Venue Burswood Theatre
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Other Names Burswood Resort; Crown Theatre
Address Convention Centre, Burswood International Resort
Burswood WA 6100
Notes Metropolitan
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Latitude | Longitude -31.961902 | 115.896578

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Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Merce Cunningham - Choreographer

Eamon D'Arcy - Set Designer

Albina Gabueva - Costume Designer

Tony Mercer - Director, Devisor, Choreographer, Producer

Robert Rauschenberg - Designer

Gavan Swift - Lighting Designer

Rohan Browne - Actor

Will Centurion - Actor

Alinta Chidzey - Actor

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Nadia Coote - Performer, Dancer

Fred Ebb - Lyricist, Writer

James W. Gibbs - Stage Manager

Barry Humphries - Performer, Writer, Devisor

John Kander - Writer, Composer

Travis Khan - Performer, Actor

Roger Kirk - Costume Designer, Designer

Leah Lim - Actor

Todd McKenney - Actor

John O'Hara - Actor

Nathan Pinnell - Actor

Andrew Ross - Musical Director, Writer

Brian Thomson - Production Designer, Set Designer

Brenton Wilson - Actor

Joey Accaria - Musician

Stephen Adnitt - Costume Designer

Jason Alexander - Performer

Peter Allen - Lyricist, Composer

Jakob Ambrose - Actor

Chrissie Amphlett - Actor

Drew Anthony - Director

Renee Armstrong - Actor

Robyn Arthur - Actor

Bob Avian - Director

Grace Barnes - Resident Director

Ioulia Barsoukova - Performer

Caleb Bartolo - Actor

Jenna Baxter - Actor

Rachael Beck - Actor

Louise Bell - Performer

Michael Bennett - Devisor

Bogdan Berezenko - Ice Skater

Eleanor Bergstein - Playwright

Leonard Bernstein - Composer

Rusty Berther - Performer

Rob Bettinson - Director, Writer

Rachel Bickerton - Actor

Wendy Black - Accompanist

Bob Bonniol - Lighting Designer

Dario Bortolin - Musician

Matthew Bourne - Choreographer

Blake Bowden - Actor

Michael Brereton - Producer

George Brodbeck - Orchestrator

Josef Brown - Dancer

Gavin Bryars - Composer

Patrizio Buane - Singer

Renee Burleigh - Actor

Stephen Burton - Circus Style Performer

Glenn Butcher - Actor

Mitchell Butel - Actor

Bill Butler - Costume Co-ordinator

John Cage - Composer

Lisa Callingham - Actor

Bianca Campbell - Actor

Donald Cant - Singer

Emmanuel Carella - Actor

Tamsin Carroll - Actor

Gerrard Carter - Actor

Tanya Cavanagh - Circus Style Performer

Kate Champion - Choreographer

Donald Chan - Musical Supervisor

May Yen Cheah - Actor

Tim Coldwell - Circus Style Performer

Ross Coleman - Choreographer

Anita Louise Combe - Actor

Judi Connelli - Actor

Chris Connelly - Actor

Mark Constable - Actor

James Cooper - Actor

Tyler Coppin - Actor

Derrick Cox - Set Designer

Luke Cresswell - Director, Devisor

Martin Croft - Resident Director

James Cundall - Producer

Cristina D'Agostino - Actor

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

Nicholas Dante - Writer

Anni Davey - Circus Style Performer

Alyse Jai Davies - Actor

Paul Davis - Dancer

Peter J Davison - Set Designer

Mischana Dellora-Cornish - Actor

Hilton Denis - Actor

Samantha Dodemaide - Actor

Euan Doidge - Actor

Kurt Douglas - Actor

Brian Downie - Technical Director

Jia Yin Du - Dancer

Carmel Duffy - Lighting Designer

Andrew Dunne - Actor

Natalie Dyball - Circus Style Performer

Jenny Eclair - Writer, Performer

Gale Edwards - Director

Mats Ek - Choreographer

T. S. Eliot - Poet

Paul Elliott - Producer

John Ellis - Actor

Brian Eno - Composer

Nick Enright - Writer

Marcus Eyre - Actor

Mathew Fargher - Composer

Sue Farrelly - Executive Producer

Christopher Favaloro - Actor

Morton Feldman - Composer

Tim Finn - Composer

Alexis Fishman - Actor

John Fleming - Performer

Bobby Fox - Actor

Giovanna Fragomeli - Dancer

Laurel Frank - Costume Designer

Liam Fraser - Assistant Stage Manager

Kristian Fredrikson - Designer, Devisor

Paul Gallis - Set Designer

Markham Gannon - Actor

Frank Garfield - Actor

Nadine Garner - Actor

Robert Gavin - Musical Director

Chris George - Director

Melissa Gibson - Dancer

Emilee Gilbert - Dancer

Jason Gilkison - Choreographer

Brian Gillespie - Actor

Todd Goddard - Actor

Bill Goodwin - Costume Designer

Julie Goodwin - Actor

Mietta Gornall - Actor

Stephen Gray - Conductor, Assistant Musical Director

Scott Grayland - Circus Style Performer

Richard Grieve - Actor

Stephanie Grigg - Actor

Daniel Hamill - Actor

Marvin Hamlisch - Composer

Oscar Hammerstein - Composer

Delia Hannah - Actor

Amanda Harrison - Actor

Emma Hawthorne - Actor

Brooke Henderson - Dancer

Robin Herford - Director

Joel Hewlett - Actor

Mitchell Hicks - Actor

Mark Hill - Actor

Susan Hill - Writer

Janet Hine - Costume Assistant

Deni Hines - Actor

Greg Hitchcock - Musician

Judith Holder - Writer

Matt Holly - Actor

Michael Holt - Designer

Guy Hooper - Circus Style Performer

Nicci Hope - Actor

Joshua Horner - Actor

Leah Howard - Dancer

John-Michael Howson - Writer

Matthew Hughes - Circus Style Performer

Charlie Hull - Orchestrator

Michael-John Hurney - Actor

Kevin Jacobsen - Producer

Erin James - Actor

Alan Janes - Writer

Kym Johnson - Dancer

Sian Johnson - Actor

Lana Jones - Dancer

Paul Jury - Musical Advisor

Drew Kaluski - Dancer

Natasha Katz - Lighting Designer

Simone Kay - Actor

Dillie Keane - Performer

Emily Keane - Actor

Heath Keating - Actor

Jeremy Kewley - Actor

James Kirkwood - Writer

Edward Kleban - Lyricist

Barry Knight - Conductor

Debora Krizak - Actor

Max Lambert - Musical Supervisor

Emma Langridge - Actor

Arthur Laurents - Writer

Robin Laurie - Associate Director

Baayork Lee - Director

Matthew Lee - Dancer

Yvette Lee - Actor

Darryl Lewis - Sound Designer

Roy Lichtenstein - Designer

Michael Ling - Circus Style Performer

Nigel Long - Dancer

William Ivey Long - Costume Designer

Laurence Maddy - Musician, Musical Director

Stephen Mallatratt - Playwright

Laurie Mansfield - Producer

Joe Masteroff - Writer

Stuart Maunder - Director

James Maxfield - Actor

Ben Mayne - Assistant Choreographer, Dancer

Laura McCulloch - Actor

Mark McCullough - Lighting Designer

Lee McDonald - Dancer

Liam McIlwain - Actor

Julie McInnes - Composer, Musical Director, Circus Style Performer

Ashley McKenzie - Actor

Joey McKneely - Director, Choreographer

Craig McLachlan - Actor

Steve McNicholas - Director, Devisor

Harley Medcalf - Producer

Turanga Merito - Actor

Mathen Michalitsis - Dancer

Robert Miles - Technical Director

Sharon Millerchip - Actor

Ben Mingay - Actor and Singer

Karlee Misipeka - Actor

David Mitchell - Writer

Deborah Mitchelmore - Actor

Tanya Mitford - Actor

Mick Molloy - Performer

Monique Montez - Actor

Julia Morris - Performer

Scott Morris - Actor

Melvyn Morrow - Writer

Sean Mulligan - Dancer

Graeme Murphy - Choreographer, Devisor

Stephen Murphy - Musical Director, Orchestrator, Musical Arranger

Tharon Musser - Lighting Designer

Jon Nicholls - Producer

Trisha Noble - Actor

Caroline O'Connor - Actor

Meghan O'Shea - Actor

Glen Oliver - Actor

Brent Osborne - Actor

Silvie Paladino - Singer

Thomas Papathanassiou - Actor

Lisa-Marie Parker - Actor

Cherine Peck - Actor

Moses Pendleton - Choreographer, Artistic Director

Dale Pengelly - Actor

Andrei Penkine - Ice Skater

Natalie Peroni - Actor

Andrew Perry - Actor

Dein Perry - Director, Dancer, Choreographer

Jill Perryman - Actor

Simon Phillips - Director

David Piper - Musical Director, Conductor

Josh Piterman - Actor

Monique Chanel Pitsikas - Actor

Jordan Pollard - Actor

Shane Preston - Dancer

Eve Prideaux - Performer

Marina Prior - Singer

Justine Puy - Actor

Olena Pyatash - Ice Skater

Pene Quarry - Stage Manager

Alice Ramshaw - Actor

Melissa Reeves - Circus Style Performer

Shaun Rennie - Actor

Glen Rhule - Dancer

Steven Richardson - Production Manager

Adrian Ricks - Actor

Gina Riley - Actor

Billy Roache - Costume Co-ordinator

Glenn Robbins - Performer

Jerome Robbins - Original Director

Linda Robson - Performer

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Viv Rosman - Secondment

Monique Salle - Actor

Jacquelyn Scafidi Allsopp - Assistant Choreographer

Garry Scale - Actor

Vanessa Scammell - Conductor, Musical Director

John Scandrett - Sound Designer

Dan Scheivert - Sound Designer

Rachel Schmalz - Dancer

Renate Schmitzer - Costume Designer

Daniel Scott - Actor

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

Kathryn Sgroi - Actor

Olga Sharutenko - Ice Skater

Lucinda Shaw - Actor

Stephanie Silcock - Actor

Lisa Small - Circus Style Performer

Dennis Smith - Producer

Greg Smith - Producer

Natalie Somerville - Actor

Stephen Sondheim - Lyricist

Georgine Sparks - Production Manager

Scilla Stavrou - Actor

Ian Stenlake - Actor

Kyle Stevens - Actor

Mark Strom - Actor

Ryan Stuart - Performer

Adam Sutton - Associate Lighting Designer

Monica Swayne - Actor

Aaron Sweetman - Dancer

Henri Szeps - Actor

Christina Tan - Actor and Singer

Georgia Taylor - Actor

Amber Jean Thomas - Actor

Jeremiah Tickell - Actor

Brett Tucker - Actor

Kaye Tuckerman - Actor

David Tudor - Composer

Grant Turner - Dancer

Nigel Turner-Carroll - Actor

Darren Tyler - Actor

Hannelore Uhrmacher - Make-up Artist

Theoni V. Alredge - Costume Designer

Kym Valentine - Actor

Queenie van de Zandt - Actor

Anthony Van Laast - Choreographer

Janet Vernon - Devisor

Bill Vickers - Sound Designer

Robin Wagner - Scenic Artist

Andy Walmsley - Designer

Andy Warhol - Designer

Nick Warnford - Actor

John Waters - Actor

Michael Waters - Sound Designer

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer

Stephen Wheat - Actor

Leanne White - Assistant Choreographer

Michael Wilkinson - Costume Designer

Matt Wilson - Circus Style Performer

Tracy Wilson Stewart - Actor

Hayley Winch - Actor

Mark Wing-Davey - Director

Sharyn Winney - Actor

Emil Wolk - Associate Director

Mitchell Woodcock - Actor

Vadim Yarkov - Ice Skater

Greg Yates - Associate Lighting Designer

Brendan Yeates - Actor

Venue Identifier 349