Contributor Virginia Eastman
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Other Names Ginni Eastman
Gender Female
Functions Actor, Assistant Director

Assistant Director


Actor and Singer

Bruce Cornelius - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Frank Bansel - Actor, Sound Designer

Kerry De Fluck - Actor

John Hale - Actor

John Lavery - Actor

Noreen Le Mottee - Costume Assistant, Actor and Singer

David O'Halloran - Actor

Caroline Sibson - Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Bradley Smith - Actor

Veronica Thompson - Costume Assistant, Costume Co-ordinator

Anthony Ackroyd - Actor

Adge Ashcroft - Set and/or Property Maker

Anthony Boden - Actor

Rogan Brown - Lighting Operator

Robyn Colman - Actor

Fiona Evershed - Sound Operator/Engineer

Allen Harvey - Actor

Stuart Heathorn - Publicist

Iain Lang - Actor

Penelope McDonald - Actor

Penny McDonald - Actor

Martin Pearce - Actor

Bernard Pidd - Actor

David Pidd - Actor

Jean Pidd - Actor

Rosemary Potter - Stage Manager

Jeremy Scrivener - Actor

Ian Stephenson - Actor

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

Lisa Warrington - Director

Noel Ancell - Actor

Penny Anderson - Actor and Singer

Patricia Ashcroft - Actor and Singer

Bob Ashwood - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Jane Ashwood - Actor

Marie Aubert - Actor and Singer

Timothy Bacon - Actor

Margaret Barrett - Actor and Singer

Keith Bates - Lighting Designer

Lyall Beven - Actor and Singer

Fleur Bitcon - Actor and Singer

Anna Boam - Actor and Singer

Paul Boam - Scenic Artist

Mavis Brinckman - Actor and Singer

Dick Brugman - Set and/or Property Maker

Don Burman - Actor

Alison Burton - Actor and Singer

Charles Calvert - Graphic Designer

Gillian Cannell - Actor and Singer

Miranda Cartledge - Actor and Singer

John Cattell - Set and/or Property Maker

Sally Cattell - Director

Lynette Cooper - Actor and Singer

Jane Cowley - Actor and Singer

Fiona Cox - Actor

Susan Jane Creese - Actor

Holly Davies - Actor and Singer

Heather Docherty - Actor and Singer

Jane Edwards - Actor and Singer

Fiona Eickhoff - Assistant Stage Manager

Gwen Foster - Costume Co-ordinator

Anne Frank - Writer

Frances Goodrich - Playwright

Rowena Grice - Actor and Singer

Carol Griffiths - Stage Manager, Electrician

Albert Hackett - Playwright

Hilry Hamilton - Assistant Stage Manager

Kathy Harris - Actor and Singer

Chris Harvey - Set and/or Property Maker

David Hassall - Sound Operator/Engineer

David Hawley - Actor

Moira Hay - Assistant Stage Manager

Regina Heilmann - Actor

Peter Hiller - Scenic Artist

Helena Hodges - Actor and Singer

Andrea Jackson - Actor

Maree Rose Jones - Actor and Singer

Lesley Lamb - Assistant Stage Manager

Pirjo Lambert - Actor

Michael Lanchbery - Director, Actor

Louise Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Stefan Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Anna Mackey - Actor and Singer

John Mannering - Mechanist

Cathy McNamara - Lighting Operator

Ken Mercer - Actor

Tara Morice - Actor

Adam Newcombe - Actor

David O'Connor - Actor

David Ormerod - Actor

Gwen Owens - Sound Operator/Engineer

Rob Owens - Assistant Stage Manager

Ric Paterson - Sound Operator/Engineer

Stephanie Potter - Actor and Singer

John Ryan - Actor

Michael Saveliev - Actor

Valerie Sear - Actor

Ben Sibson - Actor and Singer

Bernadette Smith - Actor and Singer

Georgine Stilwell - Actor and Singer

Matthew Stilwell - Actor and Singer

Brian Sykes - Set Designer

Edward Talbot - Director

Christopher Thomas - Actor

Mary Louise Thorpe - Actor

Rod Thurkelsen - Mechanist

John Unicomb - Actor

Derek Voorpostel - Actor

Fransina Voorpostel - Actor

Carol Warner - Choreographer

Frank Wedekind - Playwright

Peter West - Assistant Stage Manager

Denise Wheeler - Actor and Singer

TCAE Drama Studio

Polygon Theatre Company

Tasmanian Theatre Company

Apprentice Theatre

Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music

Identifier 485111