Contributor Billy Andros
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Gender Male
Functions Actor, Magician, Ventriloquist


Circus Style Performer


Jenny Howard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Percy King - Producer, Writer, Book and Lyrics

Bruce Gordon - Actor, Magician

Dres Hardingham - Set Designer

Harry Jacobs - Composer, Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Frieda Bohning - Performer

Bob Burns - Actor and Singer

Wendy Burr - Performer

John Carroll - Stage Manager, Actor

Frank Cleary - Actor and Singer

June Collis - Actor

Phyllis Culbert - Choreographer

Eddie Edwards - Actor

Beryl Ellis - Ballet Master/Mistress

Arvid Fibigs - Actor

Albert Fisher - Musical Director

Colin Fitzgerald - Actor

Jim Gerald - Actor

Gordon Glenwright - Stage Manager, Actor

Wallace Hannell - Performer

Patricia Hardie - Actor

Arne Hartman - Musician

Collins Hilton - Actor

Sonny Hosey - Actor

John Huson - Actor

Elaine Jose - Actor

Beverley Kane - Actor

Shirley Lawson - Performer

John Lee - Actor

Bert Lennon - Producer

Hal Lennon - Comedian

Betty Linke - Actor and Singer

Norma Lucas - Actor

Lorraine Marshal - Actor and Singer

David N. Martin - Entrepreneur

Josephine McCormack - Actor

Pauline Menzies - Actor, Dancer

Dawn O'Conner - Actor and Singer

Walter Pym - Actor

Nancy Rasmussen - Actor

Gene Raymond - Magician

Aina Reega - Actor

Len Rich - Performer

Joan Roberts - Actor and Singer

Elsie Robins - Performer

Dixie Rose - Actor

Merle Shand - Actor

Ron Shand - Actor

Ronnie Shand - Comedian

Bert Smith - Conductor

Tom Toby - Actor and Singer

Olive Wallace - Choreographer

Gloria Weatherley - Performer

Zilla Weatherley - Performer

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

Cusco and His Animal Circus

The 8 Starlets

The Balcombes

The Nine Flying Alwyns

Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Warren, Latona and Sparkes

Identifier 233079