Contributor Andrew Sampson
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Gender Male
Functions Assistant Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Iain Aitken - Designer

Samantha Baker - Assistant Stage Manager

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Tatyana des Fontaines-Burns - Actor

John Gaden - Actor

Peter Ghin - Actor

Tracy Grant - Costume Designer

Elizabeth Grieb - Performer

Jonathan Hardy - Actor

Natasha Herbert - Actor

Terry Johnson - Playwright

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Anne Livingstone - Performer

Paul McCluskey - Actor

Ian McDonald - Composer

Lola McHarg - Performer

Emiliana Olivotto - Stage Manager

Simon Palomares - Actor

Simon Phillips - Director

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Carmen Serle - Performer

Arts Victoria

Australia Council for the Arts

Melbourne Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

Identifier 432366