Contributor Roger Hind
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Functions Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer


Jennifer Leslie - Singer, Performer, Devisor

Mark Zadro - Musical Director, Musician, Musical Arranger

Manuel Aston - Playwright

Billy Crawford - Disc Jockey, Administrator

Annerose De Jong - Costume Designer

Roger Dean - Composer

Jepke Goudsmit - Creator, Performer

Terry Hansen - Actor

Graham Jones - Performer, Creator

Simon Leeds - Technician

Penny Thwaite - Set Designer, Administrator

Lynette Wallis - Director

Angharad Wynne-Jones - Administrator, Producer

Trevor Ashley - Actor

Daniel-Ross Auvilar - Actor

Jono Bailey - Sound Operator/Engineer

David Berry - Actor

David Bishop - Photographer

Lucy Bleach - Set and/or Property Maker

Barbara Campbell - Producer

David Cardiff - Actor

Shannon Carswell - Actor

Michael Coe - Designer

Stephen Cummins - Performer

Phil Cunich - Director

Jules Darling - Disc Jockey

Paula Dawson - Performer

Edmer Deganos - Actor

Chris Dent - Actor

Shannon Dolan - Movement Director, Assistant Director

Greer du Luca - Performer

Kieran Elliott - Lighting Operator

Edwina Entwhistle - MC

Annette Evans - Performer

John Field - Composer, Book and Lyrics

Juanita Field - Visual Artist

Russell Finch - Composer

Matthew Flood - Technician

Brent Forsstrom-Jones - Stage Manager

John Fotiadis - Photographer

Jim Franklin - Composer

Tarryn Frappell - Actor

Catherine Fulton - Actor

Jason Gee - Technician

Eddi Goodfellow - Stage Manager

John Gordon - Keyboardist, Composer, Musical Director

Geoff Gray - Sound Designer

Sherridan Green - Stage Manager

Kava Halaifonua - Actor

Michael Hanna - Actor

Rowena Hodges - Actor

Kevin Hunt - Musician

Simon Hunt - Performer

Julie Jansen - Actor

Jack Jenkins - Actor

Julia Johnson - Actor

Julie Johnson - Actor

Anne Johnstone - Actor

Clynton Jones - Technician

Mark Joseph - Set and/or Property Maker

Bev Kennedy - Keyboardist

John King - Production Designer

Neville Knight - Actor

Natasha Lee - Actor

Phoebe Leonard - Actor

Dave Letch - Playwright, Director

Rachel Levitch - Assistant Stage Manager

Chris Lewis - Performer

Morgan Lewis - Performer

Dominic Lindsay - Musical Director

Michael Lindsay-Simpson - Playwright, Director

Chris Low - Actor

Daniel McCool - Performer

Lucy McIntosh - Actor

Olivier Messiaen - Composer

Mahalya Middlemist - Performer

Sarah Miller - Director

David Mitchell - Actor

Jean-Baptiste Moliere - Playwright

Kate Mulheron - Actor

Lenore Munro - Actor

Zoe Nelson - Actor

Adam Newcombe - Puppeteer

Michael Nicholas - Musician

Sarah Nicholas - Actor

Margot Osborne - Actor

Ingrid Parker - Choreographer

Philip Parsons - Director

Sophie Paterson - Actor

Anthony Pearson - Technician

Lara Pigott - Actor

Mel Reid - Assistant Choreographer, Actor

Lachlan Robbins - Composer

Emily Rodda - Writer

Ricky Rojas - Actor

Rachel Rosenthal - Performer

Daniel J Scott - Actor

Laura Scully - Actor

Paul Anthony Smith - Guitarist

Peter Snow - Writer

Kay Stammers - Publicist

Emily Stanton - Choreographer

Suzie Stapleton - Actor

Ania Stepien - Actor

Garry Stewart - Performer

Kate Thornback - Actor

Margaret Trail - Performer

Rex Turnbull - Graphic Designer

Neil Webber - Actor

Peter Wells - Disc Jockey

Jadie Welsh - Actor

Cloe West - Actor

Rosalyn Whiley - Director

Sally Whitwell - Keyboardist

Mark Wilmott - Lighting Designer, Set Designer

Rebel Wilson - Actor

Michael Zarate - Actor

Big Hand Theatre Company

Kinetic Energy Theatre Company Inc.

NSW Ministry for the Arts

The Performance Space

Absolut Vodka

Amigos Theatre Restaurant

Art Gallery of New South Wales


Australia Council for the Arts

Australian Line Dancers

Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP)

Blue Thunder Bike Tours

Cicada Theatre Company

Drama IIIA (Hons)

Groundswell Productions

Manly Blades In-line Skating Team

Melbourne Fringe Festival


Odissi Dance Company

Oxley College

Roundtable Productions

The Party-Line

The State Body Company

Tilbury Hotel

University of New South Wales

Identifier 229240