Organisation Adult Education Board
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Address WA 6009
Place of Origin University of Western Australia
Functions Other, Presenting Company

University Dramatic Society

The Theatre Guild of Perth

Anzac House, Perth, WA

Assembly Hall, Perth, WA

Busselton Theatre, Busselton, WA

Theatre Guild, Perth, WA

Faith Clayton - Reciter, Actor

Neville Teede - Actor, Reciter

Jeana Tweedie - Producer, Director

Peter Crabtree - Actor

John Dudley-Bateman - Actor

Lila Hansen - Actor

Dale Harvey - Actor

Judith Mauldon - Actor

Alan Richardson - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Len Burrows - Singer

Colleen Clifford - Director

Peter Cuffley - Actor

Brian Ketterer - Actor

Barbara Levien - Musical Director

Lindsay Sedgwick - Lighting Designer, Actor

Priscilla Thompson - Actor

Peter Ustinov - Playwright

Organisation Identifier 31901