Organisation Cusko's Circus
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Other Names
Cusko's Trained Monkeys and Dogs, Cusko
Address [Unknown] Australia

Karinski and Vardi

Mahoney and Geraghty

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Two Bridges

Annette and Durno

Donald Sisters

Osbert Brothers

Sorlie's Revue

Stalac Brothers

The Bridges Trio

The Four Lazanders

The Melodians

The Merenos

The Sadler Twins

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Cremorne Theatre (1911-1954), South Brisbane, QLD

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Cremorne Theatre Rehearsal Room, South Bank, QLD

Near the Civic Centre, Canberra, ACT

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian, Actor

Harry Abdy - Impersonator, Actor

John Dobbie - Comedian, Performer

Bob Geraghty - Compere, Actor

Millie Hanson - Soprano, Singer, Performer

Evie Hayes - Performer, Singer

George Hurd - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Will Mahoney - Comedian, Performer

Beryl Meekin - Comedian, Singer, Performer

Syd Beck - Comedian

Robert Butt - Performer

Sid Clark - Comic Instrumentalist

Lynne Golding - Dancer, Performer

Athena Pallas - Magician, Performer

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Fred Parsons - Writer

Mavis Ritchie - Choreographer, Performer

Bubby Allan - Actor

Gladys Anderson - Performer

Marie Armstrong - Singer

Lorna Beldon - Actor

Victor Bent - Actor

Albert Chappelle - Singer

Ben Chavez - Mystic

Joy Clyde - Actor

Peter Crago - Contortionist

Clem Dawe - Comedian

Chung Doo - Tenor

Ormonde Douglas - Baritone

Molly Duval - Actor

Eric Edgley - Actor

Ivy Emms - Choreographer

Stan Foley - Comedian

Eddie Gaye - Performer

Joyce Gration - Singer

Lucky Grills - Comedian

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Johnny Hyman - Comedian

Ralton R. James - Stage Manager

Charles Jarrett - Clown

Keith Johns - Stage Manager

Margaret Kelly - Singer

Billy Kershaw - Performer

  • Yells a Poppin, Cremorne Theatre Rehearsal Room, South Bank, QLD, 10 February 1945

Stella Lamond - Singer

Bobby Le Brun - Comedian

Daphne Lowe - Actor

Launa Lynton - Actor

Coral Macer - Performer

Claire Miller - Actor

June Mills - Performer

Peggy Mortimer - Performer

Frank Neil - Presenter

Charles Norman - Actor

Neil O'Brien - Singer

Marie Parker - Performer

Gene Pingitore - Musician

Stan Porter - Musical Director

Max Reddy - Comedian

Les Ritchie - Performer

Royston - Ventriloquist

Scott Sanders - Performer

Ron Shand - Comedian

  • Yells a Poppin, Cremorne Theatre Rehearsal Room, South Bank, QLD, 10 February 1945

Paul Spear - Contortionist

Elsa Stenning - Actor

Charles Taylor - Musical Director

Peter the Cockatoo - Performing Animal

Olga Varona - Aerialist

Sunday Wenman - Actor

Doris Whimp - Performer

Leslie White - Actor

Harry Wren - Producer

Organisation Identifier 35111