Contributor William Barton
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Functions Musician
Notes renowned didgeridoo artist




Bobby Alu - Performer

Christine Anu - Performer

Elise Baker - Assistant Stage Manager

Jamie Banko - Head Mechanist

Cheryl Barker - Soprano

Sandie Bekavac - Stage Manager

Scott Boundy - Production Manager

Zac Brazenas - Dancer

Alexander Briger - Conductor

  • Sydney Symphony, Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 23 August 2006

Scott Buchanan - Technical Director

Hayley Burke - Production Coordinator

Margaret Burrows - Assistant Stage Manager

Kate Bush - Composer

Tamsin Carroll - Performer

Francesco Celata - Clarinetist

  • Sydney Symphony, Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 23 August 2006

Andrew Cohen - Stage Manager

Peter Coleman-Wright - Baritone

Luther Cora - Performer

Ricki-Lee Coulter - Performer

Charlie Coy - Producer

Sharron Cronin - Stage Manager

Emma Dean - Performer

Yanni Dubler - Stage Manager

Claire Edwardes - Percussionist

  • Windstrokes, Utzon Room (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 21 September 2008

Wesley Enoch - Director

Danielle Evrat - Assistant Choreographer

Simon Fairweather-Phillips - Assistant Choreographer

Nicole Forbes - Assistant Stage Manager

John Foreman - Conductor

Sam Foster - Actor

Jason Fripp - Lighting Operator

Sarah Gardiner - Production Designer, Associate Director

Gianluigi Gelmetti - Conductor

Shannon Gobel - Production Manager

Elizabeth Goodyer - Producer

Iain Grandage - Cellist

  • Windstrokes, Utzon Room (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 21 September 2008

Kelii Grauer - Assistant Choreographer

Amber Haines - Choreographer

Jennifer Hall - Costume Co-ordinator

Matthew Hindson - Composer

  • Sydney Symphony, Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 2 April 2008

Janet Hine - Costume Designer

Marianne Howard - Assistant Choreographer

Merryn Hughes - Executive Producer

Josh Hyman - Stage Manager

Hayden Jones - Actor

Stephanie Kamasz - Stage Manager

Lucy Kelland - Assistant Stage Manager

Francois Klaus - Creator, Choreographer, Artistic Director

Riley Lee - Musician

Don Mackenzie - Production Manager

Callum Mansfield - Choreographer

Ricky Matepi - Head Mechanist

Will Mathews - Head Mechanist

Nerida Matthaei - Assistant Choreographer

Courtney Mayhew - Assistant Stage Manager

Colin McCarlie - Producer

Jessica McCloughan - Production Coordinator

Bridget McCluskey - Production Coordinator

Melanie McDonnell - Technical Manager

Melissa McVeigh - Production Coordinator

Nicholas Milton - Conductor

Jane Miskovic - Director

Letila Mitchell - Producer

Perry Mooney - Actor

Daniel Moriarty - Production Manager

Dennis Murphy - Video Director

Ben Musgrave - Assistant Stage Manager

Katie Noonan - Musical Director, Performer

Scott Opie - Production Coordinator

Sam Ould - Stage Manager

David Page - Composer

Kyle Page - Director

Stephen Page - Director

Daniel Paine - Production Coordinator

Troy Philips-Fairweather - Choreographer

David Porcelijn - Conductor

Dan Potra - Production Designer

Mau Power - Performer

Kate Ramsey - Stage Manager

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Annie Reid - Stage Manager

Terri Richards - Production Coordinator

Mel Robinson - Singer

  • Windstrokes, Utzon Room (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 21 September 2008

Liam Rorke - Stage Manager

Jaclyn Seymour - Choreographer

Daniel Sinclair - Stage Manager

Brennan Smith - Production Coordinator

Michael Tan - Musical Arranger

Brad Tennant - Props Buyer

Jack Thompson - Narrator

Simon Toomer - Production Manager

Toomas Vann - Production Coordinator

Leigh-Anne Vizer - Choreographer

Brad Voss - Head Mechanist

Rebecca Voss - Assistant Stage Manager

Natalie Weir - Choreographer

Jonathon Welch - Tenor

Jenny Woodward - Presenter

Kate Wormald-Leopold - Choreographer

Nathan Wright - Choreographer

Bern Young - Announcer

Ying Ying Yun - Assistant Stage Manager

David Zolkwer - Artistic Director, Production Designer

The Australia International Cultural Council

Festival Paris Quartier d'ete

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Brisbane Birralee Voices

Queensland Orchestra


Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts

Adelaide Festival Centre

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Brisbane Chorale

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre


Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC)

Gold Coast Choir

Gold Coast Youth Orchestra

Jack Morton Worldwide

OzAsia Festival

Queensland Investment Corporation

Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Queensland Youth Orchestra

Seoul Digital Forum

Sydney Opera House

  • Sydney Symphony, Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 23 August 2006


The Choir of Hard Knocks

The Farm

The Queensland Ballet Company

The Song Company

The Sydney Philharmonia Choir

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