Work Sexual Perversity in Chicago
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Creator Contributors

Alterior Motive Theatre

Australia Council for the Arts

Broadwave Hairdressers

Festival of Perth

Gearstick Productions

Hoopla Theatre Foundation

La Bamba

La Boite Theatre Company

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Nerve Centre Theatre Company

New South Wales Government

Nimrod Theatre Company

Paris Hat Productions

Singapore Airlines Ltd

Stehar Knitting Mills Pty. Limited

Sydney City Council

The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company

The Western Australian Arts Council

TN Theatre Company

University Theatre Ensemble

Winfield Promotions Company

David Mamet - Playwright

Noel Anderson - Director

Fiona Atkin - Director

Jane Atkins - Director

Rosemary Barr - Actor

Nancy Black - Actor

Graeme Blundell - Director, Actor

Michael Booth - Director

Ken Boucher - Director

David Bramble - Actor

Steph Brewster - Actor

Michael Caton - Actor

Emma Cordero - Actor

Peter Corrigan - Designer

Claire Crowther - Actor

Lynette Curran - Actor

Stephen Curtis - Designer

Bernie Davis - Actor

Celia de Burgh - Actor

Andrew Dillon - Actor

Mary Docker - Actor

Lee-Anne Donnoley - Stage Manager

Bill Dowd - Designer

Shelley Gaul - Actor

Helen Godecke - Stage Manager

Ray Goodlass - Director

Ben Griffiths - Actor

Rod Hall - Actor

Jo Hardie - Actor

Craig Higgs - Actor

Liz Horne - Actor

Patrick Hughes - Actor

Carly Jacobs - Actor

Mark Johnson - Actor

Eleanor Jones - Actor

Evelyn Krape - Actor

Sam Lavery - Actor

David Malacari - Sound Operator/Engineer

Naomi Milthorpe - Actor

Grahame Murray - Lighting Designer

Nano Nagle - Director

John O'May - Actor

Susie Paterno - Actor

Ian Perkins - Sound Composer

Candy Raymond - Actor

Kristin Reuter - Stage Manager

Amelia Ryan - Actor

Carlo San Giorgio - Actor

Ami-Lou Sharpe - Director, Producer

Alan Smith - Sound Operator/Engineer

Red Symons - Musical Director

Amos Szeps - Actor

Henri Szeps - Actor

Kellie Tori - Actor

Brian Turner - Actor

Fiona Walsh - Actor

Duncan Wass - Actor

Paul Wentford - Director

Ben Williams - Actor

Todd Worden - Actor

Northcote Town Hall, Northcote, VIC

The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC

The Street Theatre Studio, Acton, ACT

Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

La Boite Theatre (June 1972 - 2003), Milton, QLD

Locarno, Prahran, VIC

Street 2, Acton, ACT

Nimrod Downstairs, Surry Hills, NSW

The Hole in the Wall Theatre, Leederville, WA

Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, QLD

Studio Theatre, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Work Identifier 2216