Organisation Australian National Playwrights' Centre
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Address PO Box 1566
Rozelle NSW 2039
Functions Other, Presenting Company, Production Company, Sponsor
Notes The Australian National Playwrights' Centre ceased operating in 2007. Its functions have been taken up by Playwriting Australia. Former web link

Adelaide Bank Charitable Foundation

Arts SA

Australia Council for the Arts

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Canberra Youth Theatre

Channel 9

Griffin Theatre Company

Mainstreet Theatre

New South Wales University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

Seymour Theatre Centre

Sydney Festival

The House of Robert Timms

Australian National University, Acton, ACT

Canberra, Canberra, ACT

State Theatre Company Rehearsal Room 2, Adelaide, SA

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA

Downstairs Theatre, Chippendale, NSW

Mainstreet Theatre, Mount Gambier, SA

Matthew Flinders Theatre, Bedford Park, SA

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

State Library of SA, Adelaide, SA

Studio One, Kensington, NSW

The Space, Adelaide, SA

The Street Theatre, Acton, ACT

Ningali Lawford - Playwright, Director

Neil Armfield - Director

Nicholas Bolonkin - Director, Playwright

Andrew Bovell - Playwright

Bille Brown - Director

Rosalba Clemente - Director

Niamh Kearney - Playwright

Verity Laughton - Director

Andrea Lemon - Playwright

Jadah Milroy - Playwright

Helen Morse - Director

John Romeril - Speaker, Curator

Dallas Winmar - Playwright

Matthew Aberline - Playwright

May-Brit Akerholt - Performer

Geoffrey Atherden - Playwright

Juliet Attenborough - Actor

Monica Barone - Director

Kyle Blanshard - Actor

Melissa Bruce - Director

Geoffrey Chan - Playwright

Beatrix Christian - Playwright

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer

Tyler Coppin - Actor

Robert Crompton - Playwright

Campion Decent - Playwright

Nick Enright - Speaker

Gary Fry - Director

Walter Grkovic - Actor

Sacha Horler - Actor

Elaine Hudson - Actor

David James - Actor

Jenny Kent - Actor

Eulea Kiraly - Director

Franz Xaver Kroetz - Playwright

Owen Love - Writer

Owen Love March - Playwright

Geoff Morrell - Actor

Thomas Murphy - Playwright

Bill Neidjie - Playwright

Louis Nowra - Speaker

Ben Packer - Director

Nicola Parry - Director

Kelton Pell - Playwright

Dan Potra - Designer

Saito Ren - Curator

Philip Sealey - Actor

Sam Sejavka - Playwright

Stephen Sewell - Playwright

Suzanne Spunner - Playwright

Katherine Thomson - Speaker

Phil Thomson March - Playwright

Alana Valentine - Speaker

David Williamson - Speaker

Carol Woodrow - Director

Beth Yahp - Playwright

Kerry Yates - Playwright

Organisation Identifier 784