Contributor Clark Gesner
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Functions Composer, Lyricist, Music and Lyrics, Writer

Book and Lyrics


Music and Lyrics





Charles M Schulz - Author, Creator, Writer, Cartoonist

Kathleen Allen - Assistant Director

Frank Bladwell - Designer, Director

John Blankenship - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator

Greg Combes - Actor

Wayne Comly - Actor

Greg Crease - Musical Director

Lynne Emanuel - Actor

Judy Ferris - Producer

Richard Hughes - Stage Manager

Craig Lambert - Actor

Robert Leys - Actor

Ian McGrath - Stage Manager

Joddi Speight - Lighting Designer

Liliana Tekstra - Actor

David Young - Actor

Christine Dunstan - Director

Peter Tulloch - Director, Production Designer

Paul Woods - Actor

Judy Allchin - Actor

Keith Bain - Choreographer

Matt Balmford - Actor

Tim Blundell - Lighting Designer

John Brettell - Stage Manager

Christine Brown - Actor

Andy Bruyn - Actor

Belynda Buck - Choreographer

Carol Burns - Actor

Simon Cashman - Actor

Ron Challinor - Actor

Marco Charlin - Actor

Peter Charlton - Actor

Erica Chestnut - Choreographer

Iain Christie - Actor

Elva Clarke - Stage Manager

Fiona Clarke - Assistant Stage Manager

Graham Clarke - Musical Director

Chris Connelly - Actor

Stephen Cook - Actor

Peter Corr - Actor

Buddy Dawson - Actor

Fiona Delaine - Director

Mark DeLaine - Musical Director

Irene Dios - Actor

Grant Dodwell - Actor

Nikola Dubois - Actor

Rod Dunbar - Actor

Daniel Edmonds - Musical Director

Matt Edwards - Actor

Fahad Farooque - Actor

Chris Fearn - Actor

Richard Fitzgerald - Set Designer

Andrew Foster - Actor

Matthew Frawley - Director

David Gilkes - Actor

Dale Grant - Actor

Kent Green - Actor

Charles Hawksley - Actor

Daniel Hearn - Actor

Paul Hitchens - Sound Designer

Elaine Holland - Actor

Mark Hopkins - Stage Manager

Hayley Horton - Director

Peter Johns - Musical Director

Gerald Jones - Set Designer

Leila Kalan - Actor

Robert Keane - Musical Director

Julie Kenealy - Actor

Carol Kenwrick - Costume Co-ordinator

Di Kingston - Production Manager

Lynne Leak - Percussionist

Joe MacColum - Director

Anne Macrae - Choreographer

Carl Makin - Lighting Designer

Brendan McCormack - Musical Director

Mark McGee - Actor

Cassie McGuinness - Actor

Sandra McKenzie - Director

David Miller - Director, Designer

Luke Murphy - Lighting Operator

Amy Nagesh - Actor

Omkar Nagesh - Actor

Peter Narroway - Musical Director

Chris Neal - Sound Designer

Beverley Nevin - Choreographer

John O'Hara - Actor

Julian Owen - Actor

Patrick Oxley - Actor

Peter Ralph - Choreographer

Vanessa Redmond - Choreographer

Paul Ritchie - Actor

John Rogers - Actor

Tamara Ross - Actor

Lyndel Rowe - Actor

Geoffrey Rush - Actor

Mim Sarre - Actor

Mary-Jane Saunders - Actor

Alex Sciberras - Lighting Designer

Cliff Simcox - Designer

Phil Simmons - Actor

Trevor Smith - Actor

Les Solomon - Director

Tony Soszynski - Director

Mark Stefanoff - Choreographer

Jon Stephens - Actor

Elizabeth Stevenson - Actor, Producer

Fiona Sullivan - Actor

Anne Sutcliffe - Director

Fiona Syme - Actor

Esther Trewarden - Musical Director

Kate Tricks - Actor

Barry Tudor - Actor

Celeste Underhill - Director

Hayley Van Veen - Costume Designer

Jeff Wall - Actor

David Waters - Actor

Christopher Way - Actor

Michael Whittaker - Actor

Gareth Wilkes - Actor

John Williams - Lighting Designer

Robert Williams - Assistant Stage Manager

Coralie Wood - Actor

Alan Wylie - Actor

Ensemble Productions Pty Ltd

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide Youth Theatre

Alpha Theatre

Arena Theatre Company

Blackbird Productions

Canberra Philharmonic Society Inc.

Canberra Repertory Society

Darwin Theatre Group

Garrick Theatre Club

Harry M. Miller Attractions Pty Ltd

Keyhole Productions

Melbourne State College Drama Department

Mixed Company (Melbourne)

Playbox Theatres Pty Limited

Queensland Theatre Company

The Hills Musical Company

The Peninsula Young People's Theatre

Victorian Arts Council

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