Venue Pram Factory Front Theatre
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Address 325 Drummond Street
Carlton VIC
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Latitude | Longitude -37.798214 | 144.968964

Australian Performing Group

Victorian State Government

Australia Council for the Arts

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Laurel Frank - Dramaturg, Stage Manager, Actor, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Performer, Production Manager, Costume Designer, Creator, Costume Co-ordinator, Set and/or Property Maker

Max Gillies - Actor, Director

Evelyn Krape - Creator, Actor, Performer, Choreographer

John Romeril - Playwright, Director, Writer, Actor, Dramaturg

Bill Garner - Actor, Director, Stage Manager, Performer

Wilfred Last - Actor, Director

Kerry Dwyer - Actor, Costume Designer, Director, Creator

Graeme Blundell - Director, Actor, Lighting Designer

Ian McKenzie - Sound Designer, Photographer, Lighting Designer, Actor

Claire Dobbin - Actor, Costume Designer, Properties Master, Costume Co-ordinator, Creator

Carol Porter - Set Designer, Designer, Actor, Director, Writer

Tim Robertson - Director, Actor, Designer, Writer, Playwright

Yvonne Marini - Actor, Costume Co-ordinator, Creator

Bruce Spence - Actor, Director, Puppet Designer

Bob Thorneycroft - Devisor, Director, Movement Director, Choreographer, Actor, Performer, Mime, Dancer

Jack Hibberd - Adaptor, Playwright, Writer, Assistant Director, Director, Designer

Tony Taylor - Actor, Composer

Paul Hampton - Actor, Stage Manager, Performer, Director, Lighting Operator, Designer

Jude Kuring - Actor, Puppet Designer, Creator

Lorraine Milne - Musical Director, Composer, Musician

Fay Mokotow - Actor, Lighting Operator, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Rod Moore - Actor

Richard Murphet - Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

Susy Potter - Designer, Actor, Mask Maker, Set and/or Property Maker

Peter Cummins - Actor

Geoffrey Milne - Lighting Designer

Lindzee Smith - Director, Actor

Chris Berkman - Designer

Rose Chong - Costume Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Peter Corrigan - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Sue Ingleton - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Costume Designer, Designer

Peter King - Actor, Author, Director, Designer, Disc Jockey

Robin Laurie - Publicist, Actor, Director, Performer

Greig Pickhaver - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Lighting Operator

Bob Daly - Set Designer, Designer, Writer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Performer

Roslyn de Winter - Actor

Jan Friedl - Actor

Kelvin Gedye - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Bill Hannan - Director, Writer, Playwright

Jon Hawkes - Actor, Lighting Designer

Ponch Hawkes - Lighting Operator, Photographer, Lighting Designer, Dramaturg

John Koning - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Vic Marsh - Actor, Creator

Robert Meldrum - Actor, Lighting Operator

Alan Robertson - Director, Actor, Performer, Puppet Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Micky Allen - Designer, Lighting Designer

Joe Bolza - Devisor, Director, Actor, Performer

Meg Clancy - Actor

Lindy Davies - Actor

Elizabeth Drake - Musical Director, Performer, Musician, Pianist

Des Fitzgerald - Musician, Actor

Neil Giles - Playwright, Director, Actor, Stage Manager

Lorna Hannan - Dramaturg, Actor, Writer, Playwright, Director

Richard Healy - Actor, Composer

Gary Luke - Lighting Designer

Denis Moore - Actor, Lighting Designer, Director

Barry Oakley - Playwright, Writer

Helen Pitt - Designer, Lighting Designer, Creator, Lighting Operator, Sound Designer

Michael Price - Actor, Performer

Hellen Sky - Costume Designer, Performer, Actor

John Smythe - Publicist, Actor, Director

Jenny Walsh - Actor, Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Stage Manager

Jack Weiner - Composer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Soosie Adshead - Lighting Designer, Designer

Lesly Caust - Actor

Eileen Chapman - Actor

Jack Charles - Actor

Jane Clifton - Actor, Director

Ruth Constantine - Actor, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Terry Darmody - Performer, Musician

Barry Dickins - Playwright, Actor

Dick Dufty - Musician

Chris Finch - Musician

Craig Haire - Set Designer, Designer

Graeme Isaac - Composer, Puppet Designer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Mark Minchinton - Actor, Production Supervisor

Danny Nash - Actor, Musical Director

Antony Rooke - Actor, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

John Timlin - Producer, Playwright

David Williamson - Playwright, Writer, Director

Rhonda Wilson - Actor

Mick Allan - Creator, Properties Master / Mistress, Set Designer, Designer, Costume Designer

Jeremy Barlow - Composer

Georgie Beard - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Suzanne Brady - Actor, Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Garth Brown - Designer

Ros Brown - Actor

Jock Campbell - Lighting Designer, Designer

Michael Christie - Actor

Barbara Ciszewska - Actor

Tim Coldwell - Musician, Set and/or Property Maker

Damien Coleridge - Actor

Jan Cornall - Actor, Performer, Writer

Ann Darvall - Costume Designer, Creator

George Dreyfus - Composer, Actor

Liz Eager - Musician

Peter Finlay - Actor

Sally Ford - Creator, Saxophonist

Martin Friedel - Composer

Helen Garner - Creator, Dramaturg

Peter Green - Actor, Writer

Peter Handke - Playwright

David Hare - Playwright

Ursula Harrison - Actor

Frank Hatherley - Playwright

Arthur Hynes - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Kathleen Kavanagh - Costume Designer

Daniel Keene - Actor

Jackie Kerin - Lighting Operator, Mask Maker, Sound Designer

Bohdan Krowicki - Musician

Nico Lathouris - Director

Bayne Laurie - Set and/or Property Maker

Buzz Leeson - Actor, Composer

Valerie Levkowicz - Actor, Musical Director

Dick May - Actor

James McCaughey - Director, Composer

Jude McHenry - Actor

Rod McNicol - Actor

John Moulton - Actor

Nano Nagle - Assistant Director, Director

Margot Nash - Actor

Alison Richards - Director, Choreographer, Actor

James Shuvus - Actor

Lindsay Smith - Director, Actor

Glen Tomasetti - Writer, Songwriter, Creator

Paul Trahair - Actor, Musician

Eddie Van Roosendael - Actor, Drummer

Liz Vincent - Musician

Sigrid von Borke - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Tony Watts - Lighting Designer

Josie Weel - Sound Designer, Musician

Rod Williams - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

J Wogan-Browne - Musician

Anne Wookie - Costume Designer

Michael Anderson - Designer

Robin Anson - Actor

Robyn Archer - Performer

Ray Argall - Filmmaker

Martin Armiger - Musician

Fernando Arrabal - Playwright

Roy Baldwin - Actor

Andy Baylor - Musician

James Beck - Musician

Samuel Beckett - Playwright

Andrew Bell - Musician, Composer

Faye Bendrups - Choreographer, Actor

Lou Beranek - Actor

John Blay - Playwright

Peter Blazey - Writer

Annette Blonski - Creator

Marisha Blunden - Creator

Edward Bond - Playwright

Geoffrey Boyd - Composer

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Martin Brennan - Actor

Howard Brenton - Playwright

Marcia Briggs - Actor

Tony Burkys - Musician

Michael Byrnes - Playwright

Margaret Cameron - Actor

Ian Campbell - Actor

Michael Campbell - Author

Peter Carey - Author

Greg Carroll - Graphic Designer

Jason Clarke - Stage Manager

Moira Claux - Actor

Pauline Clements - Creator

Geoffrey Clendon - Actor

John Comeadow - Lighting Designer

Tim Conigrave - Actor

Jim Conway - Musician

Michael Conway - Musician

Greg Coris - Keyboardist

Nigel Cox - Actor

Lynette Curran - Actor

Sarah Curtis - Graphic Designer

Julie Dawson - Actor

Alma De Groen - Playwright

Sarah de Jong - Composer

Susie Dee - Actor

Lisa Dombroski - Actor

Kathy Drake - Musician

Stephen Drape - Actor

Christa Drennan - Actor

Lindsay Dresden - Actor

John Duigan - Actor

Di Duncombe - Performer

Peter Dyke - Actor

Tracy Eddington - Lighting Designer

Euripides - Playwright

Reg Evans - Actor

Mitchell Faircloth - Performer

Kaarin Fairfax - Actor

Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Playwright

Mark Fenner - Sound Operator/Engineer

Chris Ferguson - Actor

Geoff Fiddes - Lighting Designer

Annie Fiume - Actor

Robert Forza - Announcer, Guitarist

Anna French - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Martin K. Friedl - Composer

Peter Friedrich - Director, Designer

Regina Gaigalas - Actor

William Gluth - Actor

Alan Godecke - Actor

Nikolai Gogol - Author

Eric Gradman - Composer

Kristin Greene - Creator

Diana Greentree - Actor

Kim Gyngell - Actor

Kay Hamilton - Creator

Jonathan Hardy - Actor

Graham Hartley - Actor

Maureen Hartley - Actor

Tracy Harvey - Performer

John Hawkes - Performer

Lynn Healy - Sound Designer

Cheryl Heazlewood - Choreographer

William Henderson - Actor

Jocelyn Hibberd - Photographer

Solrun Hoass - Mask Maker

Bernie Hoffman - Actor

Elizabeth Hoffman - Actor

Monica Hoffman - Actor

Ros Horin - Actor

Peter Hosking - Actor

John Howard - Actor

Mark Hughes - Lighting Designer

Simon Hughes - Actor

Albert Hunt - Playwright

Neils Hutcheson - Designer

Garrie Hutchinson - Designer

Ian Johnson - Actor

Joyce Johnson - Actor

Michelle Johnson - Lighting Operator

Graham Jones - Director

Jenny Jones - Actor

Sue Jones - Actor

Charles Kemp - Actor

Brenda Kendall - Actor

Peter King - Actor

Bruce Knappett - Actor

Alan Knoepfler - Actor

Eugenie Knox - Choreographer

Chris Langham - Actor

Gerald Last - Musician

Janet Last - Musician

Nicolas Lee - Lighting Designer

John Ley - Actor

Rick Ludbrook - Musician

Gordon MacLean - Musician

Bill Mansell - Actor

Charles Manson - Author

Charles Marowitz - Playwright

Margarita Martinez - Stage Manager

Kay Matthieson - Creator

David May - Designer

David Mayes - Designer

John McCaughey - Director

Frances McCredie - Actor

Terry McDermott - Actor

Robbie McGregor - Performer

Garry McKechnie - Actor

Louis McManus - Musician

Larry Meltzer - Actor

Gordon Merrick - Author

Arpad Mihaly - Actor

Maggie Millar - Actor

Dennis Miller - Actor

Ray Mooney - Playwright

Frank Moorhouse - Author

Phil Motherwell - Playwright, Actor

Peter Muhleison - Musician

Geoff Murray - Actor

Jillian Murray - Actor

Lee Neale - Musician

Aarne Neeme - Director

Brenda Nyland - Creator

Marilyn O'Donnell - Actor

Joan O'Rorke - Properties Master / Mistress

Roger Oakley - Actor

Trina Parker - Designer

Howard Parkinson - Actor

Cathy Potter - Sound Composer

Val Power - Actor

Katharine Susannah Prichard - Writer

Roger Pulvers - Director, Adaptor

Susan Purdy - Actor

Leonard Radic - Writer

Connie Raffa - Costume Designer

John Rhodes - Musician

Ian Robinson - Actor

Stuart Robinson - Musician

Meredith Rogers - Actor

Susie Rosedale - Actor

Andrew Seabrook - Actor

Lyn Semmler - Actor

Stephen Sewell - Playwright

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Paul Shaw - Actor

Sam Shepard - Playwright

Rose Speed - Actor

Howard Stanley - Actor

Harry Starling - Stage Manager

Colin Stevens - Musician

Elizabeth Stevenson - Stage Manager

Wayne Stuart - Actor

Betsy Sussler - Actor

Red Symons - Composer

Simon Thorpe - Performer

Robin Thurston - Playwright

Beth Turner - Musician

Paul Turner - Composer

Kathy Uzoki - Dramaturg

Iris Walshe-Howling - Actor

Bruce Weatherhead - Designer

Ash Wednesday - Musical Director

Bob Weis - Musician

Susan Weis - Costume Co-ordinator, Assistant Stage Manager

Curtis Weiss - Actor

Jo White - Costume Designer, Actor

Bert Williams - Actor

Harry Williams - Actor

Julie Williams - Actor

Rhonda Williams - Actor

Ross Williams - Actor

Tamara Winikoff - Designer

Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz - Playwright

Judith Woodroffe - Actor

Jonny Yen - Keyboardist

William Zappa - Actor

Venue Identifier 17813