Contributor Ralph Manheim
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Date of Birth 4 April 1907
Date of Death 26 September 1992
Functions Translator


Bertolt Brecht - Playwright, Lyricist

Kurt Weill - Playwright, Composer

John Willett - Translator

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

George Whaley - Director

Les Amussen - Actor

Janet Andrewartha - Actor

Robert Angove - Actor and Singer

Gwenyth Annear - Actor and Singer

Robyn Archer - Actor and Singer

Lorraine Archibald - Actor and Singer

David Atkins - Actor, Choreographer

Keith Bain - Choreographer

Andrew Barker - Assistant Stage Manager

Alan Becher - Actor

Graeme Blundell - Director

Tessa Bremner - Choreographer

David Brennan - Actor and Singer

Don Bridges - Actor

Stuart Campbell - Actor

Kim Carpenter - Set Designer

Linda Cernigoi - Deputy Stage Manager

Wal Cherry - Director

Chris Connelly - Actor

Tom Considine - Actor and Singer

Roma Conway - Musical Director

Penny Cook - Actor

Melody Cooper - Costume Designer

Peter Cousens - Actor

Linda Cropper - Actor

Peter Cummins - Actor

Greg Diamantis - Assistant Stage Manager

Arthur Dignam - Actor

Stephen Doric - Actor

Vanessa Downing - Actor

Tommy Dysart - Actor

Camille Edwards - Assistant Choreographer

Silver Harris Ewell - Designer

David Farwell - Actor and Singer

Lewis Fitz-Gerald - Actor

Sean Fonti - Actor

Drew Forsythe - Actor

Katrina Foster - Actor

John Frawley - Actor

Myer Fredman - Conductor

Jan Friedl - Actor

Michael Fuller - Choreographer

John Gaden - Actor, Director

Douglas Gautier - Actor and Singer

John Gay - Composer

Robert Giltinan - Actor

Andrew Greene - Musician

Robert Grubb - Actor

Julie Hamilton - Actor

Al Harding - Musician

Tony Haslam - Actor and Singer

Elisabeth Hauptmann - Collaborator

Bill Haycock - Designer

Patsy Hemingway - Actor and Singer

Kenneth Horler - Director

John Howard - Actor

Amanda Hughes-Jones - Actor and Singer

Beverly Ingram - Actor and Singer

Andrew James - Actor

Judith James - Actor and Singer

Richard Jeziorny - Designer

Gillian Jones - Actor

Rodney Kirk - Actor and Singer

Louise Le Nay - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Glenda Linscott - Actor

Gerard Maguire - Actor

Michael Manuell - Stage Manager

Bill McCluskey - Actor

Ray Medhurst - Stage Manager

Brian Messner - Actor and Singer

John Murphy - Actor

Dennis O'Neill - Actor and Singer

Chris Orchard - Actor

Michael Parfoot - Actor and Singer

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Deborah Pfeiffer - Actor and Singer

Lyndon Piddington - Actor and Singer

Fiona Press - Actor

Nicholas Raschke - Actor

Sharon Raschke - Musical Director, Composer

Mary Robbe - Musician

Richard Roberts - Designer

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Peter Salmon - Stage Manager

Wolfgang Sauerlander - Translator

Dianne Smith - Actor

Fran Stanton - Production Coordinator

John Stone - Actor

Alfred Strauks - Musician

Ian Suddards - Actor

Red Symons - Conductor, Musical Director, Musician

Fiona Turner - Actor and Singer

Kate Turner - Actor

James Valentine - Musician

Martin Vaughan - Actor

Kerry Walker - Actor

Paul Weingott - Actor and Singer

Paul Wentford - Actor

Ken Wilby - Designer

Paul Williamson - Musician

Gillian Wood - Actor and Singer

John Wood - Actor and Singer

Margie Wright - Actor and Singer

Norman Yemm - Actor and Singer

Australia Council for the Arts

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Melbourne Theatre Company

New Opera South Australia

New South Wales Government


Nimrod Street Theatre Company Ltd

State Theatre Company of South Australia

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

University of New South Wales

Williamson Gerard A'sia Pty Limited

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