Contributor Paul Zindel
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Date of Birth 15 May 1936
Date of Death 27 March 2003
Functions Playwright



Don Batchelor - Director

Lucinda Armour - Actor

Ray Bennett - Stage Manager

Rick Billinghurst - Director

Alison Bird - Actor

Euan Bowen - Lighting Designer

Julie Bradley - Costume Designer

Geoff Brittain - Director

Bunney Brooke - Actor, Director

Russell Brown - Set Designer

Diane Chamberlain - Actor

Leonora Cornall - Actor

Sue Costin - Stage Manager

Jim Cotter - Composer

Michael Crawford - Lighting Designer

Sandie Daly - Lighting Designer

Denise Davies - Actor

Hal Davies - Director

Vivien Davies - Actor

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Bob de Lany - Actor

Judy Dick - Actor

John Doyle - Lighting Designer

John Edmund - Artistic Director

Marion Edward - Actor

Jenine Etty - Actor

Judith Fisher - Actor

Douglas Gautier - Actor

Robyn Giles - Actor

David Goddard - Director

Hayes Gordon - Director

Vivean Gray - Actor

Meredith Greenwood - Actor

Daphne Grey - Actor

Silver Harris - Designer

Diane Hesse - Stage Manager

Simon Hopkinson - Production Manager

Hazel Howson - Actor

Bernadette Hughson - Actor

Doug Kingsman - Designer

Jude Kuring - Actor

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

John Macleod - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Verity Marina - Actor

Beth Martin - Actor

Pat McDonald - Actor

Rona McLeod - Actor

Geoffrey Milne - Electrician

Melanie Munt - Actor

Pamela Munt - Actor

Myra Noblett - Actor

Helen O'Connor - Actor

George Ogilvie - Director

Madeleine Orr - Actor

Nicholas Papademetriou - Director

Lynne Pearsall - Actor

Donald Pearse - Designer

Heather Pearson - Actor

C Pie - Actor

Ailsa Piper - Actor

Gordon Poole - Actor

S Pot - Actor

Richard Prins - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Peta Rabbit - Animal Performer

Fiona Reilly - Designer

Cathy Richardson - Actor

Mary Roberts - Stage Manager

Cally Robinson - Actor

Pamela Rosenberg - Director

Jenny Rowland - Actor

Suzanne Roylance - Actor

Deidre Rubenstein - Actor

Hugh Rule - Production Manager

Zoe Salmon - Actor

Jasan Savage - Director, Set Designer

Lena Scerri - Costume Designer

Jennifer Scott - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Monique Spanbrook - Actor

Nina Stevenson - Actor

Mary-Lou Stewart - Actor

Gordon Todd - Stage Director

Jacqui Uhlmann - Actor

Barbara West - Actor

Tim Wilson - Sound Operator/Engineer

Melbourne Theatre Company

Queensland Theatre Company

The Australian Council for the Arts

3Some Productions

Advisory Committee on Cultural Grants

Animal House, University of WesternAustralia

Australia Council for the Arts

Blackwood Players

Canberra Repertory Society

Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Melbourne City Council

Rusden State College

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Independent Theatre

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

The University of Melbourne

Theatre 62 Regional Theatre Co. Inc

University Dramatic Society

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