Contributor Frank Peniguel
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Gender Male
Functions Actor, Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager

Front of House

Set and/or Property Maker

Stage Manager


Jim Ferguson - Various, Set and/or Property Maker, Prompt

Lewis Nicholson - Stage Manager, Actor

Ken Farnham - Various, Actor, Front of House

Alan Harvey - Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Producer

Aukje Robertson - Actor

Thelma White - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Co-ordinator

Pam Crothers - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Jim Hutchins - Actor

Barbara Jordan - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Ken Loach - Actor

Robin Nation - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Costume Maker

Jim Stewart - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Maureen Cornish - Actor

Mary Cumpston - Special Effects, Lighting Operator

Wal Eastman - Actor

Margery Ehnhuus - Various, Actor

Bert Evans - Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer, Set and/or Property Maker

Sid Gotto - Assistant Director, Set and/or Property Maker

Steve Halloran - Various

Klaus Inveen - Sound Operator/Engineer, Actor

Janette Jones - Actor, Lighting Designer

Les Lawrence - Actor

Ian MacLean - Actor

Andrew McBride - Composer, Production Manager, Sound Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Ian McKenzie - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Margaret Mills - Various, Properties Master / Mistress

Warwick Ongley - Actor

Snow Pedersen - Actor, Special Effects

Andre Rannard - Set and/or Property Maker

Connie Reynolds - Sound Operator/Engineer

Peter Rowley - Actor

Inez Shiels - Actor

Dennis Taylor - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Cliff Walters - Set and/or Property Maker

Joy Warren - Actor

Helen Wilson - Actor

Michael Wilson - Actor

Ralph Wilson - Actor, Set Designer, Director

Juliet Adderley - Lighting Operator

Barbara Albinski - Musical Arranger, Pianist

Richard Anderson - Set and/or Property Maker

Robert Anderson - Playwright

Sadie Armstrong - Properties Master

Margaret Atkinson - Actor

Barrie Barkla - Actor

Micki Beckett - Actor

John Bennett - Sound Operator/Engineer

John Bishop - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Joseph Black - Actor

Frank Boddy - Actor

Robert Brissenden - Actor, Assistant Producer

Russell Brown - Set and/or Property Maker

Algis Butavicius - Director, Designer

Fay Butcher - Actor

Graeme Campbell - Actor

Morland Cary - Playwright

Philip Childs - Assistant Designer

Louise Clarkson - Costume Designer

Richard Cornish - Actor

Graham Coulson - Actor, Choreographer

Jill Crawford - Sound Designer

Patricia Croft - Actor

Daphne Curtis - Actor

Graham Daly - Sound Designer

Peter Dark - Set Designer

Phyl Davey - Actor

Ralph Davey - Set and/or Property Maker

Joan Davies - Scenic Artist

Stan Davies - Actor

Robert de Fries - Actor

Margaret de Mestre - Actor

Madeleine Denman - Properties Master

Anne Dickens - Costume Designer

Veronica Dzelde - Costume Designer

Diane Easter - Properties Master

John Ellis - Set and/or Property Maker

Lesley Ellis - Costume Designer

Chris Ellyard - Lighting Designer

Nick Enright - Playwright

Adrian Falk - Musician, Composer

John Falk - Musician

Noeline Firey - Prompt

Richard Fisher - Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Flynn - Actor

Corille Fraser - Director

Gary Fry - Director

Bruce George - Playwright

Tony Gilmore - Lighting Operator

Joyce Glynn - Actor

Dick Goldberg - Actor

Ralph Goldstein - Actor

Bill Goodwin - Set Designer

Sandra Gordon - Special Effects

Sue Gore Phillips - Stage Manager

Kerrie Gotto - Actor

Lesley Gotto - Actor

Sidney Gotto - Musical Arranger

Bob Gray - Set and/or Property Maker

Bob Green - Set and/or Property Maker

Tony Groube - Actor

Lorraine Haase - Actor

David Haidon - Stage Manager

Willis Hall - Playwright

Ian Hart - Production Manager

Meril Harvey - Actor

Joan Heggarty - Scenic Artist

Jack Hibberd - Playwright

Steve Hobbs - Actor

Janette Humphrey - Costume Co-ordinator

Bob Hunter - Make-up Artist, Actor

Anthony Ives - Actor

David Ives - Actor

Jane Johnson - Properties Master

Terry Johnson - Sound Operator/Engineer

Alan Jones - Set Designer

Isabel Joubert - Make-up Artist

Terry Juliff - Actor

Anne Kay - Actor

Don Kelly - Actor

Jean Keys - Various

Ken Kinsman - Actor

David Langbridge - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Theresa Linnane - Assistant Stage Manager

Simon Lissaman - Lighting Operator

Phil Lyneham - Scenic Artist

Phyl Lyneham - Various

Ian Mackay - Photographer

Brenda Martin - Various

Sherriden McDonald - Lighting Designer

Ross McGregor - Director

Julie McKay - Administrator

Allan McKenzie - Set Designer

Yola Faye McKillop - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Barbara McKinstry - Actor

Neil McPherson - Actor

Dorothy Meredith - Properties Master

Robin Miller - Actor

Burilda Millett - Musician, Musical Director

Arthur Millin - Properties Master

Peg Minty - Scenic Artist

Patricia Mollett - Scenic Artist

Vivien Morris - Set and/or Property Maker

Carlene Nation - Costume Maker

Katy Newmarch - Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Operator/Engineer

William Nicholson - Actor

Seán O'Casey - Playwright

Jane O'Donnell - Actor

Eugene O'Neill - Playwright

Max Oldfield - Stage Manager

Keith Owen - Actor

Snowy Pederson - Properties Master

Phil Perman - Actor

Glenn Phillips - Stage Manager

Nita Poplawska - Lighting Operator

Jenny Powell - Actor

Alissa Pugh - Actor

Keith Radford - Actor

David Ralston - Actor

Deirdre Reid - Lighting Operator

Joan Richards - Actor

David Ritchie - Actor

Pam Robertson - Scenic Artist

Bill Robinson - Actor

John Rogers - Actor

Stewart Romanes - Set and/or Property Maker

Frances Rose - Actor

Bill Ryan - Set and/or Property Maker

Harry Schmidt - Actor

Peter Seward - Lighting Designer

Joseph Sharman - Actor

Dick Sheehan - Actor

Don Shepherd - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Margaret Sim - Actor and Singer

Helen Slaney - Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator

Brian Smith - Actor

Jan Smith - Actor

Malcolm Smith - Photographer

Oriel Smith - Actor

Sybil Smith - Actor

Garry Speight - Properties Master, Set and/or Property Maker

John Starey - Actor

Pat Starrs - Dialect Coach

Nina Stevenson - Publicist

Greta Stewart - Properties Master

Valeska Stewart - Actor

Val Sutherland - Various

Philippa Swan - Actor

Denis Taillon - Actor

Geraldine Taillon - Actor

Hazel Taylor - Properties Master

Robert Taylor - Set and/or Property Maker

Paul Thom - Musical Director

Jonathan Thomsen - Actor

Fiona Tully - Actor

Bozo Turudie - Set and/or Property Maker

Rachel Tyson - Actor

Jeff Underhill - Playwright

Bronwen van Leeuwen - Design Consultant, Set Designer

Rona Walker - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Steve Walsh - Set and/or Property Maker

Steven Walsh - Assistant Stage Manager

Martin Ward - Musician

Elizabeth Webb - Actor

John Webster - Playwright

John Wells - Director, Actor

John Wells - Actor

Arlette West - Properties Master

Arthur Whitehouse - Set and/or Property Maker

Tennessee Williams - Playwright

Michael Wilson - Actor

Robyn Wilson - Lighting Operator

Clara Witheridge - Properties Master

Helen Woodger - Actor

John Woodrow - Assistant Stage Manager

Sandie Wright - Lighting Designer

Freya Yule - Scenic Artist

Canberra Repertory Society

Identifier 239915