Venue Footscray Community Arts Centre
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Address 45 Moreland Street
Footscray VIC 3011
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Latitude | Longitude -37.80224 | 144.907372

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Kate Hood - Performer, Artistic Director

Wendy Black - Designer, Costume Designer

Annie Fayzdaughter - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Vig Geddes - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Donna Jackson - Choreographer, Producer, Director

David Nguyen - Actor, Performer

Andrea Ousley - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Jean Taylor - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Shirley Billing - Musician, MC

Michelle Botroff - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Alex Chan - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Penni Clarke - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Georgine Clarsen - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Patricia Cornelius - Playwright, Director

Julia Cull - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Joanne Donne - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Alisha Eddy - Performer

Danielle Edwards - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Janine Edwards - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Sharon Follett - Performer, Musician

Zoe Green - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Mandy Grinblat - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Sharee Grinter - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Hai Ha - Actor, Performer

Margaret Harvey - Director

Nicole Hunter - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Cathy Johnstone - Assistant Director, Performer, Circus Style Performer

Denise Johnstone - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Jen Jordan - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Dave Kelman - Director, Playwright, Actor

Swee Leng Lim - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Deb Lewis - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Adrienne Liebmann - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Anna Liebzeit - Performer

Karen Martin - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Debby Maziarz - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Kath McCarthy - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Gayle McPherson - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Louise Merrett - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Lisa Mibus - Lighting Designer

Kirk Page - Performer

Bridget Roberts - Circus Style Performer

Linda Rose - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Alison Ross - Production Designer

Sue Slammer - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Mia Stanford - Comedian, Actor

Georgie Stewart - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Trish Sykes - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Loreen Visser - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Chi Vu - Writer, Playwright, Director

Kylie White - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Linda Wilson - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Bernard Abas - Performer

Aljin Abella - Performer

Mammad Aidani - MC

Lorraine Airey - Circus Style Performer

Danny Al Sabbagh - Writer, Performer

Jude Anderson - Dramaturg

Tammy Anderson - Playwright, Actor

Nadia Angelini - Circus Style Performer

Tuan Anh - Actor

Kerry Ann - Musician

Made Ardana - Performer

David Arden - Actor

Alexandra Athanasiadis - Performer

Sandra Ayache - Production Manager

Chelsea Backman - Writer, Performer

Marco Baggio - Performer

Ben Baker - Actor

Dawn Bamforth - Circus Style Performer

Jen Barrett - Circus Style Performer

Jennifer Barry - Producer

Zoe Barry - Composer

Kirsty Bartlett - Circus Style Performer

Domenico Bartolo - Video Designer

Ruth Bauer - Circus Style Performer

Vanessa Beck - Puppet Designer

Xanthe Beesley - Collaborator, Animateur

Mary Bereaux - Singer

Sarah Berry - Performer

Daniel Bond - Writer, Performer

Anna Borghesi - Director

Michele Bottroff - Circus Style Performer

Paul Bourke - Performer

Fi Bowie - Musician, Circus Style Performer

Hannah Bradsworth - Writer, Performer

Christina Branton - Circus Style Performer

Christine Branton - Performer

Michelle Brisbane - Circus Style Performer

Scott Brook - Performer

Katy Brown - Circus Style Performer

Melissa Bubnic - Writer

Linda Buller - Performer

Rachel Burke - Lighting Designer

Anna Butera - Actor

Caron Byrne - Musician, Circus Style Performer

Mariella Camilleri - Circus Style Performer

Monique Camilleri - Circus Style Performer

Stephanie Capiron - Actor

Melinda Capp - Circus Style Performer

Merophie Carr - Director

Sarah Cathcart - Dramaturg

Ria Catherine - Musician

Angela Cavalot - Costume Designer

Natasha Cho - Performer

Ray Christensen - Circus Style Performer

Lena Cirillo - Circus Style Performer

Radha Claridge - Musical Director

Elizabeth Conolly - Circus Style Performer

Thomas Conroy - Actor

Franco Cozzo - MC

Mark Cuthbertson - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Simon d'Orsogna - Writer

Maraiann Damiano - Performer

Sandra Damnics - Actor

Ross Daniels - Comedian

Alice Darling - Director

Anni Davey - Director

Graeme Davis - Puppet Designer

Jules De Cinque - Circus Style Performer

Pamela Debrincat - Writer, Performer

Susie Dee - Director

Michael Delaney - Writer, Performer

Jenny Denton - Circus Style Performer

James Didolas - Performer

Mong Diep - Actor and Singer

Megan Donne - Circus Style Performer

Kimberley Downing - Circus Style Performer

Paula Dowse - Musical Director

Isaac Drandich - Creator, Performer

Karen Duke - Performer

Mark Dunbar - Musician

Loan Duong - Actor

Peter Eckersall - Dramaturg

Kathryn Edwards - Performer

Elke Efkemann - Circus Style Performer

Jay Euesden - Performer, Writer

David Everist - Director

Jean Ferguson - Circus Style Performer

Kayt Fitzpatrick - Circus Style Performer

Stacey Fleming - Production Manager

Sallee Forth - Movement Director

Sally Forth - Choreographer, Movement Director

Duncan Foster - Composer, Musician

Jeni Foster - Circus Style Performer

Mandy Gaunt - Circus Style Performer

Kurt Geyer - Actor

Ying Gilbert - Performer

Sue Giles - Director

Bruce Gladwin - Director, Designer, Creator

Emily Goddard - Actor

Sarah Gosling - Circus Style Performer

Meredith Graham - Performer

Jenni Gray - Circus Style Performer

Declan Greene - Writer

Jonathan Griffiths - Performer

Luke Halstead - Musician

Geoff Hammersley - Lighting Designer

Betty Hanner - Circus Style Performer

Emma Hawkins - Performer

Susan Hawthorne - Circus Style Performer

Elizabeth Hayes - Performer

Catherine Hearse - Circus Style Performer

Reuben Helfenbaum - Performer

Belinda Hellyer - Producer

Isabel Hertaeg - Performer

Naomi Herzog - Performer

Matthew Hickey - Actor

Rhian Hinkley - Video Artist

Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang - Actor

Chau Hoa - Actor

Ferdinand Hoang - Performer

Dominic Hong Duc Golding - Performer

Douglas Horton - Director

Marg Horwell - Designer

James Hullick - Pianist

Louise Hunter - Stage Manager, Writer

Jose Inostrata - Performer, Creator

Natalie Iskra - Performer

Berni Janssen - Performer

Linda Jenkin - Production Manager

Jude Johns - Circus Style Performer

Rosemary Joy - Musician

Jessica Kapuscinski-Evans - Performer

Geoff Kelso - Creator, Performer

Trevor Kent - Playwright

Jackie Kerin - Performer

Ellen Klelmaker - Performer

Vladimir Kocibelli - Musician

Mazna Komba - Performer

Nadja Kostich - Director

Dijana Kovacic - Choreographer, Performer

Ann Krastev - Circus Style Performer

Josie Kristensen - Circus Style Performer

Monika Kurkiewicz - Circus Style Performer

Suzana Lal - Performer

Allen Laverty - Stage Manager

Tony Le Nguyen - Director, Playwright

Sinh Le Truong - Actor

Brendan Lee - Performer

Chris Lesser - Musician

Deb Lewin - Circus Style Performer

Min Lewin - Circus Style Performer

Min Lewis - Performer

Katie Long - Costume Designer, Performer

Sam Longley - Creator, Performer

Lian Low - Performer

Maryanne Lynch - Dramaturg

Amanda Ma - Performer

Jenine Mackay - Actor

Lynette Mackenzie - Performer

Fiona Madigan - Musician

Emma Margetts - Circus Style Performer

Bill Marshall - Performer

Senol Mat - Actor

Lisa Maza - Performer

Meme McDonald - Director

Shane McGrath - Performer

Phillip McInnes - Actor

Marcia McLellan - Circus Style Performer

Rebecca Mezei - Actor

Kylie Mitchell - Costume Designer

Sue Mitchell - Circus Style Performer

Rebecca Moore - Production Manager

Judy Morrison - Performer

Jane Moulson - Performer

Peter Mumford - Designer

Martine Murray - Circus Style Performer

Joanna Murray-Smith - Playwright

Ibrahim Mustafa - Performer

Frank Nannup - Performer, Creator

Melanie Nelson - Performer

Diane Ngo - Performer

Anh-Dao Nguyen - Actor

Ry Nguyen - Actor

Glynn Nicholas - Actor

Marion Niehoff - Performer

Jen Nield - Circus Style Performer

Afshin Nikouseresht - Playwright

Bettina Nissen - Performer

Nicola Nixon - Performer

Tanya Nolan - Circus Style Performer

Joe Norster - Performer, Assistant Stage Manager

Helen North - Circus Style Performer

Naomi Ota - Visual Artist

Jonathon Oxlade - Designer

Mirella Parma - Performer

Janet Patterson - Musician

Marg Peck - Circus Style Performer

Kelton Pell - Performer, Creator

Marianne Permezel - Musical Director, Composer

Glenn Perry - Director

Isabella Phan - Actor

Kaz Phillips - Performer

Tracey Power - Circus Style Performer

Justin Poza - Sound Designer

Rani Pramesti - Performer

Enza Pratico - Performer, Writer

Ahmarnya Price - Writer, Director, Designer

Susan Purdy - Video Artist

Ton-That Quynh-Du - Consultant

Louise Rad - Circus Style Performer

Louise Radcliffe-Smith - Performer

Jonny Radevski - Writer, Performer

Jane Rafe - Stage Manager

Dianne Reid - Performer

Cameron Reynolds - Sound Designer

Vicki Reynolds - Playwright

Chris Risely - Musician

Helen Robertson - Circus Style Performer

Heather Rollfink - Circus Style Performer

Peggy Ronnau - Circus Style Performer

Kelly Ryall - Composer

Emma Sangster - Performer

Kaye Sera - Drag Artist

Peta Sergeant - Actor

Luise Sexton - Actor

Sari Sheehan - Performer

Luke Shegog - Performer

Eva Sifis - Performer

Gareth Simmonds - Production Manager

Michelle Siu - Circus Style Performer

Barb Smith - Performer

Debbie Smith - Circus Style Performer

Melinda Smith - Performer

Jacques Soddell - Sound Artist

Barry Soloman - Actor

Sue Spear - Composer

Joyce Spiller - Circus Style Performer

Franca Stadler - Circus Style Performer

Gilbert Stansfield - Performer

Jessie Stewart - Circus Style Performer

Patricia Stewart - Performer

Margot Storm - Performer

Catherine Sutherland - Writer, Performer

Kathryn Sutherland - Writer

Morrigan Sutherland - Musician

Jennie Swain - Composer

Neil Thomas - Actor

Thalia Thomas - Director

Phillip Thompson - Performer, Creator

Elena Tkalya - Circus Style Performer

Tuan Anh Tran - Actor

Karen Traumanis - Circus Style Performer, Musician

Alta Truden - Filmmaker

Christos Tsiolkas - Playwright

Esther Tuddenham - Writer, Performer

Richard Vabre - Lighting Designer

Irine Vela - Musician, Musical Director

Than Vu Nguyen - Actor

Zoe Vujic - Performer

Mark Wager - Designer

Kath Waites - Musician

Larry Walsh - Performer

Kathrin Ward - Circus Style Performer

Vimukti Warr - Circus Style Performer

Kerry Watson - Performer

Susan Watts - Actor

David Wells - Actor

Coral Wilkinson - Circus Style Performer

Naretha Williams - Circus Style Performer

Jethro Woodward - Composer

Kat Worth - Director

Venue Identifier 733