Contributor Tony Coyne
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Gender Male
Functions Tour Manager

Tour Manager

Lloyd Nickson - Playwright, Director, Designer

Nigel Rice - Stage Manager, Actor

Meg Simpson - Actor

Cynthia Cooper - Actor

Malcolm Cork - Actor

Stephen Gow - Designer

Tim Mullooly - Actor

Jennifer Cluff - Actor

Michael Cummings - Actor

Nick Hall - Playwright

David Lees - Lighting Designer

Colin Schumacher - Actor

Keith Bain - Director

Sally Butterfield - Music and Lyrics, Actor

Michael Ellis - Designer

Arthur Frame - Production Manager

Douglas Hedge - Playwright

Mark Hembrow - Producer, Music and Lyrics, Actor, Creator

Ric Herbert - Music and Lyrics, Actor

Ben Jansen - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Graeme Johnston - Costume Designer

Dave Worthington - Scriptwriter

Queensland Theatre Company

The Arts Council of Australia (Queensland Division)

Queensland Arts Council

Karm Productions

Identifier 497039