Contributor Peter France
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Gender Male
Functions Actor


Set and/or Property Maker

Adrian Archinall - Stage Manager, Various, Technical Director, Lighting Operator

Elaine Darcy - Stage Manager, Properties Master, Actor

Andre Rannard - Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

Gordon Todd - Technical Director, Stage Director, Actor

Julie Armstrong - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Scenic Artist, Actor

Peter Batey - Actor, Director, Designer

Stan Davies - Actor

John Hyne - Sound Artist, Lighting Operator

Peter Jones - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Janice Kenny - Actor

Trish Mollett - Scenic Artist

Warwick Ongley - Actor

Judith Russell - Sound Operator/Engineer, Actor

Valeska Stewart - Actor

Kate Sullivan - Special Effects, Actor

Rosemary Swan - Assistant Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Thelma White - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer

John Woodrow - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Liz Woodrow - Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator

Edward Albee - Adaptor

Sadie Armstrong - Assistant Lighting Designer

Margaret Atkinson - Actor

Shirley Bartley - Costume Maker

Monica Bates - Properties Master

Neil Benneworth - Set and/or Property Maker

Janet Bishop - Sound Operator/Engineer

John Bishop - Actor

Frank Boddy - Actor

Maria Boddy - Assistant Stage Manager

Anna Brooks - Costume Maker

Joan Bruce - Actor

Joan Buckie - Actor

Algis Butavicius - Designer, Director

Carlene Butavicius - Costume Co-ordinator

W Carrodus - Various

Ian Collins - Set and/or Property Maker

Warwick Crampton - Assistant Director

Graeme Daley - Sound Designer

Phyl Davey - Properties Master

Margaret Fead - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jim Ferguson - Set and/or Property Maker

Liz Ferguson - Actor

Bill Fisher - Actor

David Fopp - Actor

Ian Gammage - Actor

Mary Garwes - Actor

Shirley Glover - Actor

Ainsley Gotto - Actor

Roberta Grant - Actor

  • Hamlet, The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT, 26 March 1966

Peter Gregson - Set and/or Property Maker

Michelle Hanbury - Special Effects

John Hine - Lighting Operator

Ron Houison - Actor

Jim Hutchins - Actor

Eugene Ionesco - Playwright

Jenny Johnson - Scenic Artist

Jennie Johnston - Assistant Stage Manager

Carol Kane - Actor, Scenic Artist

Len Kane - Scenic Artist

Margaret Kimber - Actor

John Kingley - Actor

David Langbridge - Actor

Jenny Lawton - Actor

Heather Leedman - Assistant Stage Manager

Dorothy MacKenzie - Prompt

Phil Mackenzie - Actor

Carson McCullers - Author

John McGarry - Lighting Designer

Grant McIntyre - Actor

Phil McKenzie - Actor

Mary McRedmond - Administrator

Dorothy Meredith - Prompt

Robin Nation - Costume Co-ordinator

Leon Norgate - Assistant Lighting Designer

John O'Brien - Actor

Trina Parker - Prompt, Scenic Artist

Bonnie Press - Costume Maker

Mary Roberts - Costume Maker

Aukje Robertson - Sound Operator/Engineer

Pam Robertson - Puppet Designer

Pamela Rosenberg - Actor

Brian Russell - Stage Director

Harry Schmidt - Actor

David Scott - Set and/or Property Maker

David Scott - Assistant Lighting Designer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

  • Hamlet, The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT, 26 March 1966

David Shortle - Actor

Greta Stewart - Properties Master

Jim Stewart - Set and/or Property Maker

Doug Sturkey - Stage Manager

John Millington Synge - Playwright

Anne Tait - Costume Co-ordinator

Charmian Taylor - Costume Maker

Jill Todd - Properties Master

Peter Ustinov - Playwright

Allan Walker - Actor

Geoff Walton - Set and/or Property Maker

Susan Watson - Scenic Artist

John Wells - Actor

Frank Wilson - Electrician

Pat Wilson - Assistant Stage Manager

Ralph Wilson - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker, Director

Canberra Repertory Society

Prompt Theatre

  • Hamlet, The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT, 26 March 1966
Identifier 245277