Organisation Adelaide Singers
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Address SA Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Philharmonic Choir

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Festival Band

Festival Choir

Adelaide University

Massed Pipes

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide, SA

Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, SA

Elder Park, Adelaide, SA

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Royal Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville, SA

Genty Stevens - Soprano

Patrick Thomas - Conductor

Norman Chinner - Conductor

James Christiansen - Baritone

Thomas Edmonds - Tenor

Jack Harvey - Compere

Clare Bail - Conductor

Don Banks - Composer

Arthur Benjamin - Composer

Sam Bor - Violinist

Frank Callaway - Conductor

Jane Carter - Contralto

Alan Chapman - Lighting Designer

Rae Cocking - Soprano

Peggy Fearn - Vocalist

Galvin Finlay - Conductor

John Finlay - General Manager

James Gleeson - Musician

John Good - Bassoonist

Percy Grainger - Composer

Brian Hansford - Baritone

Neville Hicks - Tenor

Dulcie Holland - Composer

Joan Howley - Cellist

Norma Hunter - Contralto

Frank Hutchens - Composer

Henry Krips - Conductor

Clemens Leske - Pianist

Professor Douglas Lilburn - Composer

Arthur Loam - Composer

J Main - Lighting Operator

Michael Malycha - Composer

Cleve Martin - Clarinetist

Peter Martin - Tenor

Raymond Myers - Baritone

Mary O'Brien - Soprano

Mary Pascoe - Violinist

Horace Perkins - Composer

Noel Post - Oboist

John Schinner - Conductor

Elyakum Shapirra - Conductor

Rodney Slatford - Bass

S H Stevenson - Stage Director

Margaret Sutherland - Composer, Pianist

Ashleigh Tobin - Organist

Lloyd Vick - Composer

Harold Wylde - Composer

Organisation Identifier 33421