Venue Blakiston Theatre
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Other Names Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Address 50 Little Malop Street / PO Box 991
Geelong VIC 3220
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Latitude | Longitude -38.147454 | 144.356491

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Who's Who

Mark Deans - Actor, Performer, Writer

Rita Halabarec - Performer, Actor, Writer

John Bennett - Set Designer, Designer

Ian Campbell - Actor

Ernie Gray - Actor

Rosalind Hill - Actor

Barry Kay - Sound Operator/Engineer, Assistant to the Director, Tour Manager, Director

Pamela Allen - Author

Katy Bowman - Puppet Designer, Performer, Dramaturg

Dave Brown - Director

Barbara Ciszewska - Designer, Director

Robert Draffin - Actor, Assistant Director

Rosemary Fitzgerald - Associate Artist, Dramaturg

Cameron Goodall - Performer

David Green - Lighting Designer

William Henderson - Actor, Dramaturg

Dean Hills - Designer

Guy Hooper - Associate Director, Performer, Actor

Voula Hristeas - Actor, Performer, Writer

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Graham Long - Costume Designer

James McCaughey - Director

Natasha Moszenin - Composer, Sound Designer

Margaret Ricketts - Actor

Timothy Sexton - Composer

Diana Stewart - Producer, Actor

Sonia Teuben - Actor, Performer

Anna Tregloan - Designer, Costume Designer

Paul Virgona - Performer, Writer, Actor

Bob Weatherly - Production Manager

Gary Abrahams - Associate Director

Phillip Adams - Choreographer

Tara Allitt - Performer

Stephen Amos - Composer

Cas Anderson - Writer, Director

Kristy Ayre - Dancer

Andrew Bailey - Designer

Penelope Bartlau - Actor

Weston Bate - Consultant

Faye Bendrups - Sound Composer

Adam Berry - Performer

Sara Black - Dancer

Jason Bovaird - Lighting Designer

Wiggy Brennan - Costume Designer

Don Bridges - Actor

Peter Brook - Director

Ron Brooks - Writer

P. L. Brown - Consultant

Anne Browning - Director

Simon Bryce - Executive Producer

David Buckley - Actor

Megan Cameron - Puppeteer

Michaela Cantwell - Performer

Paul Chapple - Actor

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Rad Cosic - Actor

Radoslav Cosic - Performer

Robert Cousins - Set Designer

Hugh Covill - Musical Director

Anthony Crowley - Writer, Composer, Lyricist

Hope Csutoros - Composer, Musician

Anni Davey - Performer

Lachlan Davidson - Musician

Michaela Deacon - Stage Manager

Habib Dembele - Actor

Cliff Dolliver - Puppet Designer, Designer

Dori Dragon - Stage Manager

Marie-Helene Estienne - Adaptor

Euripides - Playwright

Ken Evans - Set Designer

Neil Farmilo - Writer, Actor

Marcia Ferguson - Director

Russell Field - Stage Manager

Jenny Fogarty - Performer

John Ford - Lighting Designer

Heather Frahn - Performer

Steve Francis - Sound Designer

David Franzke - Sound Designer

Jodie Fried - Costume Designer

Ben Frost - Composer

Athol Fugard - Playwright

Liss Gabb - Puppeteer

Robin Gador - Associate Artist

Jay Gallagher - Actor

Katrina Gaskell - Puppet Designer

Kate Gaul - Director

David Gilfillan - Sound Designer

Bruce Gladwin - Writer, Actor

Neole Goss - Stage Manager

Rob Gravestocks - Production Manager

Neil Greenaway - Designer

Rachel Griffiths - Actor

Wendy Grose - Actor

Mic Gruchy - Video Designer

Robert Hansford - Costume Designer

Madeline Harding - Actor

David Heinrich - Performer

Ken Hemmens - Stage Manager, Associate Director

Rhian Hinkley - Video Director

Nicki Holland - Performer

Kevin Hopkins - Director

Peter Houghton - Actor, Playwright

Renata Howe - Consultant

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Beverley Hull - Actor

Michael Huxley - Sound Designer

Frank Italiano - Performer

Paul Jackson - Lighting Designer

Bronwen James - Performer

Michael Jeffery - Actor

Sarah Jones - Actor

Noel Jordan - Director

David Kambouris - Actor

John Kani - Playwright

Bev Killick - Actor

Amanda LaBonte - Actor

Simon Laherty - Performer

Sophie Lampel - Actor

Sandy Landers - Performer

Jordana Langridge - Writer, Actor

Paula Levis - Costume Designer

Shannon Lewellin - Performer

Tom Lycos - Actor

Lindy Macauley - Costume Designer

Ingrid Maganov - Puppetry Consultant

Raymond Mather - Choreographer

Rob Matson - Puppet Designer

Ian McDonald - Musician, Musical Director

Whitney McNamara - Assistant Stage Manager

Felix Meagher - Composer

Meridin Miller - Performer

Genevieve Morris - Actor

Helen Mountfort - Musician, Composer

Joanna Murray-Smith - Playwright

Julia Musgrove - Costume Designer

Paul Newcombe - Puppet Designer

Louis Nowra - Playwright

Winston Ntshona - Playwright

Julianne O'Brien - Playwright

Terence O'Connell - Director

Michelle O'Grady - Performer

Gideon Obarzanek - Choreographer, Devisor

Abdou Ouologuem - Set Designer

David Page - Playwright, Actor, Creator

Stephen Page - Director

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Bonnie Paskas - Dancer

Karen Paton - Actor

Jane Phegan - Actor

Simon Phillips - Director

Ian Pidd - Director

Joel Pollard - Performer

Emma Powell - Actor, Devisor

Roderick Primrose - Puppet Designer

Eric Rebernik - Performer

Kerry Reid - Performer

Alison Richards - Director, Writer

Darren Riches - Performer

Helen Rickards - Producer

Bernadette Robinson - Performer

John Rogers - Puppeteer

Meredith Rogers - Actor

Sue Rogers - Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Russell - Actor

Colin Ryan - Playwright

Kerry Saxby - Lighting Designer

Jamie Senior - Performer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

James Shaw - Actor

Luke Smiles - Sound Designer, Composer

Ben Snodgrass - Technical Director

Michele Spooner - Puppet Designer

Louise Steele - Actor

Greg Sully - Musician

Paul Summers - Administrator

James Sweeney - Technician

Sonia Taylor - Actor

Drew Tingwell - Actor

Lorna Toulmin - Actor

Kylie Trevarthen - Performer

Bonnie Trotter - Performer

Gabriela Tylesova - Designer

Philippe Vialatte - Lighting Designer

Daryl Wallis - Composer

Paul Watson - Actor

Ash Wednesday - Sound Composer

Frieder Weiss - Designer, Devisor

Beth Whiting - Stage Manager

Margaret Wild - Writer

Robyn Winslow - Performer

Pitcho Womba Konga - Actor

Venue Identifier 10920