Venue Brisbane City Hall
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Other Names Auditorium of the Brisbane City Hall
City Hall Auditorium
City Hall
Address King George Square
Brisbane QLD 4000
Notes Opened April 8, 1930.
Latitude | Longitude -27.4682671 | 153.0230580

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

Queensland State and Municipal Choir

Radio 4BK

Radio 4AK

Queensland Arts Council

Band of the 1st Military District

Diggers' Choir

Holland Park Choir

Indooroopilly Choral Society

J. and N. Tait

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Schneider Sisters

The Caledonian Pipe Band

The Comedy Harmonists

The Metropolitan Choral Society

ABC Wireless Chorus

Albion Male Quartette

Albion Scottish Pipe Band

All Hallows' Convent String Orchestra


Australasian Lecture Tours Association

Australian Army Amenities Concert Orchestra

Barbara Sisley Choir

Bayview Records


Bodenwieser Troupe

Brenda McCullough Academy of Dance

Brisbane Ladies' Brass Band

Brisbane Male Choir

Brisbane Municipal Concert Band

Brisbane String Orchestra

Buranda State Boys' School Choir

Burns Club Band

Cal State Choir

Clare O'Bryen Academy of Dance

Curlew Choir

Dick Porter's Dance Band

Diggers' All Band

East Brisbane Juveniles' Band

Edith Barry Academy of Dance

Elsie Feguss Academy of Dance

Handel Society

Hilo Duo

Irish Association Pipe Band

Jacques Loussier Trio

Joy Bassett Academy of Dance

June and Monica Halliday Academy of Dance

Leigh Warren and Dancers


Lourdes Hill Convent Choir

Mahoney and Geraghty

Meistersingers Choir

Melba Trio

Mildred Well's W.N.E.L. Choir

Municipal Ladies' Recital Choir

Nancye Bridges Company of Artists

Patterson Mead

Polish Chamber Orchestra

Queensland Biennial Festival of Music

Queensland Lines of Communication Area Band

Queensland Orchestra

Regent Theatre Orchestra

Saint James' City School Choir

Saint Laurence's School Choir

Seymour Productions

State Schools of North Brisbane

The Arts Council of Australia (Queensland Division)

The Corinthian Singers

The Ealing Brothers

The Marist Brothers Boys' Choir

The Royal New Zealand Air Force Band

The Vienna Boys' Choir

The Welsh Ladies Choir

Three Crochets

Trocadero Orchestra

W. H. Paling and Company Limited

Weate Brothers

Westmead Boys' Band

World Shakespeare Congress

A Rees - Compere

George Sampson - Organist, Performer, Musician

Christine Whyte - Musician, Performer, Accompanist

Sadie Brown - Accompanist, Performer, Musician

Archie Day - Organist, Musician

E Jordan - Conductor, Choir Master/Mistress

Betty McLelland - Cellist, Musician, Performer

John Menzies - Tenor, Performer, Musician

Clive Douglas - Conductor

George Macfarlane - Musician, Tenor, Vocalist, Performer

Harold Williams - Baritone, Singer, Musician

Hugh Brandon - Organist, Pianist, Musician

Babe Bridges - Actor

Nancye Bridges - Actor

Jess Brown - Singer, Vocalist, Contralto

John Davidson - Singer, Tenor

Margery Horn - Musician, Performer

Gretta McLelland - Violinist, Performer, Musician

Rees Morgan - Pianist, Musician

Gwen O'Donnell - Musician, Vocalist, Performer, Soprano

Percy Pledger - Performer, Musician

Nan Shaw - Contralto, Musician, Performer

Enid Tardent - Musician, Performer

J Wallis - Organist, Conductor, Accompanist

Gwen Barker - Actor and Singer, Singer

Frederic Chopin - Composer

Stanley Clarkson - Bass, Singer

Harold Cook - Baritone, Musician, Performer

Firth Edmonds - Musician, Singer, Vocalist

John Ellis - Musician

Dan Foley - Tenor, Performer

Norma Hall - Comedian

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Evie Hayes - Actor, Singer

Eric Hayne - Orchestral Leader

Jenny Howard - Actor

Helen Jones - Performer, Musician

May Jordan - Actor and Singer, Soprano

Gladys Kelly - Singer, Vocalist, Soprano

Noel Mewton-Wood - Pianist

Buster Noble - Actor

Dulcie Sampson - Pianist, Musician

Malcolm Sargent - Conductor

John Steele - Musician, Performer

Marion Teague - Performer, Musician

Marie Tysoe - Actor

Sybil Willey - Musician, Contralto, Performer

Angelina Arena - Actor

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Raymond Baird - Saxophonist

Nancy Beech - Performer, Musician

Reg Black - Pianist, Actor

Percy Brier - Conductor

Laurie Brooks - Vocalist, Performer

W Burton - Conductor

Robert Butt - Musician, Performer

Percy Code - Conductor

Estelle Cormack - Performer, Musician

Frank Curnow - Musician

Phyllis Dauth - Musician, Performer

Claude Debussy - Composer

Will Donald - Performer, Musician

Dorothy Dorfeld - Performer, Musician

Eileen Dunne - Soprano, Vocalist

Leonard Francis - Conductor

Grisha Goluboff - Violinist

Bill Gordon - Comedian, Performer

Betty Ham - Performer

Vera Hartshorn - Musician, Violinist

Bernard Heinze - Conductor

Mollie Hislop - Soprano, Musician

Ursula Irving - Soprano, Vocalist

Albert Kaesar - Conductor

Rosalind Keene - Actor

Neil Mackay - Musician

Ernest Macmillan - Conductor

Ian Martin - Actor and Singer, Baritone

Harry Mills - Performer, Musician

Monica Morton - Musician

Leith Murdoch - Mezzo-Soprano, Musician

Rachel Neale - Soprano, Musician

Kenneth Neate - Tenor

Thomas Nelson - Performer, Musician

Patricia Pack - Musician, Violinist

Ronald Price - Performer, Musician

Georg Schneevoigt - Conductor

Franz Schubert - Composer

Robert Schumann - Composer

Joan Scott - Musician, Pianist

Kitty Slack - Musician, Organist, Accompanist

Johann Strauss - Composer

J. Nevin Tait - Director

Dorothy Toten - Musician

F Trotter - Administrator

Ludwig van Beethoven - Composer

R Webber - Performer

Joan Whalley - Director, Actor

Alban Whitehead - Vocalist

Hilda Woolmer - Pianist, Accompanist

Iris Abraham - Performer

John Adams - Composer

John Aland - Set Designer

Isaac Albeniz - Composer

Olwyn Arkinstall - Performer

Queenie Ashton - Actor

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach - Composer

Edgar Bainton - Conductor

Leon Baird - Playwright

John Francis Barnett - Composer

Nell Barnsley - Musician

Carl Bartling - Pianist

Rachael Beck - Singer

Sir Thomas Beecham - Conductor

Bobby Bell - Comic Instrumentalist

Lee Benson - Dancer

Gwen Bergman - Accompanist

Ken Best - Pianist

Harry Borrodale - Producer

Edmund Bourke - Actor, Director

Russell Box - Xylophone

Johannes Brahms - Composer

Royale Brims - Performer

Gerard Brophy - Composer

John Brosnan - Actor

John Brownlee - Baritone

William Cade - Conductor

Robert Casteels - Conductor

Lionello Cecil - Tenor

Alex Cherniavasky - Director

Leslie Chester - Violinist

Betty Churcher - Set Designer

Roy Churcher - Set Designer

Jimmy Clarke - Performer

Syd Clarke - Comic Instrumentalist

Len Cleary - Singer

Betty Clutterbuck - Performer

Iris Common - Musician

Gerry Connolly - Singer

Norman Convelius - Musician

P Corkindale - Band Leader

Betty Cornelius - Performer

Norma Cornelius - Singer

Dorothy Cottee - Musician

Joyce Cowan - Singer

Rex Cramphorn - Actor

Barry Creyton - Actor

Karen Crone - Actor

Richard Crooks - Tenor

Bob Crosby - Comedian

Viva Crowe - Actor and Singer

John Crown - Pianist

S Culliford - Musician

Ralph Daley - Baritone

R Dalley-Scarlett - Conductor

Ralph Daly - Performer

Horrie Dargie - Musician

Andrew Davidson - Musical Director

Gordon Davis - Actor

Stefan de Polotynski - Producer, Pianist, Conductor

Paul Dellit - Writer

Alan Denby - Director

Antal Dorati - Conductor

Bessie Dougall - Musician

Mark Dunbar - Conductor

Kathleen Dunne - Accompanist

Marcel Dupre - Organist

Kim Durban - Director

Antonin Dvořák - Composer

Alan Dwyer - Set Designer

Firth Edmunds - Contralto

Les Edye - Conductor

George English - Conductor

Arthur Evan Read - Set Designer

Dick Fair - Performer

Noel Faulkner - Baritone

Gracie Fields - Singer

Berenice Fitzgerald - Mezzo-Soprano

Betty Fredennick - Musician

Peter Freeman - Set Designer

Ignaz Friedman - Pianist

Eunice Gardiner - Pianist

George Gardiner - Singer

Rosa Gargiulo - Soprano

Christian Garros - Percussionist

Jeanette Gilbert - Performer

Ray Glover - Pianist

Charles Gounod - Composer

David Grahame - Conductor

F Grealy - Conductor

Trevor Green - Choreographer

Edvard Grieg - Composer

Clem Grogan - Actor

Georg Gruber - Conductor

Cecil Hadgraft - Writer

Jessie Hadgraft - Writer

Richard Hageman - Composer

Charles Hall - Conductor

John Hannell - Accompanist

Gladys Harris - Performer

Gwen Harris - Actor

Perry Hart - Violinist

Eric Hauff - Actor

Reubert Hayes - Organist

Melville Haysom - Set Designer

Flores Hernan - Singer

Marjorie Hesse - Pianist

Paul Hindemith - Composer

Arthur Hinton - Composer

Gordon Hocking - Performer

Joan Howley - Cellist

John-Michael Howson - Writer

Harry Humphrey - Performer

James Hunter - Baritone

Max Hurley - Set Designer

Maki Ishii - Composer

E Jackson - Conductor

Brenda James - Dancer

Peggy Josephson - Violinist

William Kapell - Pianist

Annette Kellerman - Producer, Performer

John Kelly - Administrator

Muriel King - Accompanist

Eunice Knapp - Contralto

Nancy Knudsen - Actor

Noto Kusoemo - Producer

Carolyn Lam - Musician

Raymond Lambert - Pianist

Erich Landerer - Pianist

Blanche Lather - Director, Actor

George Lawrence - Musical Director

Lotte Lehmann - Soprano

Miriam Lester - Performer

Leo Lewin - Tenor

Nicolae Licaret - Organist

Esme Lind - Soprano

Franz Liszt - Composer

Ernest Llewellyn - Violinist

Jacques Loussier - Pianist

Peter Lyons - Actor

Babs MacKinnon - Actor

Will Mahoney - Comedian

Jill Manners - Soprano

Maria Markan - Soprano

Jeannie Marsh - Singer

Olga Martin - Musician

Wallace Martin - Performer

Venancio Mbande - Musician

H McCallum - Violinist

Mabel McCauley - Musician

Myra McCauley - Mezzo-Soprano

Dorcas McClean - Violinist

Allen McCristal - Pianist

J McDonnell - Band Leader

Joan McGrath - Performer

Tom McGregor - Singer

Greta McLellan - Violinist

Pat McOnigly - Performer

Don McTaggart - Actor

Pierre Michelot - Bass

Lenore Miller - Comic Singer

Gladys Moncrieff - Singer

Berenice Montgomery - Accompanist

Mary Moore - Designer

Mervyn Moriarty - Set Designer

Jill Morris - Playwright

Tommy Motto - Performer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

John Nash - Actor

Pablo Neruda - Poet

Ivor Newton - Accompanist, Pianist

Joyce Newton - Soprano

K O'Donoghue - Conductor

Marie Ormston - Pianist

Marie Parker - Soprano

Queenie Paul - Actor

Sybil Peake - Pianist

Nerissa Pearce - Musician

Claude Phillips - Producer

Hazel Phillips - Actor

Peter Pinne - Writer

Betty Powell - Musician

Stella Power - Singer

Ruth Price - Performer

Marjorie Puregger - Writer

Jennifer Ramsay - Set Designer

Cap Randall - Conductor

M Richardson - Administrator

Jean Rigby - Musician

Ella Robinson - Musician

Lloyd Robinson - Pianist

Colleen Rodiger - Musician

Aly N'Diaye Rose - Musician

Cynthia Ross - Performer

Charles Roy - Performer

Tom Ryan - Bassoonist

Pnina Salzman - Pianist

Wendy Sanders - Actor

Domenico Scarlatti - Composer

Artur Schnabel - Pianist

Bebe Scott - Performer

Timothy Sexton - Musical Director

Viva Sherry - Musician

Joan Slatyer - Pianist

Betty Smith - Pianist

Bill Smith - Singer

Nance Smith - Musician

Rachael Solo - Performer

Beresford Statham - Musician

Madge Staughton - Set Designer

Godfrey Stirling - Tenor

Margery Stuart - Musician

Oswald Summerton - Conductor

Sigrid Sundgren - Pianist

Halliday Sutherland - Lecturer

Stanley Swain - Musician

Betty Swanwick - Performer

Harold Taberner - Musician

Joan Tanner - Actor

M Taunton - Administrator

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Jandy The Musical Clown - Comic Instrumentalist

Mikis Theodorakis - Composer

Geraldine Turner - Actor

Ned Tyrrell - Orchestral Leader

Paul Ulanowsky - Pianist

Wim Vos - Composer

George Wagner - Baritone

Margaret Walduck - Performer

Noel Walker - Performer

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian

Rowena Wallace - Actor

Leigh Warren - Choreographer

Robert Webber - Organist

Richard Werner - Set Designer

Lee White - Producer

Gloria Wilkins - Musician

Hannah Williams - Actor

Neil Williams - Actor

Igor Wollner - Director

J Yorston - Conductor

Gheorghe Zamfir - Musician

Gino Zancanaro - Actor

Venue Identifier 1133