Work Look Back in Anger
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Country of Origin
  • England
Creator Contributors

Cooma Little Theatre

The University of Melbourne

Union Theatre Repertory Company

The English Stage Company

Blackwood Players

Canberra Repertory Society

La Boite Theatre Company

Melbourne University Student Union Inc

Melbourne University Theatre Board

National Theatre Inc.

Newcastle Dramatic Art Club

Red Chilli Theatre Company

Repertory 200

Seventy-One Theatre Club

Square Brackets Theatre

TAP Theatre

Tempus Theatre

The Actors' Company

The Alexander Theatre Company

The Arts Council of Great Britain

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Council of Adult Education

The Lookout Theatre Club

The Seventies Theatre

Theatres Associated

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

John Osborne - Playwright

Colleen Bartholomew - Actor

Neville Brown - Set and/or Property Maker

Wal Cherry - Designer, Director, Producer

Ted Davis - Set and/or Property Maker

Pam Day - Actor

Norman Farraday - Actor

Peter Harris - Actor

Connie Harvey - Stage Manager

Hugh Johnson - Producer

Bernie McGuire - Set Designer

Geoff McGuire - Set Designer

John Mertens - Actor

Judy Oughton - Properties Master / Mistress

Ralph Pincott - Lighting Operator

Eric Scott - Set and/or Property Maker

Pam Simons - Assistant Stage Manager

Betty van Zanten - Make-up Artist

George Whaley - Actor

Helen Woods - Set Designer

Wynne Austen - Stage Manager

Peter Batey - Production Manager, Stage Director

Alan Burke - Director

Roslyn de Winter - Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Dennis - Assistant Stage Manager

Wendy Dickson - Costume Designer, Set Designer

John Frawley - Actor

Ken Mantle - Director, Producer, Production Designer

Monica Maughan - Actor

Beverley Phillips - Actor

Barbara Ann Stephenson - Director

John Turnbull - Actor

Ted Webster - Actor

Debrah Algar - Actor

Nicole Archer - Actor

James Bailey - Actor

Elaine Baillie - Actor

Richard Baker - Actor

Rosemary Barr - Actor

Ray Barrett - Actor

Roland Beech - Actor

Doug Bennett - Actor

Paul Bentley - Stage Manager

Clare Binney - Actor

Samuel Booth - Actor

Geoff Brittain - Director

Zoe Caldwell - Actor

Graeme Campbell - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Colin Chalmers - Set Designer, Stage Manager

Diane Chamberlain - Actor

Aileen Chapman - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Kim Clark - Actor

John L. Clugston - Head Mechanist

John Cole - Scenic Artist

June Collis - Actor

Stuart Conran - Actor

Maureen Cornish - Actor

Graham Coulson - Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Operator/Engineer

Lorrie Cruickshank - Actor

John Cuffe - Actor

Daphne Culpin - Actor

Robert Cunningham - Head Electrician

Alistair Davies - Production Manager

Peter Davies - Actor

Pat Davis - Actor

Robert Davis - Actor

Stephen Davis - Actor

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Rodney Delaney - Director

Mac Dick - Set Designer

Arthur Dicks - Director

Cheryl Douglas - Actor

John Easton - Stage Manager

Jim Ferguson - Set and/or Property Maker

L W Fischer - Musician

Victor Forstmann - Set Designer

Frank Gatliff - Actor

Beverley George - Actor

Betty Gibson - Actor

Shirley Glover - Actor

Kevin Goerecke - Director

Sandra Gordon - Prompt

Tom Hagerty - Assistant Stage Manager

Charles Hall - Actor

Lajos Hamers - Producer

Gabi Harding - Director

Joan Harris - Actor

Alan Harvey - Director

Pamela Harvey - Stage Manager

Alan Hopgood - Actor

Mal Hough - Head Electrician

Annette Hughes - Actor

John-Paul Hussey - Director

James Hutchings - Scenic Artist

Richard Hutson - Actor

Jeff Jansson - Actor

Simon Jenkins - Lighting Designer

Darlene Johnson - Actor

James Kable - Actor

Kate Keogh - Production Manager

Yvette Konig - Actor

Michael Laurence - Actor

Suzie Lewis - Actor, Producer

Phyl Lyneham - Various

John MacArthur - Actor

Ian MacLean - Actor

Jean Marshall - Director

Thornton McCamish - Actor

Tom McCarthy - Actor

Brendon McDonall - Actor, Lighting Designer

Ian McGrath - Actor

John McNeill - Actor

Patrick Mitchell - Director

Jules Mortensen - Actor

Lewis Nicholson - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Matthew O'Sullivan - Actor

Madge Ormerod - Dialect Coach

Yvonne Pacey - Actor

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Ron Patten - Publicist

Athol Pearmine - Head Mechanist

Joan Pope - Actor

Lynne Porteous - Actor

Guy Prendergast - Actor

Peter Priston - Designer

Wendy Rabone - Properties Master

Leslie Raj - Performer

Katrina Rautenberg - Actor

Martin Redpath - Director

Rodger Richardson - Electrician

Aukje Robertson - Lighting Designer

Peter Rowley - Actor

Sally Sander - Properties Master / Mistress

Tanya Singleton - Stage Manager

Kelle Spry - Actor

Terry Stapleton - Actor

Lionel Stevens - Actor

Lisa-Jane Stockwell - Actor

Ron Stodden - Electrician

Ruth Stone - Costume Designer

Alan Tagg - Set Designer

Brendon Taylor - Stage Manager

Claire Thomas - Actor

Simone Tree - Lighting Operator

Albert Valentine - Actor

Allan Walker - Actor

Robert Walker - Electrician

Robert G Warren - Set Designer

Fred Watson - Lighting Designer

Elizabeth Webb - Properties Master

Doreen Webber - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Edward Webster - Actor, Stage Director

Dorothy White - Actor

Jerome White - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Williams - Director

Arna-Marie Winchester - Actor

John Woodrow - Stage Manager

Glen Woolgar - Actor

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Matthew Flinders Theatre, Bedford Park, SA

Riverside Theatre, Barton, ACT

Community Hall, Khancoban, NSW

Island Bend Recreation Hall, Island Bend, NSW

Snowy Hall, Cooma, NSW

Monaro Hostel, Cooma North, NSW

La Boite Theatre (June 1972 - 2003), Milton, QLD

Des Connor Room, Parkville, VIC

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Roxy Theatre, Hamilton, NSW

Holden Street Theatres, Hindmarsh, SA

Ku-ring-gai Centre For Seniors, Lindfield, NSW

Blackall House, Newcastle, NSW

Bridge Theatre, Coniston, NSW

Erindale Theatre, Wanniassa, ACT

Loft Theatre, Kings Cross, NSW

Alexander Theatre, Clayton, VIC

Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, NSW

Royal Court Theatre, London, England

Lookout Theatre, Woollahra, NSW

St James Playhouse (1964-1978), Sydney, NSW

Stow Hall, Adelaide, SA

Victoria, VIC

Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Work Identifier 669