Work Annie Get Your Gun
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Country of Origin
  • United States of America
Creator Contributors

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

Arcadians Theatre Group

Australia Council for the Arts

Benalla Theatre Company

Canberra Philharmonic Society Inc.

Chappell and Company Limited

Ernst and Young

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Northern Light Theatre Company

Queanbeyan Players Inc.

SAS Channel 10 (Adelaide)

South Australian Government

The Hills Musical Company

The Hills Musical Society Inc

The Mayfair Light Opera Society Inc.

The Metropolitan Light Opera Company of South Australia Inc

The Production Company

The Savings Bank of South Australia

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

Victoria State Opera

Victoria State Opera Chorus

Victorian Arts Centre Trust

Waverley Lugar Brae Players

Irving Berlin - Composer, Lyricist, Music and Lyrics

Dorothy Fields - Writer, Lyricist, Librettist, Book and Lyrics, Playwright

Herbert Fields - Writer, Librettist, Composer, Lyricist, Playwright

Evie Hayes - Actor, Actor and Singer, Circus Style Performer

Leo Packer - Musical Director, Conductor

Ann Donald - Actor, Actor and Singer

Marie La Varre - Actor, Actor and Singer

Earl Covert - Actor

Charles Crawford - Actor, Actor and Singer

Donald Kirk - Actor

Carl Randall - Actor, Producer, Director, Actor and Singer

John Casson - Director, Producer

Beth Dean - Actor and Singer, Actor, Dancer

Hayes Gordon - Actor

Betty Pounder - Dance Director, Choreographer

Nellie Stewart - Actor, Actor and Singer

Sidney Wheeler - Actor and Singer, Actor

Hermonn - Actor, Set Designer

Deede Armstrong - Actor, Actor and Singer

Graeme Bent - Actor, Actor and Singer, Assistant Stage Manager

Claude Flemming - Actor and Singer, Actor

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist, Composer

Alec Kellaway - Actor

Kevin Kennedy - Actor

Frank Martin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Reginald Newson - Actor

Richard Rodgers - Composer, Writer

Webb Tilton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Victor Carell - Actor and Singer

Shirley May Donald - Actor

Pamela Evans - Actor and Singer

Maggie Fitzgibbon - Actor

Peter French - Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Gaye - Actor and Singer

Don Goldsmith - Actor

Robert Harvey - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Robert Healey - Actor

Trevor Johnson - Director, Actor

Laurie Jones - Actor, Actor and Singer

J Alan Kenyon - Scenic Artist

Billy Kershaw - Actor and Singer

Kay King - Actor

Gerald Kirby - Dialect Coach

Lois Masters - Director

Joe Mezzino - Actor, Scenic Artist

Boyd Michele - Dancer

Shirley Murphy - Actor

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist

Pat Nicholson - Dancer

Leonie Osborn - Director, Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Ian Rigney - Actor, Costume Designer

Leonie Scarlett - Actor and Singer

Arthur Taylor - Actor

Janice Turner - Actor

George Upward - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Pam Walter - Actor and Singer

Noel Wotherspoon - Actor and Singer, Actor

'Henry' of JCW Modes - Costume Designer

Michelle Acres - Actor

Lois Adamson - Stage Manager

Fay Agnew - Actor and Singer

Frank Armstrong - Actor and Singer

Lorraine Armstrong - Actor

William Arnold - Actor

Craig Ashley - Actor

Dorothy Atholwood - Costume Maker

Stephen Baker - Actor

Ann Ball - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Louis Barnett - Wigmaker

Pamela Barnett - Actor

Bruce Barry - Actor

Constance Bates - Actor and Singer

John Bean - Dancer

Annette Beckwith - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Louise Bell - Actor

Sue Bell - Actor

Paul Biencourt - Actor

H Birbeck - Mechanist

John Birks - Actor

Jenni Both - Actor

Richard Bradshaw - Actor

Helen Breeding - Production Manager

Joy Brewer - Actor and Singer

Roland Brierley - Assistant Stage Manager

Elaine Brown - Actor

Jean Brown - Actor

Russell Brown - Set Designer

Ralph Burchell - Dancer

Rhonda Burchmore - Singer

Dorothy Burge - Dancer

Joan Burge - Actor and Singer

Ian Burgis - Actor

Renee Burleigh - Actor

Robert Burns - Actor

Donald Cant - Singer

Michael Carman - Actor

Len Carr - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Terry Carr - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Noel Carthew - Actor

Mav Chadban - Actor

Katharine Chase - Actor

Gavin Church - Actor

Al Clarke - Dancer

Len Clerehan - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Harvey Collins - Choreographer

Alan Collis - Director

Linda Collis - Actor

Max Collis - Producer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Gordon Combes - Actor

John Conroy - Actor and Singer

Stephen Cook - Actor

Gordon Cornish - Dancer

Jen Corrin - Actor

Barrie Cotton - Actor

Garrie Covert - Actor

Richard Cowling - Production Manager, Actor

Anthony Craig - Actor

Shirley Cramer - Dancer

Leanne Cramond - Stage Manager

Esther Crawley - Actor

Carol-Anne Croker - Actor

Hedley Cullen - Actor

Rob Curtis - Actor and Singer

Anthony Davey - Actor and Singer

Fiona Davies - Actor

Susan Davis - Actor

Trevor Davis - Choreographer

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Robert de Athridge - Choreographer

John Deeks - Actor

Mark DeLaine - Musical Director

Kellie Dickerson - Musical Director

Doris Dodd - Actor

Octavia Doerschmann - Actor

Jenny Dohnt - Actor

Terence Donovan - Actor

Bill Douglas - Actor

Gary Down - Actor

Andrew Dunne - Singer

Patricia Dutton - Actor and Singer

Bill Dwyer - Actor

Fran Edwards - Director

Phillip Edwards - Actor

Nancy Ellis - Actor

Geoff Filtness - Actor and Singer

Dave Finkelstein - Properties Master

Len Fisher - Lighting Designer

Daniel Fleming - Actor

Geoff Ford - Choreographer

Rodney Ford - Designer

John Francis - Actor

Colin Friels - Actor

Victoria Fry - Actor

Michael Fuller - Actor, Choreographer

Susan Gammage - Choreographer

Markham Gannon - Actor

Doreen Garlick - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Rhona Gaughan - Actor

Douglas Gautier - Actor

Kevin Geisler - Actor

Caroline George - Actor

Colin George - Director

Lucy George - Actor

Ernest Gifford - Actor

Natalie Gilhome - Actor

L Goddard - Actor and Singer

Peter Goerecke - Set Designer

Leonie Goldsworthy - Actor

Kathie Grant - Actor

Andrew Greene - Conductor

Keith Gregory - Lyricist

Marshall Greig - Administrator

Daphne Grey - Actor

Betty Gribble - Actor

Robert Grice - Actor

Jennifer Groom - Musical Director

Noel Gully - Actor

Shirley Gully - Actor

Kaye Gumley - Actor

Phillip Haddad - Actor

Murray Haines - Set Designer

Fiona Hale - Director, Set Designer

Allegra Halliday - Actor

Hugh Halliday - Director

Anne Hart - Actor

Greg Hart - Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Charles Hickman - Director

John Hills - Actor

Edwin Hodgeman - Actor

Roger Hodgman - Director

Tricia Holman-O'Boyle - Actor

Ann Holmes - Actor and Singer

Lisa Hopman - Assistant Stage Manager

Irene Horner - Actor

Janet Horner - Actor

Jack Horton - Dancer

Roy Howell - Actor and Singer

Steven Hughes - Actor

Trudy Hulse - Actor and Singer

Ellis Irving - Performer

Scott Irwin - Actor

Allan Jacobson - Actor and Singer

Jenny Jamieson - Dancer

Adele Jarrett - Dancer

Wayne Jelly - Assistant Stage Manager

Richard Jeziorny - Designer

Bill Johnson - Performer

Brian Johnson - Actor

Dennis Johnson - Musical Director

Gillian Johnson - Actor

June Johnson - Actor and Singer

Graham Jones - Actor

Lorelei Jones - Actor and Singer

Owen Jones - Actor

Reg Jones - Lighting Designer

Peter Kaukas - Stage Manager

Ron Kelly - Actor

Bernard Keogh - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Greg King - Actor

Nan Kirkham - Dancer

Shirley Lang - Actor

Robert Last - Lighting Designer

Norman Lee - Stage Manager

Barry Lenny - Actor

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Heather Lindhe - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Michael Lindner - Actor

Emile Littler - Playwright

Al Lockyer - Dancer

Bob Longbottom - Actor

Fred Lorenz - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

David Lowe - Singer

Robin Luke - Singer

Jackie Rae Lythgo - Actor

Christine Main - Dancer

Gerald Marko - Actor

Hal Marsden - Dancer

Jillian Marston - Actor

Lloyd Martin - Actor

Di Mason - Actor

Denise Maxwell - Dancer

Mervyn Maynard - Actor

Bob McCarron - Make-up Artist

June McCrae - Actor

Mary McCrone - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Gerald McErlean - Dancer

Ken McInnis - Actor

Janetta McRae - Costume Designer

David McWha - Actor

Betty Meddings - Actor and Singer

Paul Mercurio - Choreographer

Brian Messenger - Actor

Kevin Miles - Actor

Jock Miller - Costume Designer

Bill Mitchell - Actor

T. H. Mitchell - Business Manager

Heather Morse - Actor

Adam Murphy - Actor

Lee Murphy - Actor

Peter Nicholls - Singer

Ann Nicholson - Actor

Alex Niven - Actor

C. T. Norden - Administrator

Everald Norton - Actor

Barbara Nutchey - Actor

Dermot O'Boyle - Actor

Enid Parrington - Actor, Chorus Master/Mistress

Floyd Paterson - Lighting Designer

Marguerite Pepper - Actor

Alton Pertzell - Actor and Singer

Rick Pfeiffer - Actor

Barbara Pierce - Actor

Ian Pilmore - Actor

Graham Pitt - Actor

Sue Pole - Choreographer

Cec Polglase - Producer, Director

Shirley Polglase - Actor

Roberta Potamianos - Actor

Isabel Pratt - Actor

Betty Preston - Actor

Eve Priestly - Actor and Singer

Marina Prior - Actor

Cindy Pritchard - Actor

Tarquin Ralph - Actor

Alex Rathgeber - Actor

Robert Reid - Actor, Producer, Choreographer

Darrel Ridley - Musical Director

Benji Riggs - Actor

Sophie Riggs - Actor

Norma Roach - Costume Designer

Edwin Roberts - Singer

Richard Roberts - Associate Designer

Matthew Robinson - Actor

William P. Robinson - Dancer

Bruce Rodger - Dancer

Lindsay Roe - Actor

Harvey Roland - Dancer

Keitha Ross Munro - Stage Manager

Tom Ruff - Musical Director

Sally-Anne Rusell - Singer

Rebel Russell - Actor

Eve Schafer - Dancer

Jim Scott - Actor

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

Kerry Searle - Costume Co-ordinator

Wendy Sellover - Actor and Singer

Wendy Selover - Actor

Howard Short - Actor

Michael Siberry - Actor

J Sidoli - Properties Master

Julie Simpson - Actor

Gil Slattery - Mechanist

Frank Smith - Dancer

Neville Smith - Musical Director

Maxine Smitherham - Actor

Shirley Sonners - Dancer

Harold Soulsby - Actor

Trish Spence - Actor

Cliff Spencer - Actor

Dawn Spry - Dancer

Ranjeet Starr - Actor

Michele Stayner - Actor

John Stecker - Actor

Phyllis Steen - Actor

Bill Stephens - Costume Designer, Director

John Stevens - Dancer

Wilfred Stevens - Actor

Amanda Stevenson - Assistant Director

Betty Stewart - Publicist

Vicki Stewart - Actor

Peter Stone - Adaptor

Shirley Sunners - Ballet Master/Mistress

Brian Tait - Actor and Singer

Frank S. Tait - Administrator

J. Nevin Tait - Administrator

John H Tait - Administrator

Eliza Tarpey - Actor

Juliet Taylor - Actor

Warren Taylor - Actor

Arthur Thomas - Actor

Brian Thomas - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Melanie Thomas - Choreographer

Sandra Thomas - Actor

Colin Tomlinson - Actor

John Trebilcock - Actor

Fred Trewarne - Actor and Singer

  • Annie Get Your Gun, The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC, 18 November 1971

Pam Tucker - Actor

Carmel Turner - Actor

Sophie Twaits - Actor

Dorothy Vernon - Actor

Sophie Viskich - Actor

Carmel Vistoli - Choreographer

Jacinta Vistoli - Actor

Adam Vujic - Musical Director

Pam Walters - Dancer

Stephanie Watt - Actor

Neil Weber - Musical Director

Nicki Wendt - Actor

Don Whitbread - Musical Director

Zelma White - Dancer

Hilary Winzar - Assistant Stage Manager

Ken Withers - Actor

Angus Wood - Singer

Kiera Wood - Actor

Nadine Wood - Actor

Owen Wood - Actor

Keith Wright - Actor

Sue Wylie - Actor

Pauline Young - Choreographer

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

The State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

The Arcadians Miners Lamp Theatre, Corrimal, NSW

Benalla Performing Arts Centre, Benalla, VIC

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

The London Coliseum, Westminster, London, England

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Her Majesty's Theatre (1960-1970), Sydney, NSW

Victoria Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW

His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Shedley Theatre, Elizabeth, SA

Queanbeyan Bicentennial Function Centre, Queanbeyan, NSW

Stirling Community Theatre, Stirling, SA

Don Moore Community Centre, Carlingford, NSW

Mayfair Academy Theatre, Goodwood, SA

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Coleman Auditorium Church, Bondi Junction, NSW

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