Venue The Blue Room Theatre
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Other Names The Blue Room Studio
The Blue Room, Actors Centre
Address 1st Floor, Arts House, 51-53 James Street
Northbridge WA 6003
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Latitude | Longitude -31.949312 | 115.859520

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  • TWO, 10 September 2003

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Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre

Joe Lui - Writer, Designer, Director, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Playwright

Matt Penny - Adaptor, Director, Actor, Devisor, Performer, Composer, Lighting Designer, Playwright

Kingsley Judd - Actor

Luke Milton - Playwright, Director, Producer, Writer

David Ryding - Director, Playwright, Writer, Assistant Director

John Aitken - Playwright, Actor, Director, Dramaturg

Fran Middleton - Actor, Devisor, Performer

Humphrey Bower - Adaptor, Director, Performer

Karen Cook - Lighting Designer, Designer

Damon Lockwood - Playwright, Actor

Gita Bezard - Devisor, Director, Actor, Performer

Alissa Claessens - Performer, Actor, Devisor

Steven Dawson - Director, Playwright

Vivienne Glance - Playwright, Director, Actor, Assistant Director

Paul Grabovac - Actor, Performer

Andrew Hale - Adaptor, Actor, Producer

Sophia Hall - Performer, Adaptor, Actor

Sarah McKellar - Devisor, Dramaturg, Actor, Director

Kathryn Osborne - Director, Producer

Marcelle Schmitz - Director, Dramaturg

Alexa Taylor - Actor, Director, Writer, Designer, Performer

Mel Cantwell - Actor, Director, Playwright

Simon Clarke - Director, Actor

Sarah Fay - Actor, Director

Jeffrey Jay Fowler - Actor, Director, Writer, Performer

Arielle Gray - Actor, Devisor, Creator, Performer

Steve Hearne - Composer

James Helm - Actor

Nick Higgins - Lighting Designer

Claire Hooper - Actor, Producer

Monica Main - Performer, Director, Writer

Emily McLean - Actor, Director

Adam Mitchell - Director

Jeremy Mitchell - Actor, Performer

Renee Newman-Storen - Director, Playwright

Gibson Nolte - Performer, Writer, Actor

Kerry O'Sullivan - Actor, Producer, Director

Whitney Richards - Actor, Devisor

Igor Sas - Actor, Director

Ian Sinclair - Actor, Adaptor, Devisor, Director

Kit Sparrow - Actor, Performer, Playwright

Cara Sutcliffe - Director, Playwright

Monique Wajon - Designer

Sean Walsh - Actor

Bryan Woltjen - Set Designer, Designer, Costume Designer

Lucy Birkinshaw - Lighting Designer

George Blazevic - Director, Adaptor

Anna Brockway - Actor

Brodie Caporn - Actor, Director

Peter Chikritzhs - Playwright

St John Cowcher - Actor, Devisor, Performer

Benj D'Addario - Actor

Adriane Daff - Creator, Actor

Rebecca Davis - Actor

Nate Doherty - Creator, Director, Actor

Caris Eves - Performer, Actor

Brendan Ewing - Creator, Actor

Lucy Eyre - Director, Actor

Renato Fabretti - Producer, Director

Michelle Francis - Actor

Cavan Gallagher - Actor

Andrea Gibbs - Actor, Performer

Allan Girod - Director, Writer, Performer

Oliver Godwell - Lighting Designer

Glenn Hall - Actor, Performer

Braydon Harriss - Playwright, Adaptor

Ingrid Hartwig - Actor

Cat Hope - Curator, Composer, Sound Designer

Stephen House - Performer, Writer

Mischa Ipp - Devisor, Actor

Chris Isaacs - Devisor, Actor, Lighting Designer

Ivan King - Playwright, Director, Writer

Andrew Lake - Lighting Designer, Set Designer

Michael Lamont - Actor

Rhoda Lopez - Musical Director, Actor

Matthew Lutton - Playwright, Actor, Director

David Mamet - Writer, Playwright

Jo Marsh - Director, Singer

Scott Martin - Performer, Playwright, Director

Shaun Martindale - Actor

Allan Mathiasch - Actor, Playwright

Renee McIntosh - Actor, Producer

Kate Mulvany - Writer, Playwright

Mike Nanning - Lighting Designer

Lily Newbury-Freeman - Actor, Performer

Tony Osborne - Playwright, Actor

Kingsley Reeve - Sound Designer

Sally Richardson - Director

Karen Roberts - Actor, Performer

Demelza Rogers - Performer, Writer

John Senczuk - Librettist, Director, Designer

John Patrick Shanley - Playwright

Liz Sideris - Actor

Steven Snell - Playwright, Writer

Michelle Sowden - Director

Patrick Spicer - Actor, Playwright

Mark Storen - Actor, Director

Serge Tampalini - Director, Designer

Shirley Van Sanden - Writer, Performer, Playwright

Stephen Warren - Lighting Designer

Tim Watts - Performer, Creator, Actor, Devisor

Peter Webb - Playwright, Actor

Mikala Westall - Performer

Craig Williams - Actor

Summer Williams - Actor

Michelle 'Baggas' Baginski - Performer

Donna Abela - Playwright

Shane Adamczak - Producer, Director, Performer, Writer

Ann Adlem - Performer

Aeschylus - Playwright

Michelle Aitken - Actor

Dawn Albinger - Writer, Performer

Floeur Alder - Dancer

Jacqui Algie - Actor

Jessica Allen Jones - Performer

Helen Angell - Actor

Maggie Anketell - Actor

Lawrence Ashford - Actor

Catherine Ashton - Costume Designer

Van Badham - Playwright

Sam Bailey - Actor

Lauchlan Bain - Actor

Howard Barker - Playwright

Nicola Bartlett - Actor

Tiffany Barton - Actor

Lucy Bath - Actor

Craig Baxter - Writer

Aaron Beach - Director

Connor Beaver - Actor

Alan Becher - Director

Chris Bell - Actor

Caitlin Beresford-Ord - Actor

Steven Berkoff - Playwright

James Berlyn - Creator, Performer

Hayley Binks - Actor

Ian Bolgia - Actor

Justin Booker - Director, Performer, Creator

Michael Bowyer - Playwright

Natasha Brahm - Actor

Emily Brennan - Actor

Judy Bridge - Actor

Denise Bridger - Director

Julia Britton - Playwright

Andy Brown - Actor, Playwright

Mary Rachel Brown - Playwright

Rachael Brown - Director, Playwright

Jacqui Buckland - Writer

Helen Burgess - Director, Playwright

Peter Butz - Writer, Director

David Callan - Actor

Melissa Callanan - Production Manager

Margaret Cameron - Dramaturg

Melissa Cantwell - Director

Emma Caporn - Designer

Bernie Carr - Director, Playwright

Alinta Carroll - Actor

Miriam Ceh - Actor

Adam Chamberlain - Actor

Crispian Chan - Actor

Jangoo Chapkhana - Composer

Noel Christian - Playwright

Robert Chuter - Director

Dean Clark - Director

Peter Clark - Actor

Jane Colenutt - Writer

Warren Collard - Actor

Cat Commander - Actor

Russya Connor - Actor

Zoe Cooper - Actor

Paula Coops - Stage Manager

Hanna Cormick - Performer

Roberto Cossa - Playwright

Jessica Craig-Piper - Writer, Director

Amanda Crewes - Actor

Martin Crimp - Playwright

Christina Critch - Actor

Matt Crossland - Playwright, Actor

Amity Culver - Dancer

Tim Cunniffe - Composer

Sean Curran - Choreographer

Brendan D'Mellow - Actor

Matthew Dale - Actor

TJ Darcey - Set Designer

Nicholas Dare - Set Designer

Jon Davey - Lighting Designer

Eleanor Davies - Actor

Darren Day - Actor

Di Day - Playwright, Director

Nina Deasley - Actor

Natalie Di Risio - Producer

Helen Doig - Director

Chris Donnelly - Lighting Designer

Pauline Donoghue - Actor

Aisling Donovan - Devisor

Tug Dumbly - Performer, Writer

Andrew Dunn - Actor

C.P Durack - Playwright

Matthew Dyktynski - Actor

James Eaton - Performer

Ron Elisha - Actor

  • TWO, 10 September 2003

Ben Ellis - Playwright

Gareth Ellis - Playwright

Shona Erskine - Choreographer

Tina Evans - Devisor

Leon Ewing - Musician

Murray Fahey - Actor

Cody Fern - Actor

Hannah Fetherstone - Actor

Rob Finlayson - Playwright

Emma Flavell - Design Consultant

Greg Fleet - Writer, Actor

Damian Foley - Actor

Joanne Foley - Director

Cecil Scott Forester - Writer

Benjamin Forster - Performer

Mike Frencham - Actor

Larissa Gallagher - Actor

Corinne Garces - Actor

David Gardette - Actor

Marisa Gareffa - Director

Marissa Garreffa - Director

Korin Gath - Dancer

Jean Genet - Playwright

Simon Gevers - Director, Actor

John Gibson - Dancer

Marnie Gibson - Actor

Keziah Gillam - Actor

Marlish Glorie - Playwright

Peter Goldsworthy - Writer

Mani Mae Gomez - Actor

Samantha Gomme - Actor

Kerry Goode - Actor

Aleesha Green - Lighting Designer

Jon Green - Photographer

Timothy Green - Director

Glen Guillou - Production Manager

Heidi Gusterson - Actor

James Hagan - Actor

Rod Hall - Actor

Roz Hammond - Producer, Actor

Naomi Hanbury - Actor

Alan Hancock - Performer, Writer

Sam Hardcastle - Director

Peter Hardy - Actor

Rachel Hare - Dancer

Desmon Harris - Actor, Director, Writer

Suzanne Hawley - Playwright

David Hayward - Actor, Director

Skye Hegarty - Costume Designer

Laura Jayne Henderson - Actor

Warren Herbu - Performer

Karen Herminjard - Actor

Luke Hewitt - Actor

Brent Hill - Actor

Lis Hoffmann - Director, Playwright

Jo Hogg - Playwright

Alice Holland - Choreographer

Natalie Holmwood - Actor

Simon Holt - Musical Director

Anna Houston - Actor

Honor Humphries - Actor

Suzanne Ingelbrecht - Writer

Joe Isaia - Actor

  • TWO, 10 September 2003

Teresa Izzard - Director

Tina Jack - Actor

Erika Jacobsen - Playwright

Robert Jago - Actor

Madeleine Jaine - Playwright

Samuel James - Video Artist

Leoš Janáček - Composer

Rebecca Jarvis - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Irene Jarzabek - Actor

Nancy Jones - Video Artist

Peta Jurgens - Writer

Chris Kabay - Director

Mauricio Kartun - Playwright

Katie Keady - Actor

Chris Kenworthy - Devisor, Performer

Tamara Kerr - Director

Daniel Kershaw - Writer

Richard Kessell - Actor

Andy King - Unknown

Georgia King - Actor

Ingle Knight - Playwright, Actor

John Knowles - Actor

Catherine Kohlen - Actor

Sean Ladhams - Actor

Cathy Lally - Actor

Michelle Langley - Playwright

Karl Lappell - Lighting Designer

Jacinta Larcombe - Actor

Jared Laurie - Performer, Producer, Writer

Katrina Lazaroff - Dancer

Joe Leach - Sound Designer

Jenny Leembruggen - Actor

Sylvia Lehmann - Director

Russell Leonard - Creator, Actor

Jeremy Levi - Actor

Sam Longley - Actor

Nigel Luck - Actor

Stuart Lumsden - Actor

Moana Lutton - Actor

Samantha Maclean - Director

Arn Madgin - Director

Trushna Mahisuri - Actor

Sharon Mahoney - Actor

Mark Maitland - Actor

Phil Major - Composer

Angelique Malcolm - Actor

William Manchester - Author

Sonia Marcon - Actor

Cherish Marrington - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Bianca Martin - Dancer

Charles Martin - Performer

Mia Martin - Actor

Daniel Masmanian - Composer

Kerry-Ella McAullay - Actor

Chris McCafferty - Actor

Jenny McCann - Actor

Shane McCarthy - Writer

Bill McCluskey - Director

Lisa McCready - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Simon McDaniell - Actor

Amy McDowall - Actor

Malcolm McGill - Actor

Kate McGinniskin - Actor

Justin McGuiness - Director

Sandy McKendrick - Actor

Ash McLeod - Actor

Jenny McNae - Director, Playwright

Sarah McNeill - Actor

Nicholas McRobbie - Actor

Alison McTavish - Performer

David Meadows - Director

  • TWO, 10 September 2003

Jessica Messenger - Playwright

Gabrielle Metcalf - Director

Nathan Mewett - Animateur

Martin Mhando - Writer, Performer

Simmone Michele - Director, Actor, Playwright

Xavier Michelides - Performer

Danielle Micich - Performer

Emma Mildern - Actor

Nick Miller - Writer

Samantha Minett - Actor

Phil Miolin - Actor

Sean Mitton - Lighting Designer

Jen Moffat - Director

David Moody - Performer, Writer

Catherine Moore - Actor

DC Moore - Playwright

Phil Morie - Director

Jo Morris - Actor

Jo Morris - Director, Playwright

Ross Mueller - Playwright

Rob Muir - Sound Designer

Mel Munt - Actor

Luke Murphy - Actor

Samantha Murray - Actor

Iain Murton - Actor

Peter Neilson - Composer, Sound Designer

Sarah Nelson - Actor

Peter Nettleton - Actor

Jake Newby - Lighting Designer

Matt Noble - Sound Designer

Meg Norris - Devisor

Jessica Nyanda Moyle - Actor

Finn O'Branagain - Playwright

Marlene O'Dea - Actor

Gaynor O'Hare - Actor

Kate O'Malley - Playwright, Director

Jane O'Sullivan - Actor

Tom O'Sullivan - Actor

Barry Oakley - Writer

Alicia Osyka - Actor

Jenni Overend - Poet, Writer

Jill Page - Performer

Daniel Palmer - Actor

Kennah Parker - Stage Manager

Tristan Parr - Actor

Tristen Parr - Actor

Eduardo Pavlovsky - Playwright

Zoe Pepper - Creator, Director

Julia Perkins - Actor

Tony Petani - Actor

Janet Pettigrew - Director

Nicole Pettigrew - Actor

Lesley-Anne Philps - Performer

Paula Phythian - Playwright

Courtney Pittman - Singer

Edgar Allan Poe - Writer

James Porter - Actor

Lindsay Pow - Set Designer

Jada Powll - Dancer

John Pratt - Playwright

Larissa Pryce - Performer, Creator, Director

Kathryn Puie - Dancer, Director

Jane Pyper - Performer

Michael Rae - Actor

Jessica Rawnsley - Performer

Bec Reid - Dancer

Camille Reid - Actor

Fiona Reid - Lighting Designer

Jacqie Reid - Actor, Composer, Playwright

Sarah Reuben - Actor, Devisor

Kate Rice - Playwright

Hannah Riggs - Performer

Deborah Robertson - Dancer

Chris Rodwell - Actor

Suzanne Rofe - Playwright

Simone Ruggiero - Dramaturg, Assistant Director

Ben Ruse - Actor

Liam Ryan - Actor

Natalie Ryan-Brand - Actor

Esther Sandler - Costume Designer

Kara Sands - Actor

Chris Sansoni - Actor

Amy Saunders - Actor

Bernard Schlink - Writer

Toby Schmitz - Playwright

Maitland Schnaars - Actor

Michelle Searle - Writer

Stephen Shanahan - Actor

Sam Shepard - Playwright

George Shevtsov - Actor

Debra Shilkn - Director

Christopher Shinn - Playwright

Roly Skender - Actor

Will Slade - Sound Designer

Kate Smith - Playwright

Kristie Smith - Lighting Designer

Lennie Smith - Actor

Emma Sorteriou - Dancer

Kerry-Ann Staker-Matthews - Performer

David Stein - Actor

Simon Stephens - Playwright

Shannen Still - Actor

Aaron Stirk - Lighting Designer

Trent Suidgeest - Lighting Designer

Michelle Sullivan - Actor

Alan Surgener - Designer

Andrew Sutherland - Actor

Ben Sutton - Actor

Jeni Sutton - Devisor

Glenn Swift - Actor, Playwright

Danielle Taylor - Actor

Emily Taylor - Dramaturg

James Taylor - Playwright, Director

Lucy Taylor - Director, Dancer

Michael Taylor - Set Designer

Rebecca Taylor - Actor

Peter Templeman - Actor

Clare Testoni - Video Director

Ethan Thomas - Actor

Carolyn Tinker - Actor

Jason Tongue - Dancer

Kathryn Tonkin - Actor

Ian Toyne - Performer

Glenys Trail-Nash - Singer

Adam Trainer - Sound Designer

Laura Tumak - Actor

Hellie Turner - Playwright

Steve Turner - Actor

Alana Valentine - Playwright

Alison Van Reeken - Actor

Ronnie Vickers - Actor

Mary Vidovich - Actor

Brynda Wackett - Dancer

Tara Walker - Actor

Dan Walls - Actor, Director

Jay Walsh - Actor

Virginia Ward - Visual Artist

Clinton Ward-Horner - Actor

Justin Warren - Actor

Calum Watson - Lighting Designer

Grant Watson - Playwright, Director

Leaf Watson - Set Designer

Amy Welsh - Actor

Cindy Whalley - Performer

Stephen Whiley - Actor

Christopher White - Dancer

Patrick White - Writer

Brett Whittingham - Actor

Krysia Wiechecki - Actor

Tara Wightman - Actor

Ian Wilding - Playwright

Keir Wilkins - Actor

Craig Williams - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Julia Williams - Playwright, Director

Tammy L Wong - Choreographer

Sandi Woo - Dancer

Michael Workman - Composer

Venue Identifier 343