Work You Can't Take It With You
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Country of Origin
  • United States of America
Creator Contributors

The Independent Theatre

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

Brisbane Arts Theatre

Axis Theatre Productions

Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society

Broken Hill Repertory Society

Canberra Repertory Society

David N. Martin Pty Ltd

Festival of Sydney

Genesian Theatre Company Inc

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Kuring-gai Theatre Guild

Pymble Players Inc

Q Theatre Company

Q Workshop Group

Richard White

St Catherines Dramatic Society

St Georges Dramatic Society

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Theatre Company

The Bridges Trio

The Genesian Players

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

Wagga Wagga School of Arts Players

Whitehall Productions

Moss Hart - Playwright, Writer

George Kaufman - Playwright, Writer

Doris Fitton - Producer

Sumner Locke Elliott - Actor

Michelle - Designer

Tony Allison - Actor

Sue Alvarez - Actor

Uve Anderson - Actor

Joyce Armstrong - Actor

Brad Ashwood - Actor

Bunny Aust - Actor

Shirley Baker - Actor

Ross Barber - Lighting Designer

Norma Barker - Actor

Brian Barrie - Actor

Slim Bauer - Actor

Brian Blain - Actor

Aileen Britton - Actor

Keith Brokensha - Actor

Pam Byde - Actor

Don Cameron - Actor

Neva Carr Glyn - Actor

Monty Chase - Actor

Clare Clarke - Actor

William Constable - Set Designer

Alec Coppel - Producer

Royston Cox - Actor

Howard Craven - Actor

Letty Craydon - Actor

Barry Creyton - Actor

Ilma Critchley - Actor

Louis Critchley - Director

Daphne Curtis - Actor

Colin Daddow - Actor

Rita Dahlberg - Actor

Gordon Davis - Actor

Simone de Haas - Actor

Alan Denby - Director

Edward Docker - Actor

Hilda Dorrington - Actor

Ray Dunlop - Actor

John Duryea - Actor

Sam Ellyard - Actor

Andy Evans - Lighting Operator

Marie Ferguson - Actor

Edward Finn - Actor

Graham Fisk - Actor

Linda Flanders - Actor

Claude Flemming - Actor

Rosalind Foxcroft - Actor

Kerry Francis - Actor

Kristian Fredrikson - Designer

Anna French - Designer

Graham Gadden - Actor

Penny Gay - Assistant Stage Manager, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ludovick Gordon - Actor

Liz Gurrie - Actor

Jack Ham - Director

Fred Harden - Actor

Jane Harders - Actor

Tom Harvey - Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Stage Manager

Tom Hegarty - Actor

Myra Henderson - Actor

Barry Hill - Director

Susan Holtzinger - Actor

Michael Hurse - Actor

Duncan Ironmonger - Lighting Operator, Actor

Jane Johnson - Actor

Albie Jones - Actor

Doug Jones - Actor

Terry Juliff - Actor, Director

Paul Kelly - Director

Lyn Kennedy - Actor

John Kernahan - Actor

Jocelyn Key - Actor

Marie Kilsby - Actor

Les King - Actor

Shirley King - Actor

Michael Kirby - Actor

Ailsa Krimmer - Actor

James H. Lang - Producer

Norman Lee - Actor

Judy Lennon - Actor

Bill Levis - Director

Jo Lock - Actor

Minnie Love - Actor

Nigel Lovell - Producer

Will Mahoney - Actor

Meta McCaffrey - Actor

Charles McCallum - Actor

Don McGregor - Actor

Douglas McKellar - Actor

Graham McKenzie - Designer

Kay McLachlan - Producer

Helen Mileshkin - Actor

Eric Minchin - Actor

Heather Mitchell - Actor

Ian Moir - Actor

Jim Morell - Actor

Michael Morgan - Actor, Stage Manager

John Mostyn - Actor

Ken Mulcahy - Actor

Jessica Noad - Actor

Brenda Norris - Actor

Peter Nouwens - Director

Terry O'Connell - Actor, Producer

David O'Connor - Actor

George Ogilvie - Director

Rita Pauncefort - Actor

John Penburthy - Director

Jo Peoples - Actor

Peter Perry - Actor

Robert Perry - Director

Bill Price - Actor

William Pringle - Actor

Max Purnell - Actor

Doug Ramsay - Actor

Helen Rayson-Hill - Actor

Eric Reiman - Actor

Svetlana Rimsky-Korsakoff - Actor

Daphne Roemermann - Producer

Betty Ross - Actor

Ronnie Rowan - Properties Master

John Saul - Actor

Harry Schmidt - Actor

Stephen Scott - Actor

Denise Seaton - Actor

Jean Seib - Actor

Ron Shand - Actor

Michael Shapcott - Actor

Alan Shiner - Actor

Harry Short - Stage Manager

Rodney Smith - Actor

John Stacy - Actor

Rosemary Steer - Actor

Georgie Sterling - Actor

Peter Sweeney - Actor

Bob Telfer - Actor

Irene Thirkell - Actor

Dorothy Throssell - Actor

Doug Tweedie - Actor

Rene Vance - Set Designer

Leslie Victor - Actor

Rita Wallace - Actor

Caroline Walters - Actor

Anthony Ward - Actor

Neville Ward - Set Designer

Betty Weatherlake - Actor

Hugo Weaving - Actor

Bettina Welch - Actor

Vanessa Wells - Actor

Fred Wessely - Actor

Sidney Wheeler - Actor

Brian Williams - Actor

Brian Wood - Actor

Yvonne Yates - Actor

John Young - Actor

Tony Youngman - Actor

Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Tivoli Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Performing Arts Centre, Aberfoyle Park, SA

Arts Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Albert Hall, Brisbane, QLD

Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba, QLD

The Playhouse, Broken Hill, NSW

Riverside Theatre, Barton, ACT

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Kent Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Minerva Theatre, Kings Cross, NSW

Killara Memorial Hall, Killara, NSW

Pymble Community Hall, Pymble, NSW

Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW

Criterion Theatre, North Sydney, NSW

The New Dolphin Theatre, Crawley, WA

Sydney Radio Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Royalty Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Wonderland Theatre, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Work Identifier 2057