singer, Performer

Moreen Trickey - Performer

Erich Trojna - Singer

Sophie Tucker - Singer

Marjorie Van Camp - Animal Performer, Comic Instrumentalist

Francis Van Dyk - Musician, Performer

Norman Vaughan - Performer, Comedian, Actor and Singer

Ray Vaughan - Xylophone, Performer

Miss Priscilla Verne - Compere, Actor and Singer

Oliver Wakefield - Comedian, Performer

Gordon Walls - Dancer, Performer

Walter Weems - Comedian

Will Whitburn - Comedian, Minstrel

Eric Whitley - Performer

Gordon Wilcock - Comedian, Singer

Terry Wilkinson - Performer, Musical Arranger

Don Williams - Dancer, Actor

Walter Williams - Singer

Wee Georgie Wood - Comedian

Arthur Woodlock - Singer, Actor

Harry Wren - Producer, Presenter

Ben Wrigley - Comedian

Sonya Yarr - Performer

"Protea" - Performer

Baby Barbara - Performer

Barbette - Aerialist

Bettina - Dancer

Big George - Musician

Dolores - Dancer

Doreen - Performer

Francois - Comedian

Jackie - Acrobat

Joel - Actor and Singer

Julia - Actor and Singer

June - Circus Style Performer

Marion - Performer

Maureen - Performer

Myrna - Comic Instrumentalist

Paulino - Performer

Peter - Contortionist

Sharmaine - Dancer

Suzzette - Comic Singer

Mabel Abadee - Actor

Abbott - Singer

Ann Aczel - Actor

Peter Adams - Actor and Singer

Larry Adler - Musical Arranger

Francisco Aguabella - Drummer

Vanoye Aikens - Dancer

Adrian Ainsworth - Actor and Singer

Noelle Aitken - Ballet Master/Mistress

Charles Albert - Actor and Singer

Arthur Aldridge - Actor

Laurie Allen - Actor

Patti Allen - Dancer

Walter Allen - Actor

Carl Ames - Performer

Percy Anderson - Costume Designer

Rita Andre - Performer

Les Andrews - Singer

Billy Andros - Actor

Sally Ann - Performer

Annette - Circus Style Performer

Alexander Archdale - Actor

Ernest Arnley - Performer

Leo Arnol - Performer

Dave Arthur - Banjoist

Rih Aruso - Performer

Oscar Asche - Lyricist, Writer

Dawn Ashton - Performer

Doug Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Jim Ashton - Actor

Mervyn Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Neville Ashton - Actor

Phyllis Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Miecio Askanasy - Producer

Ruth Astor - Impersonator

Percy Athos - Designer, Producer

Gerry Atkins - Dancer

Gerry Atkinson - Performer

Will Aubrey - Minstrel

Maree Austin - Actor

Ricardo Avalos - Dancer

Jane Ayr - Comedian

Bill Bailey - Banjoist

Brian Baker - Actor and Singer

Don Baker - Actor

Joe Baker - Performer

John Baker - Actor and Singer

Cornelio Balangue - Comic Instrumentalist

Barry Ball - Actor and Singer

Julie Ballew - Comedian

Billy Banks - Singer

Barbarina - Tight-rope Walker

Daphne Barker - Performer

Mary Barker - Actor and Singer

Robert Barlow - Actor and Singer

Brian D. Barnes - Actor

Ernie Baron - Impersonator

Yvonne Barrett - Actor

Brian Barrie - Actor

Judyth Barron - Actor and Singer

Les Barry - Actor

Linda Barry - Singer

Thelma Barry - Performer

Reg Barthram - Actor and Singer

Max Bartlett - Actor

Bert Barton - Actor

Dianne Barton - Actor

Mary Bassano - Singer

Shirley Bassey - Singer

Leo Bassi - Circus Style Performer

Vicki Battle - Dancer

Bobby Baxter - Magician

Victor Baxter - Tenor

Howard Bay - Set and/or Property Maker

Lois Bayard - Actor and Singer

Betty Baylis - Dancer

Reg Beacham - Conductor

Johnny Bean - Actor and Singer

Robina Beard - Choreographer

John Beaton - Actor

Joy Beattie - Performer

Norma Beattie - Singer

Launa Beldon - Singer

Bob Bell - Performer

Flo Benson - Actor and Singer

Victor Bent - Actor

Carl Bentley - Performer

Lili Berde - Performer, Producer

Ben Beri - Magician

Jim Berinson - Singer

Frank Berry - Comedian

H. Berte - Musical Arranger

Leslie Billings - Actor and Singer

Birtini - Violinist

Laurence Bishop - Actor and Singer

Ethel Blair - Comedian

Billy Blake - Trumpeter

Maria Blanche - Actor and Singer

Norman Bland - Performer

Ron Blaskett - Ventriloquist

Max Bleach - Singer

Billy Blinkhorn - Performer

Ben Blue - Comedian

John Blythe - Performer

Dorothy Boakes - Dancer

Michael Boddy - Actor

Gertrud Bodenwieser - Choreographer, Artistic Director, Actor

Frieda Bohning - Performer

Helen Boice - Comedian

George Bolton - Comedian

Carl Bonner - Singer

Leone Bonner - Singer

Hampton Booth - Writer

Eileen Bourke - Dancer

Ernie Bourne - Actor

Billy Bovis - Actor and Singer

Sybil Bowan - Comedian

Elsie Bower - Performer

Jack Bowkett - Performer

Eileen Boyd - Actor and Singer

Margaret Boyle - Choreographer

Frank Bradley - Comedian

F. Bradsell - Composer

Anna Brady - Performer

Marjorie Bray - Choreographer

Edward Brayshaw - Actor

Jenny Brennan - Choreographer

Kevin Brennan - Actor

Mary Brian - Actor

Leslie Bricusse - Composer, Book and Lyrics

Colin Briggs - Actor and Singer

Betty Bright - Comic Singer

Bobby Bright - Actor

Pat Brighton - Performer

Lisa Brionda - Choreographer

June Brisbane - Dancer

Wilfred Briton - Performer

Pamela Bromley-Smith - Actor and Singer

Geoff Brooke - Singer

George Brooke - Tenor

Peggy Brookes - Singer

Alan Brooks - Stage Manager

Frank Brooks - Dancer

Joyce Brooks - Dancer

Lawrence Brooks - Singer

Peter Brooks - Performer, Compere

John Broome - Director

John Broome - Choreographer

Dorothy Brown - Pianist

Harold Brown - Performer

Lester Brown - Producer

Margaret Brown - Actor

Randy Brown - Circus Style Performer

Willa Brown - Performer

Ada Browne - Singer

Herbert Browne - Performer

Lester Browne - Producer

Bubbles - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Frank Bubla - Stage Manager

Maggie Buckley - Actor and Singer

Robey Buckley - Actor and Singer

Betty Burgess - Dancer

June Burke - Ice Skater

Marie Burke - Actor

Davy Burnaby - Lyricist

Dick Burns - Performer

Ralph Burns - Orchestrator

Wendy Burr - Performer

William Burr - Actor

Gwenn Burroughs - Actor and Singer

Billy Burt - Dancer

Ray Bushby - Performer

Edna Busse - Performer

Will Butland - Conductor

Lola Butler - Acrobat

Max Bygraves - Performer

Edward Cahill - Pianist

Pierre Caileux - Composer

Ramon Caldwell - Actor

Virginia Caldwell - Actor

Zoe Caldwell - Actor

Du Calion - Circus Style Performer

Rachel Cameron - Dancer

Marc Camoletti - Playwright

June Campbell - Actor

Susanne Cansino - Dancer

Reg Cantwell - Performer

Carl Carlisle - Performer

John Carlson - Actor

Ted Carlyon - Comic Singer

Mal Carmont - Actor

Micky Carolan - Actor

Mickey Carolyn - Actor

Micky Carolyn - Performer

Louis Carr - Actor

William P. Carr - Producer

Joanna Carris - Actor

Noreen Carrol - Actor

Jack Carroll - Properties Master

Lewis Carroll - Author

Pat Carroll - Actor

William Carse - Actor and Singer

George Castles - Musician

Keith Cater - Performer

Nancy Cato - Actor

Pat Catton - Dancer

Jack Cavanaugh - Performer

Des Cavellero - Performer

Darrell Chadel - Ice Skater

Chris Charlton - Illusionist

Frank Charlton - Actor

Michael Charnley - Choreographer

Chaz Chase - Comedian

Ben Chavez - Mystic

Cheer - Performer

Charlie Cheesecake - Performer

Claudine Cheret - Performer

Alma Chippendale - Performer

Joe Chisholm - Performer

Joe Chisolm - Actor and Singer

Che Chung Chong - Juggler

Louis Christiansen - Actor

Bill Christopher - Ice Skater

Marie Claire - Singer

Ted Claire - Compere

Jackie Clancy - Ice Skater

Chetney Clark - Performer

Jimmy Clark - Actor and Singer

Lorraine Clark - Actor and Singer

Martin Clark - Performer

Jessie Clarke - Performer

Joan Clarke - Actor

Martin Clarke - Actor and Singer

Robert Clarke - Actor and Singer

Syd Clarke - Comic Instrumentalist

Trilby Clarke - Actor and Singer

Moira Claux - Performer

Elmer Cleve - Performer

Edith Clifford - Comedian

Nat Clifford - Performer

Bobbie Clifton - Singer

George Howard Clutsam - Musical Arranger

Joy Clyde - Actor

Frank Cochrane - Producer, Director

Betty Cohen - Actor and Singer

Joan Cohen - Singer

Sammy Cohen - Comedian

Phyllis Colan - Actor and Singer

Hettie Cole - Performer

George Colleano - Circus Style Performer

Joyce Colleano - Circus Style Performer

Rubye Colleano - Dancer

Morrie Collett - Performer

Ray Collier - Performer

Clyde Collins - Musical Director

J. J. Collins - Circus Style Performer

Larry Collins - Comic Instrumentalist

Will Collinson - Performer

Max Collis - Performer

Betty Comden - Lyricist

Charlie Connell - Set Designer

Cyril Connolly - Musical Director

Paul Conrad - Musical Director

Frankie Conville - Comedian

Eric Conway - Actor

Fred Conyngham - Performer

Allan Cooper - Actor and Singer

Gordon Cooper - Administrator

Judy Cooper - Ice Skater

Michael Cooper - Actor and Singer

Phillida Cooper - Performer

David Copping - Actor, Stage Manager

Coram - Ventriloquist

Pilita Corrales - Performer

Leon Cortez - Actor

Lal Cosgrove - Performer

Betty Costello - Dancer

Dorothy Costello - Performer

Lou Cottam - Actor and Singer

Pierre Courette - Singer

Pierre Courrett - Compere

Pauline Coutts - Performer

Lynn Cowan - Pianist

Elizabeth Cowley - Actor and Singer

Barbara Coyne - Dancer

Peter Crago - Performer

Johnny Craig - Comedian

Stan Craig - Actor and Singer

Kay Crawford - Dancer

Letty Craydon - Actor

Creighton - Comedian

Carla Cristan - Actor

Barry Crocker - Singer

Edith Crocker - Performer

June Crocker - Actor and Singer

Bob Crosby - Performer

Beverley Cross - Director, Adaptor

Brian Crossley - Actor

Phyllis Culbert - Choreographer

Alfred Cunningham - Baritone

Sammy Curtis - Actor

John D'Arcy - Actor

Edith Dahl - Performer

Sunny Dale - Comedian

Gary Daley - Dancer

Paul Dalton - Magician

Vic Damuth - Accompanist

Ray Dandy - Actor

Reginald Dane - Actor

Alice Darby - Singer

John Darcy - Actor

Danny Dare - Actor and Singer

Horrie Dargie - Musician

Julia Darvas - Dancer

Nicolas Darvas - Dancer

Danny Davey - Actor

Frankie Davidson - Performer

Jim Davidson - Producer, Production Manager

Daniel Davies - Performer

Donald Davies - Actor

Buster Davis - Vocal Arranger

Estelle Davis - Saxophonist

Genevieve Davis - Singer

Lee Davis - Performer

Michael Davis - Dancer

Shirley Davis - Dancer

Ted Day - Dancer

Henry de Bray - Comic Singer

Claude De Car - Animal Performer

John de Lacey - Actor and Singer

Vic De Larno - Musician

Valda de Oliver - Actor and Singer

Jacquie de Paul - Performer

Halinka De Tarczynska - Performer

Sharon de Vries - Dancer

Danny Dean - Comedian

Millie Deane - Dancer

Janet Dearness - Actor

G W Deason - Musical Director

Dorothy Dee - Ice Skater

Zoe Delephine - Actor

Bernard Delfont - Director

Reg Dell - Actor

Maria Delores - Performer

Elaine Dempsey - Actor and Singer

Jackie Dennis - Performer

Norma Dennis - Actor

Paul Derval - Director

Keith Desmond - Actor

Jean Desormes - Musical Director

Alice Dey - Actor

Jimmy Dey - Actor

Alain Diagora - Performer

Ivan Diedrich - Impersonator

Ivan Dietrich - Performer

Dolinda - Aerialist

Ken Donaghue - Administrator

Shirley May Donald - Actor and Singer

Lee Donn - Pianist

Frank Donnellan - Performer

Dorothy Donnelly - Book and Lyrics

Bobby Donovan - Performer

Frederick Dore - Actor and Singer

Daniele Dorice - Performer

Billy Dougall - Dancer

Jack Douglas - Performer

George Downey - Performer

Cass Downing - Musical Director

Paddy Drew - Comedian

Gerry Dreyer - Singer

Betty Driver - Performer

Evelyn Du Fresne - Actor

Bede Dudley - Book and Lyrics

Will Duffy - Performer

Audrey Duggan - Actor and Singer

Bert Duke - Performer

Roslyn Dunbar - Performer

Girvan Dundas - Performer

Katherine Dunham - Producer, Dancer, Choreographer, Director

Axie Dunlap - Performer

Laurie Dunn - Performer

Ted Dunn - Actor

Eileen Dunne - Singer

Peter Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Duval - Magician

Bobby Dwyer - Performer

Nornie Dwyer - Performer

Don Dyer - Singer

David Eadie - Actor

Otto Eason - Circus Style Performer

Wallas Eaton - Actor

Jean Eckart - Set Designer

William Eckart - Set Designer

Robert Eddie - Performer

Nelson Eddy - Performer

Eddie Edwards - Actor and Singer

Jimmy Edwards - Actor

Ross Egerton - Actor

Winnie Egerton - Performer

Kitty Elliott - Performer

Beryl Ellis - Ballet Master/Mistress

Lucille Ellis - Dancer

Ray Ellis - Orchestrator

Cid Ellwood - Producer

Nita Emms - Performer

Alf Eroni - Performer

Bert Eroni - Performer

Beryll Evatts - Dancer

Wilfred Evens - Dancer

John Faassen - Performer

Evelyn Fairfax - Actor

Maude Fanning - Actor and Singer

Frederick Farley - Director

Joanne Felce - Dancer

Nelson Ferraz - Performer

Noel Ferrier - Director

Susanne Ferrier - Set Designer

Jan Field - Actor and Singer

Stanley Fields - Comedian

Tom Finglass - Singer

Alec Finlay - Performer

Jas Finlay - Acrobat

Nola Finn - Actor and Singer

Bert Fisher - Conductor

Molly Fisher - Performer

Ray Fisher - Actor

Colin Fitzgerald - Actor

Rosie Fitzgerald - Actor and Singer

Maggie Fitzgibbon - Performer

Margot Fleming - Dancer

Jean Florian - Juggler

Tony Fontane - Actor

David Foote - Composer

Kevin Foote - Actor and Singer

Ethel Formby - Compere

George Formby - Comedian

Alec Foster - Performer

Leigh Foster - Performer

Vincent Foster - Actor and Singer

Felicia Francis - Actor and Singer

Alby Franks - Singer

Anne Fraser - Costume Designer

John Frazer - Actor

John Friend - Director

Arthur Frost - Musical Director

Yolanda Gaffne - Dancer

Nicki Gallucci - Singer

Ken Gambrill - Dancer

Eob Ganjou - Performer

George Ganjou - Performer

Serge Ganjou - Performer

Joaquin Garay - Musician

Robert Gard - Actor

Betty Gardner - Performer

Leornard Gautier - Animal Wrangler

Paul Gavin - Singer

Judy Gay - Singer

Heather Gayle - Actor

Albert Gaze - Actor

Leslie Gaze - Actor

Tony Geappen - Actor and Singer

Mercia George - Dancer

Dorothy Gibbs - Actor and Singer

Lillian Gibson - Singer

Les Gilbert - Dancer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist

Joan Gilmour - Actor and Singer

Alan Girdwood - Musician

Sandra Gleeson - Actor

Gordon Glenwright - Actor

Bonnie Glew - Dancer

Howell Glynne - Performer

Tom Godfrey - Dancer

Eric Godley - Baritone

Pamela Godso - Performer

J W Goldsmith - Electrician

Bobby Gonzales - Singer

Suzanne Gooda - Actor and Singer

Jock Gormley - Singer

Lionel Gorrick - Pianist

David Gould - Producer

June Gowe - Dancer

Charlie Graham - Ice Skater

Kay Grahame - Actor and Singer

Bob Grant - Book and Lyrics

Frank Grant - Performer

Garry Grant - Actor

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Mary Grant - Costume Designer

Pauline Grant - Choreographer

Rudi Grasl - Comic Instrumentalist

Neville Grave - Actor and Singer

Campbell Gray - Actor

David Gray - Tenor

Jodie Gray - Marimba

May Gray - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

George Graystone - Actor

Ailsa Greaves - Dancer

Grecos - Circus Style Performer

Adolph Green - Lyricist

H. F. Green - Performer

Harry Green - Actor

Tony Green - Performer

Arthur Greenaway - Actor

Frank Greene - Actor and Singer

Doreen Greenfeld - Dancer

Dot Greenhill - Dancer

Sandra Greentree - Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Greer - Actor and Singer

Frank Grey - Composer

Margaret Grey - Dancer

May Grey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Norman Grey - Singer

Edvard Grieg - Composer

Daisy Griffin - Performer

Edith Griffiths - Performer

Lucky Grills - Actor

Harry Grist - Scenic Artist

Larry Griswold - Comedian

Coral Gunning - Impersonator

Eleanor Gunter - Performer

Maurice Guttridge - Musical Director

Michel Gyarmathy - Costume Designer

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Wally Hadley - Banjoist

Jimmy Hadreas - Dancer

Alan Haig - Actor and Singer

Jimmy Haines - Actor and Singer

Geoffrey Hales - Actor and Singer

Dorothy Hall - Dancer

Douglas Hall - Actor and Singer

Elma Hall - Dancer

George Hall - Actor

Phil Hall - Dancer

Phyl Hall - Performer

Alex Halls - Comic Instrumentalist

Fred Halston - Performer

Alice Hamilton - Comedian

Edna Hamilton - Actor

Elaine Hamilton - Ice Skater

Oscar Hammerstein - Librettist

Vikki Hammond - Performer

Wallace Hannell - Performer

Jessica Harcourt - Actor and Singer

Dres Hardiman - Set Designer

Robin Hardiman - Stage Manager

Howard Hardin - Comic, Juggler

Clarice Hardwicke - Actor and Singer

Mary Hardy - Actor

Doris Hare - Performer

Dolly Harmer - Actor

Leslie Harnley - Musical Director, Conductor

George Harold - Violinist

Chester Harris - Actor and Singer

Joan Harris - Actor and Singer

Ted Harrison - Orchestra

Ray Hartley - Actor

Arne Hartman - Musician

Fred Hartnell - Dancer

Sally Hartnell - Dancer

Al Harvie - Dancer