Contributor Dawn Emms
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Gender Female
Functions Actor


Actor and Singer

David N. Martin - Director, Presenter

Lorna Beldon - Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Kathryn Crawford - Actor and Singer, Singer

Harold Moschetti - Conductor

Joan Bullock - Actor and Singer

Dudley Cantrell - Musical Arranger

Pamela Dickens - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Jenny Howard - Comic Singer, Singer

Ralton R. James - Presenter

Barbara Mackay - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Frenchy Manning - Circus Style Performer

Isobel McIntosh - Actor and Singer

Thelma McLeod - Choreographer

George Nichols - Performer

Johnny O'Connor - Singer

Evelyn Russell - Actor and Singer

Bunny Westney - Performer, Actor and Singer

Angus Winneke - Set Designer

Nanette Allen - Performer

Goldie Ashton - Dancer

Jim Ashton - Actor

Neville Ashton - Actor

Morry Barling - Comedian

Bobby Baxter - Magician

Pamela Bromley-Smith - Actor and Singer

Fred Brown - Circus Style Performer

Billy Burke - Writer, Performer

Edna Busse - Performer

William P. Carr - Producer

Noreen Carrol - Actor

Iris Cattach - Comedian

Lily Coburn - Comedian

Maurice Colleano - Circus Style Performer

Sheila Cruze - Choreographer

Donald Davies - Performer

Tuppy Downs - Performer

Dorothea Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Peter Dunstan - Actor and Singer

Ross Egerton - Actor

Ivy Emms - Choreographer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian

Frank Forde - Actor

George Formby - Comedian

John Fraser - Actor

Bill French - Singer

Peter French - Actor and Singer

Jim Gerald - Comedian

Clifford Guest - Ventriloquist

Jimmy Haines - Actor and Singer

George Hall - Actor

Millie Hansen - Singer

Dres Hardingham - Designer

William A Hassan - Actor and Singer

Kevin Hill - Acrobat

Keith Johns - Performer

Alec Kellaway - Producer

June Kuester - Actor

Alfred Latell - Animal and Bird Imitator

Eary Laurel - Comedian

Joe Laurel - Comedian

Wilma Locke - Actor and Singer

Claire Miller - Choreographer

Peggy Mortimer - Composer

Joy Nichols - Performer

Arundel Nixon - Actor

Jack O'Dowd - Actor

John O'Dowd - Actor and Singer

Barry Oakley - Singer

Tuppy Oliver - Performer

Fay Osborne - Actor and Singer

George Park - Performer

Queenie Paul - Singer

Helen Pavette - Performer

Elaine Pickering - Actor and Singer

Billie Ponds - Performer

Dot Rankin - Actor and Singer

Shirley Riddell - Dancer

Dalla Rivas - Actor

Amy Romano - Performer

Jack Romano - Performer

Terry Scanlon - Comic Singer

Pearl Schweig - Performer

Lorraine Sharp - Actor and Singer

Tom Sutterby - Actor and Singer

Jandy The Musical Clown - Circus Style Performer

Joe Thomal - Actor

Wendy Thomas - Performer

Enso Toppano - Musical Director

Elaine Tyrer - Actor and Singer

Slim Walker - Actor and Singer

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian

Mary Ward - Actor and Singer

Wilbur Wheeler - Performer

Jimmy White - Performer

Gloria Williams - Dancer

Inky Williams - Actor

Thelma Williams - Actor and Singer

Patsy Williamson - Actor and Singer

Harry Wren - Producer

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Clay and Sullivan

Heller and Riley

The Flying de Pauls

The Myrons

The Romanos

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Tivoli Lovelies

Bowery Honky Tonk Four

Celebrity Circuit Pty Ltd

Chord and Dischord

Christine and Moll

Dancing Debs

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

The Bridges Trio

The Crazy Gang

The Cupidette Sextette

The Flying D'Amours

The Gay Dogs

The Kermond Brothers

The Two Randows

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