Venue Cairns Civic Centre
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Other Names Cairns Civic Theatre
Address Cnr Florence Street and Sheridan Street
Cairns QLD 4870
Notes Opened on 31 May 1974.
Latitude | Longitude -16.920347 | 145.771668

Australia Council for the Arts

New Moon Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

Michael Edgley International

Queensland Arts Council

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Arts Queensland

Arts Victoria

Coda Audio Services

Critical Stages

David Atkins Enterprises

Dead Puppet Society

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Hayden Attractions

J. C. Williamson Productions Ltd (1976-1993)

JUTE Theatre

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

NSW Ministry for the Arts

Queensland Theatre Company

Skin Deep

The Australian Ballet

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Dancers of The Australian Ballet

The Medieval Players

The Queensland Ballet Company

The Tap Brothers

The University of Melbourne

Woodie King Jr.

Terence O'Connell - Director, Playwright

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Adolphe Adam - Composer

William Akers - Lighting Designer

Colin Alexander - Lighting Designer

Maxwell Anderson - Playwright

Drew Anthony - Assistant Producer, Dancer

Kathryn Ash - Writer

David Atkins - Director, Creator, Choreographer

Helmut Bakaitis - Director

Betty Bobbitt - Actor

Todd Boyce - Actor

Rohan Browne - Dancer

Larry Buttrose - Playwright

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Jo-Anne Cahill - Actor

Dennis Coard - Actor

Hugh Colman - Designer

Vince Colosimo - Actor

Giema Contini - Performer

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Barry Creyton - Director

Peter Curtin - Actor

Eamon D'Arcy - Set Designer

Mark Daly - Actor

Julia de Plater - Musical Director

Kevin de Zilva - Assistant Stage Manager

C. J. Dennis - Author

John Derum - Adaptor

Vanessa Downing - Actor

Jonathan Driver - Lighting Designer

Dolores Dunbar - Choreographer

Whitney Eglington - Lighting Designer, Technical Director

Nick Enright - Playwright

Christopher Essex - Costume Designer

Sue Farrelly - Producer

Andrew Feest - Designer

Dale Ferguson - Designer

Neil Fitzpatrick - Actor

Steven Ford - Actor, Stage Manager

Mark Gaal - Writer, Director

Robert Gavin - Musical Director

Dan Goggin - Playwright

Michael Gow - Writer

Gordon Graham - Playwright

A. R. Gurney - Playwright

Noni Harrison - Costume Designer

Julie Haseler - Actor

Carl Heap - Actor, Director

Anna Hemery - Musician

Kerryn Henderson - Actor

Roger Hodgman - Director

Frank Howes - Stage Manager

John Huston - Screenwriter

Kathleen Iron - Performer

Deborah Kennedy - Actor

Sarah Kernot - Tour Manager

Russell Kiefel - Actor

Peter Kingston - Director

Francois Klaus - Choreographer

Christine Koltai - Playwright

Max Lambert - Creator, Musical Supervisor

Laine Lamont - Actor

Tony Lamplough - Electrician

David Latham - Associate Director

Debra Lawrance - Actor

Giles Lewin - Musical Director

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Frank Lilley - Technician

Margaret Lloyd - Assistant Stage Manager

Barbara Lowing - Performer

Suellen Maunder - Actor

Dick McCaw - Producer

Lisa McGrath - Stage Manager

Maggie Millar - Actor

Shaki Mira - Composer

Genevieve Morris - Actor

Geraldene Morrow - Actor

David Morton - Writer, Director, Puppet Designer, Production Designer

Sean Mulligan - Dancer

Costa Nicholas - Dancer

Gerda Nicolson - Actor

Louis Nowra - Playwright

Leonie Page - Dancer

Nicholas Paine - Producer

John Paramor - Actor

Christian Patterson - Dancer

Dein Perry - Choreographer

Natasha Pizzica - Producer

Susan Platt - Designer

Susan Prince - Actor

Jesse Rasmussen - Dancer

Kathryn Riding - Playwright

Dale Ringland - Musical Director

David Roberts - Production Manager

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Matthew Ryan - Writer, Director

Neil Salvage - Actor

Jeffrey Sanders - Designer

Ntazohe Shange - Devisor, Author

Tony Sheldon - Actor

Noel Smith - Conductor

Grace Stotter - Actor

Anna Straker - Performer, Scenic Artist

Gavan Swift - Lighting Designer

Michael Trigg - Tour Manager

John Turnbull - Actor

Peter Tyers - Designer

Peggy van Praagh - Choreographer

Darren Waide - Stage Manager, Production Manager

Mike Walsh - Executive Producer

Kevin Walton - Actor

Dennis Watkins - Actor

Jacki Weaver - Actor

Jack Webster - Dancer

Roy Weskin - Actor

Lucy Willink - Designer

Nathan Wright - Dancer

Venue Identifier 12051